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  1. Drakeguild

    Water Inside Powerbook

    Thankfully it has now dried. Phhewww.
  2. Drakeguild

    Water Inside Powerbook

    I was cleaning my Powerbook screen as usual, and afterwards noticed water got inside...now it is there, looking at me, haunting me. Does this mean I need a new LCD and would Apple cover it?
  3. Drakeguild

    My New Site

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  4. Drakeguild

    My New Site

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  5. Drakeguild

    My New Site

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  6. Drakeguild

    My New Site

    Hi, I am pretty new to the forums but listen to the MacCast religiously. I just thought I would share my site and get some feedback..thanks. http://drakeguild.spymac.com