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  1. Lucas

    Purchasing advice Mac Pro or iMac?

    another vote from me for the Samsung display. they really are excellent monitors for their price. the store i work in sells that HP monitor and i'm not a big fan, mainly because of the high gloss finish. I'm a matte screen man myself!
  2. Lucas

    home accounts software

    hi there, i'm looking for some fairly basic home accounting software. i don't want anything too complicated but ideally i'd like it to be UK related. its a plus if its leopard ready as well. anyone got any recommendations? many thanks
  3. Lucas

    Leopard finder

    thanks for your responses. i did try that before but i must have been doing something wrong or not paying much attention. works fine now. thanks a lot
  4. Lucas

    Leopard finder

    hey guys, i recently did a clean install of leopard on my mac pro as it was misbehaving and switching itself on at midnight. the install went well and things seem to be working ok. one thing that is bugging me however is the 'places' section in the finder sidebar. previously i had the following headings: desktop, Home folder, applications, music, movies, photos and documents. Now however the titles for music, movies and photos are missing, anyway of getting them back? any help will be much appreciated. thanks
  5. Lucas

    bibliography software

    hi there, i'm starting my uni dissertation and i was wondering if there is an application available that will help me organise my bibliography. i'll be looking at books, journals, magazines, internet articles etc and i can see my bibliography easily reaching at least 500 entries. anyone have any ideas. cheers
  6. Lucas

    iPod earphones warranty

    your earphones should be covered in the first year warranty. apple normally send you out a pair in the post if you fill out a form online. here's the link http://depot.info.apple.com/ipod/ hope this helps
  7. Lucas

    mac pro audio out

    hi there i hope someone can help me as this bug is really starting to annoy me. On my previous mac, a dual G5 powermac, the audio output would automatically change depending on where i wanted the sound to come from. for example the majority of the time my mac played through my hi-fi via the line out on the back of the mac. on occasion though i used headphones through the headphone socket on the front of the computer. when the headphones were plugged in the output automatically changed to headphone out, and then when i unplugged the headphones the output reverted back to the line out. On my 2.66 quad mac pro i have to manually change the audio output in system preferences. any ideas on how i can get the mac to automatically detect the audio output. many thanks
  8. Lucas

    push email on iphone

    thats a point, thanks for that. i never need email that urgently but i thought push would be a nice feature.
  9. Lucas

    push email on iphone

    hey guys, i'm pretty set on getting an iphone when its released here in the uk. i know that yahoo mail is 'push' supported but is this also the case with apple's .mac email service. i've been using it for the past couple of years and would love it to be push supported. many thanks
  10. Lucas

    selling powermac g5

    thanks for the responses guys. i think i'm gonna stick it on ebay and hope to get about £700 for it. its a fantastic machine which i've never had a problem with. i just need to be able to run windows for autocad so i need a mac pro otherwise i would keep it.
  11. Lucas

    selling powermac g5

    hi there, i'm looking to upgrade my mac and in order to finance a mac pro i need to sell my powermac g5. i was just wondering how much people think it might be worth. i've checked ebay to get an idea but there doesn't seem to be a direct comparison. specs are as follows dual 2.3ghz G5 3.5 GB DDR2 ram 250 + 500 GB hard drives. not sure if i want to sell the 500 drive yet. geforce 6600 256mb graphics bluetooth and wireless. original box and recovery discs etc. many thanks in advance
  12. Lucas

    Upgrading ram in powermac G5

    thanks a lot for your help guys, have ordered the ram from crucial, can't wait for the performance boost.
  13. Lucas

    Upgrading ram in powermac G5

    do i gain anything from using the faster ram?
  14. Lucas

    Upgrading ram in powermac G5

    thanks a lot for helping. incidentally i was looking on the apple discussions page and someone said that if the number of memory modules on the ram is divisible by 3 or 5 then it is ECC. i checked my ram and there are odd numbers of memory modules so i guess i have non-ECC. also apple say i should use PC2-4200 but the crucial memory selector tool suggests some PC2-5300 ram. can i use either?
  15. Lucas

    Upgrading ram in powermac G5

    i've looked at the stickers on my ram and it doesn't mention ECC at all. i've looked at a mac pro at work which apparently ships with ECC ram but there is no mention of it either in system profiler or on the actual ram itself. anyone know whether the ram my powermac shipped with was ECC or non-ECC. many thanks