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    Accessories for iPod Touch?

    Just tried the iPod wired Remote (Radio) and it doesn't work. It displays something on the screen saying that it does not work with this ipod. The universal dock however does work with the spacer they give you, however it seemed to me that you have to force it down a little.
  2. mountie31

    Logitech Cordless Desktop S530 Laser for Mac

    So i've had some time to play with my new Logitech keyboard and mouse, and i am impressed. To me, it is a far cry from the apple wired keyboard and apple bluetooth wireless mouse. Firstly, it just looks sharp. The silver accents on the keyboard and mouse match my mac mini perfectly. The keys are a little cushy, but i got used to them after my first use. The added buttons on the mouse make it extremley easy to adjust volume, mute, and navigate webpages or change itunes tracks (while in itunes.) my only complaint is the slow action time from when i hit the keys to change or pause tracks in itunes from the keyboard. Since i only have a mac mini i cannot tell if the lag is in my hardware or the keyboard.... perhaps someone else could let me know... I've found that when i am running the "modded" front row application the mouse allows me to change songs by using it like a remote. Overall, i would highly reccomend this combo.. you get a lot for the price, the build quality is very good, and it looks great. If anyone has any specific questions, please don't hesitate to ask... i picked it up from onsale.com for about 79.99, it seems to have gone up in price however....
  3. Just arrived in the mail today.... I will write a review in a few days. Anyone else decide to try this out??