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  1. Hi! I have iPod shuffle and it was working perfect till last month but suddenly some thing happened and now i am not able to sort my songs and podcasts according to my choice. Before situation I copy all the podcasts and songs i want to hear then i sort on number column and then move the podcasts or song in the sequence i want to listen and disconnect and done. Current situation. I do the same sequencing and ordering. I disconnect my iPod from iTunes and try to listen. it just play in it some order, i don't know on what basis its ordering it. I connected my iPod back to my mac and itunes started The list i see on my iPod is different, though its same as its playing actually, but its not the one which i sorted out. Does anyone has idea whats going on? I had reseted my ipod, I set it back to factory setting using iPod updater. I thought it might be because of new iPod update so i manually deleted the latest iPod update from the list and reseted my iPod but same result. amy idea any input will help because i am fed up of going through list of songs just to listen in order i want to listen, sply when i have episodes of maccast and episodes of tweak along with BBC and japanese lession. I have to play it to check really which release it is and then to search for other to finally get the release i need to hear. Its really frustating now. Regards Amit :roll: :-k
  2. am_chatur

    Is Tiger faster after the 10.4.5 update?

    I really envy those guys who says its running faster. After applying patch 10.4.4 and later 10.4.5, my Paower book got more slower. First, now its taking double the time it needs earlier to boot Then when i go inside, i am often seeing the ball of death. I removed yahoo messenger first and then Media central from auo startup. but no change. then i did disk varify and permition checks. no effect. Its still taking long time to boot. I still have 20 GB free space, not running much of the widgets only 4 of them that too 2 clock, 1 wheather and maccast. Itunes is ok but iPhoto is damn slow now and somehow it started crashing. I have 1.25 GB ram installed in my system. I don't understand, some thing wrong with my mac or some thing wrong with the latest update. Any help about this? Regards Amit
  3. am_chatur

    Top 10 Reasons to Switch

    1. Whichever mac you purchase, its awesome in looks, makes you proud of its beauty and performance. 2. You do not need to click "Start" to swich it off. I got a hard time in explaining why it is required to do so in windows to my Grandpa. Basically, to say, every thing is logical. 3. Hardware and Software is from one company and they know the best for how to make out best of it. No more hastle of Device not compatible, no more driver installation. even external devices, just plug and play. Windows "Plug and Play" had hidden words in it. Its "Plug, Search Driver of new device, Install it, Scream, call for help, and if installed Play till the time it got crash. 4. One really don't need to care for network, printer or firewall setting. I went to my office, just pluged it into network and it find all printers available there. Cool. 5. All necessary Software included. I do not need to install 3rd Party tool for making a movie or organizing my music or Photos. I can do what i can imagine. I can record podcast or music with out purchasing an extra software and that too in a proffessional way. I never though of recording such thing on my PC, the software available were too demanding for memory or Hard disk. 6. VIRUS?? Few people said that mac too can get Virus. The question is of "can" and "will". If you want to have a virus on your mac, you need to allow virus to get install by giving it ur admin password and in case of shell script, run it in admin account. then also it will not be able to harm you much, OK you may run format script with admin user but other wise nmot much. In Windows, ha ha ha.. there is an old say, 'if you want to keep out of Windows troubles, Please keep it switched off'. 7. I purchased PB with Japanese OS and Japanese Keyboard, all i had to do is just switched to English language. I tried formatting a Window PC and installing the English OS, that's the only option to make it english, i am not talking about costly multilingual enterprise version, and we had a hard time to understand what to press on ur JP keyboard to get which charecter. 8. I do not need to restart my system to get software installation finish. 9. I really do not need to logout and login as Admin user to install a software, only thing i need is to know the admin user name and password, give it right in my login and its done. so i can continue my job while software is installing. 10. Have you ever tried searching for a document or mail in your Windows system?? Try Spotlight in Mac, you will kick you Windows PC right away. I wish if this topic would have made for 100 points instead of 10.
  4. am_chatur

    Windows Bashing!

    Damm it.. windows.. Use pop up blocker or adware blocker.. it some how just pop up a window out of no where. And suddenly it get slow itself consuming CPU 99% but when you see the process status, it display 99% CPU used by ideal process. its funny, though i m using WinXP to write this message but with FireFox as i just can't use that useless IE. We need to install a tool to use RSS Feeds. Bugger..
  5. am_chatur

    Are you upgrading to iLife '06?

    I was tempted but my mind says "hey Dude! nothing great, you dn't even have a .mac, you just don't need it". :twisted: My heart says OK, i don't need it. But .. one day my heart says.. "what the hack.. Lets go and buy iLife6 and .Mac together. " and by the evening i was having 19000 yen less in my pocket. 8) yet to use all features but best was my iPhoto hard disk storage is organized roll wise instead of date so i really do not need to go to each and every date to find my photo, just go to the roll and there it is.
  6. am_chatur

    Favorite podcast

    1. MacCast (offcourse) 2. Discovery Chanel 3. Mac One minute Tip
  7. am_chatur

    what browser do you use?

    Best is safari for my normal surfing but i use Firefox for specific searches and web access as it is more supporting on many sites then safari. AND i am so impressed that i downloaded it to my Windows PC too, so i voted for FireFox.
  8. am_chatur

    Favorite Mac ever made.

    Pink emac (sorry i couldn't found the snap of that dual colour pink/white emac.
  9. am_chatur


    Sorry, is this for US only?? I use NTT DoCoMo in Japan.. i am waiting for them to release their new iTune compatible mobiles.
  10. am_chatur

    How often do you use iWorks?

    I really do not see its use in this pluged world. Every one use PC in office and i can not bring my mac to my work as a rule. So it is hardly of any use to me. Though i checked and had a hands on at apple store, i think its a great utility if you can carry your powerbook to work or have one there for the presentation. Other then that, its of no use as you can not run these presentations on PC's. My test drive version is still unused and i got a new test version with iLife 6.
  11. am_chatur

    Starting out with a Mac

    I loved the way eMac looked. I was facinated to it but could never bought it. Still i am in love with Mac and offcourse i purchased one, but, unfortunately, i can not use it at my Work. This world is still pluged to the system and we need to unplug it. My job related apps are not supported on mac but who cares, even i do not want to take work at home. Frankly speaking, i do not even care if my old windows laptop need dusting. I just hate it now. But yes, i do know people who switched back to windows because of that reason and as "mac user X" said for PC games, but one of them still kept his old Mac with him and some time use it. He just couldn't trash it as he still loves his Mac. I think the person switching back to Windows is a person who was forced to join the dark side because he may had no other option, as i thinkm no one will do this with his own wish.
  12. am_chatur

    Is new Mac really fast?

    Hi Adams, In your show you added experience of one listener about speed of new Mac running on intel. He got a very good performance outt of those. I heard about new Mac's being fast in other news too but, personally, i and my friend didn't feel so when we had a hands on new iMacs at a Apple Store in Tokyo. We wanted to take a preview of iLife6 so we went there and started iPhoto on new iMac. Starting time was ok but the moment we started photo comparision and also opening iWeb to drag and drop photos from currently opened iPhoto, it started showing spin ball more often and for longer time then i had seen on my G4 Powerbook. (yes we can add photos directly in iWeb too but we just wanted to do some experiments.) While opening other applications like iMovie and iWorks too, we found the spin ball waiting for us and we waiting for it to get over. at this moment, i will just wait for other switchers, sply from PB G4 or the last iMac, to give their input about the performance before i go and buy the new intel based Mac mini.
  13. am_chatur

    A cool device for watching vedio and compatible to Mac

    Hi! Please try now. I changed it. http://eng.iaudio.com/ Please goto PMP section. If you want to check about that digital tv reciever. you need to check the korean site http://mp3.iaudio.com/, its all korean so you may need a translation site like bablefish http://babelfish.altavista.com/. click on [COWON DM1]
  14. am_chatur

    Playing Backup DVD in Tiger

    Hi, Thanks for the reply. Today i will check about this ARCOSS mode and will get back with the results. I am trying to Rip My StarWars DVD's so that i can watch while i am travelling.
  15. Hi, i love my iPod because of its sleek design and features but i could not resist this vedio player from the korean company COWON, or iaudio, as known in US. http://eng.iaudio.com COWON A2, PMP device as they call it, is compatible with Mac so i can use it straight away with out any problem and the features i like most are 1. Wide screen and ability to play Divx and all MP formats. 2. Ability to record shows directly from TV, 3. Inbuild FM tuner which can also save the FM Programs 4. Record Voice, 5. optional remote control 6. 10 Hr Vedio Playback time. 7. Direct connect digi camera and copy photos. Last but not the least 6. At Korea and China, already available Digital TV reciever plugin device which soon going to be available in Japan. Do not know about US and other countries yet. Down sides are, 1. It do not have groovy looks like Ipod, 2. Do not have additional features like calander and others as in iPod 3. Max available HDD is 30 GB 4. Do not have Firewire port. i never tried Vedio podcast on this yet but seems that it will support that format too. I will try and update this. Regards Amit