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  1. Hello there, Quick question, I'm thinking of selling my silver 160gb iPod classic in prep for buying the forthcoming 3g iPhone and was wondering if a 'restore' will be enough to delete my songs, pics, contacts etc or do I need to securely erase it before selling it on? If so, is there an easy utility or command line thingy I can use for OSX to securely delete my iPod before I sell it? Many thanks in advance.
  2. RobinTibbs

    MacTheRipper question

    since MTR seems to be AWOL unless you 'donate' for beta access I was wondering, is this the only program on the mac that lets you rip a DVD to VIDEO_TS? Handbrake doesn't seem to offer the option, hmmm. Thanks for the help in advance
  3. RobinTibbs

    1080p Quicktime

    My 2.0GHz CoreDuo MacBook with 2GB RAM plays back 1080p just fine
  4. RobinTibbs

    MIDI Cable for Connecting Yamaha Electronic Drums

    thats ok Jeff, glad I could help point you in the right direction, let me know how it goes
  5. RobinTibbs

    MIDI Cable for Connecting Yamaha Electronic Drums

    http://www.dolphinmusic.co.uk/page/shop/ne...a/news_id/e/399 something like this should do :]
  6. RobinTibbs

    Getting a MacBook Pro in US

    i know theyd open a big ol fedex package arriving from the US >.<
  7. RobinTibbs

    Getting a MacBook Pro in US

    well I have a spare uk plug end thingy (ya know the thing that slots in to the power adapter) so I imagine thay will work. Thanks for the reassurance about the applecare. Only thing I gotta worry about now is how to get the box back through customs hah
  8. RobinTibbs

    Getting a MacBook Pro in US

    Title says it all really, but I was planning to pick up a MacBook Pro when I go on holiday to the US later this year and was wondering if there were any pitfalls I should be aware of. Specifically I have a couple of questions: 1) The power adaptor, will I just need a socket adapter to get the 2 prong US plug to fit into a 3 prong UK socket and the adapter will take care of the voltage difference, or will I need to buy a UK power adapter? 2) AppleCare issues, If i purchased a MacBook in the US (with apple care) would I still be able to get it serviced under Apple Care in the UK. Many thanks in advance for any advice offered
  9. RobinTibbs

    an iPhoto oops

    I have just upgraded my MacBook to Leopard and i chose to do an erase and install as I figured it'd be nice to have a fresh clean start. So before i upgraded I backed up using Carbon Copy Cloner. I went ahead and installed leopard then dragged some important stuff over from the backup. I went to fire up iPhoto and realised it wasn't in the dock, so i searched using Spotlight but to no avail. Then it hit me, the boxed copy of leopard doesn't come with iLife '08, d'oh! I can look at my photos using Xee but it's not quite the same and i like the photo ordering options in iPhoto. So my question is, do i have to restore from my backup then just do an upgrade of leopard to get iPhoto back, i feel like a right idiot, so feel free to make fun
  10. Recently I purchased a couple of songs from the UK iTunes store and they sync up fine to my iPod (160gb Classic), play in iTunes fine, and they even actually appear on my iPod, however, when I click to play them, the play icon appears in the top right but the song doenst actually play. I've tried setting sync to manual then deleting these two particular songs then rsynching but that doesn't appear to have worked either. Anyone have any ideas why this is happening and any potential solutions? Many thanks in advance. Oh yes, and I have purchased many other songs from the store but these two are the only ones causing me any trouble.
  11. RobinTibbs

    MacBook HDD SerialATA 1 or 2?

    Is the internal hard drive in the 1G MacBook Serial ATA 1 or 2, and does it make any difference so long as it is 2.5" form factor? Looking to get a new internal drive, just wanted to make sure I was getting the correct type
  12. RobinTibbs

    MacBook USB port question

    exactly the same laptop as me as well as the same drive I was considering Haivu, may just look into it. many thanks for all the helpful replies
  13. RobinTibbs

    MacBook USB port question

    wow, thanks for that. wouldnt have thought to look there. bit of an annoyance then, hmm, what to do
  14. RobinTibbs

    MacBook USB port question

    was just wondering if anyone knew whether the USB ports on the MacBook supplied 1000mA? Was looking at a western digital passport drive and have read some problems people had with he USB ports not supplying enough juice, so just wanted to make sure before I purchased one. Many thanks
  15. RobinTibbs

    Can you?

    just double checking, so migration assistant works from external drives?