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  1. I used to be able to start a streaming .flv in Safari, copy the link from the activity monitor, paste it into Quicktime X and save it. Something is changed in Quicktime X because all I get is a black screen with no volume. Does anyone have another way to save .flv's? Thanks.
  2. I used to use an Amiga computer and they had a great drawing program called Deluxe Paint. It was easy to use and allowed you to build animations with 'onion skin' drawing. I cringe at using Photoshop (not intuitive at all). Does anyone have a suggestion as to a program similar to Deluxe Paint? Thanks
  3. Les

    Thoughts on the Mac Pro

    The point is that many times, especially with Apple, you never know when that technology is going to leap. On this machine, you do. You know when OS X 10.5 is coming out and it's fairly certain Apple will have a blu-ray option about the same time or earlier (if anyone is interested in that.) Certainly, the best computer buying stratagy is waiting until you need to buy and then buying as much computer as you can afford, however, it always stinks when you sink a lot of money into a compuer only to see a leap in the technology a short time later. (The day after I bought my first iPod Apple anounced they were shipping a new one with twice the size hard drive at the same price.) Also, there is usually some wiggle room as far as when someone NEEDS to buy (unless there is a complete hardware failure.)
  4. Personally, I think this is a good machine to put off buying if possible. Firstly, with OS X 10.5 coming in about 9 months, you'd save $130 or so on upgrading. By the time the new OS comes out, I'm sure there will be a bump in processor speed without a price increase. I'm also wondering when Apple will offer a Blu-ray drive and what it will cost! If they can offer it cheaply enough, there will be many people who will want that drive in their machine. (BTW, I'll bet one of the "surprises" in 10.5 will be extensive Blu-ray support.) Also, since Apple dropped prices on their displays, new ones are probably in the works, likely with a built-in iSight camera. (What would be cool would be a wireless monitor but I think that would be too much to ask.) Imagine a big cinema display in your living room that you can watch DVD/Blu-rays and use as a family iChat session! I think by the time the new operating system comes out, we will see faster Mac Pros, new displays and new iPods. If you can wait... wait.
  5. Les


    I know I'm late on this but I just wanted to throw in my 2 cents about PDA's. In a previous Maccast, Adam said that he did not think they were that useful especially considering that cellphones can do so much these days. I'm a "Palm" user. I live and die by the thing. When I'm asked how I like my PDA I say that it's the better half of my brain. I work for one of the baby bells and in my job there are hundreds of phone numbers that I may have to use (offices, bosses, other techs, etc.) and having them in a PDA is more convienient than a cellphone. Also, there are tasks I have to do on my job today that I might not have to do again for months or years but I keep notes in my Palm and just refer to them to refresh my memory. I also keep directions to various places in my notes. I also use the ToDo list extensively. If I have some free time I just look at the list and pick a project (of which there are MANY.) The calendar helps me keep track of birthdays, anniversaries, work schedules, etc. Yes, much of this can be done with other devices, including the iPod, but not with the ease of my Palm. I make notes all day long and I can write in "Graffiti 2" almost as fast as I can write on paper. If the damn thing dies, I just buy a new one, sync it, and I'm ready to go. It also helps that the screen is large for my aging eyes. :cry: I realize PDA's aren't for everyone but, for some of us, they are indispensible. Palm owes a lot to the Apple Newton and I do wish Apple would get back in the PDA business even though it's shakey right now. The future may be some combined device and the Palm Treo seems like a step in the right direction.
  6. Much has been said about Apple releasing Universal binary versions of their Pro apps but does anyone know if they will offer them for the Academic versions of the programs?
  7. I finally solved the problem of the missing "Movies" icon and I wanted to share how I did it. 1. I opened up a movie in iMovie 2. I clicked "Save As" and opted to create a folder called "Movies." 3. The folder created automatically had the distinvtive green clapboard. 4. I dragged the icon to the left Finder pane and the origional, boarderless green clap board reappeared.
  8. Yes. That is the first thing I tried.
  9. Doesn't anyone have a solution for my problem? No ideas?
  10. Les

    BIG!!! iMac Core Duo problem!!!

    Here's what happened: I took my iMac to the Apple Store and put it through it's paces. The DVD player actually works fine except when used by Front Row. Everything in Front Row was a mess. The Genius determined it was a bad logic board, gave me a case number and told me to call 1-800-MYAPPLE. I don't know what he wrote in the case file but person on the phone was very polite and offered to exchange the unit. In 24 to 48 hours I will receive an email to print out with instructions on how to ship the defective unit back free. They said I could shave turnaround time by calling back with the FedEx tracking number. I must send everything back (no extra remote control for me!) I am in the process of reloading the operating system to remove any personal info on the hard drive. I'll report back to let everyone know what happens. It is frustrating to wait for the new iMac especially since I've already waited 3 weeks!
  11. Les

    BIG!!! iMac Core Duo problem!!!

    I'mo leave for the Apple store so I don't have much time. BTW, DVD's are unwatchable. I'll let you know how it turns out!
  12. Les

    BIG!!! iMac Core Duo problem!!!

    Just reloaded the computer and the problem is still there.
  13. Les

    BIG!!! iMac Core Duo problem!!!

    I know it seems strange but it isn't just me. Others on the Apple discussion board are having the same problem and it seems the common denominitor is either the 20" monitor, the 256mb vid RAM, the 500gb HDD, or a combination. As I type this, I am doing a fresh earase and reload as you recommended. I really REALLY hope ypu are right and I am wrong. As for what the tech support guy said: I was on hold for quite a while and when he came back he told me had read some of the complaints on the discussion board and discussed it with his supervisor who said the "built to order" status of my machine made it ineligible for a recall. Personally, I can't see how this would hold up in small claims court. There is no warning that buying the computer with a 500gb HDD instead of a 250gb HDD make me some kind of second class citizen. We'll see and I'll keep everyone updated. From my experience I strongly recommend waiting a couple weeks before buying one of these machines. Wait to see how this all shakes out. [/img]
  14. Les

    BIG!!! iMac Core Duo problem!!!

    Everytime I call I seem to get the same guy and it blows my mind, too! It sounds like Apple is dumping the problem onto local repair.
  15. I just got a Core Duo iMac, 20", 256 video RAM, 1 gig RAM, 500gb hard drive. When using "Front Row" the video breaks up. I suspect the drive is interfearing with the display. Every time the hard drive is accessed in Front Row to, say, display a photo, the lower 1/2 of the screen tears, breaks up and/or produced lines. I called Apple support where they told me I had to get it fixed locally. ALSO, they said that because it was a modified order (500GB hard drive) if there is a recall I'm out of luck! Not only did I have to wait almost a month for a problem machine but, if a problem is found where a recall is needed, I'm out of luck! I had no idea having APPLE install IT'S OWN larger hard drive contituted a "modified" order. Does adding RAM constitute the same thing? I am going to be VERY mad if this isn't resolved! PLEASE consider carefully before getting the large hard drive!