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  1. Thorsten

    Problem with External HDs

    Just for the record I also have lots ofproblem swith external harddrives. They are all Western Digital. The USB once sometimes get really slow and they are all connected via a 7-USB Powered HUB. But I think that might have something to do with USB 2.0, not sure. And I very often have problem s with exernal harddrives if they use, FireWire, and I am in BootCamp. Then they sometimes don't show up in Windows at all, (even thow they are formated in FAT 32, or NTFS,), or when I return to Mac OS X, they have some other errors where Mac OSX cannot read them anymore, or they don't show up at all anymore. I don't know who to hate, Apple, or Western Digital, but I do hate somebody, over all this crap.
  2. Thorsten

    Increase Partition Size

    Hm well I don't know why th time machine backup, does mess up your preferences seems strange. but if its just the preferencs maybe you can manually reset those? Anyway the only other idea I have left, is to install a new OS on the 500 GB drive and then import the old users from the time machine backup. Regards Thorsten
  3. Thorsten

    Increase Partition Size

    It hosed all your settings? What do you have on that drive? An OS? For me it works,, of course its important that your new harddrive has the same name as your old one, but then for me I am just storing my iTunes, iPhoto Libraries, as well as my dvd rips.
  4. Hey Everybody In Disk Utility help it says : "You can increase the size of a concatenated RAID set after you create it by dragging more disks to it using Disk Utility." Well I have created a concatenated RAID a while back with two 500 GB drives, in disk utility they are both online, now I want to add a 300 GB drive to it. And it says in help, it should be possible, But I don't know how to take them offline, unmounting does not seem to work, or I don't see any other way to add that 300 GB drive to the RAID. Anybody know how I can do that? Thanks
  5. Thorsten

    Increase Partition Size

    Well in Leopard the Disk Utility Help Topic "Enlarging a volume" might help you. If not, just an idea, you still have the image of the old drive right? So maybe in Disk Utility select a drive and then Restore, drag into the destination your new 500 GB, and in the source you image. Not sure if tht works, as the image is smaller than your new drive. Another idea, do you have a time machine backup of your 250 GB drive? Just go into time machine and resotre your 250 GB Drive to the 500 GB drive Hope something helps you :-)
  6. Thorsten

    Help needed from all Americans out there

    thanks a lot to both of you and anybody else who answered it :-)
  7. Thorsten

    Change JPG Photo from RGB to CYMK, how?

    I guess so, but I am wondering if this is really necessary and it just developed this way, or if it would be possible if some body would implement it, that they all use the same color space.
  8. Thorsten

    Change JPG Photo from RGB to CYMK, how?

    Well your absolutely right, if this would be a business but we are running a non-profit organization, so there is never enough money, and this flyer is anyway only intended to be amateurish and it looked great in Pages to be honest we were absolutely happy with it. So Basically I am actually annoyed at the Apple Producs for not giving m the ability to convert to CMYK, I mean every printer, prints with that right? But wh I still don't understand why does anybody work with RGB when in the end you anyway need the picture to be in CMYK?
  9. Hi My Cousin Kathrin needs your help if you are American, if you can spare 5 minutes of your time to answer a questionnaire. She is doing a study about Methods in English Linguistics and your help would be really appreciated. If you are reading this after Saturday 9th March 2008, your interest is much appreciated unfortunately the study is finished. Thanks for reading this anyway. The questionaire can be found here: http://biegner.com/kathrin/questionnaire.doc Well and if your ever visiting Mainz or Frankfurth in Germany, we will always be happy to meet up and show you around or get some dinner with you, let us know. Thanks for any help. Thorsten
  10. Thorsten

    Change JPG Photo from RGB to CYMK, how?

    Thanks alot for the help. Well I am using Pages. But it seems to me I should have been using some Adobe product. Which is knd of annoying me I just wanted to make a simple flyer for my club and we wanted to get Professionell Printing. But to get professional printing it seems like I have to use Professional Software. Well I have downloaded the Photoshop trail version, and then wanted to do some adjusting in preview afterwards, and I got the same results. (All red and blac, now I know what it is the colours are inverted.) Which is most lily something do do with CMYK and RGB since CMYK is technically the opposite of RGB, so I am quite sure there is something wrong with Preview. Anyway I have now just changed to CMYK in Photoshop and then put a filter above the picture in Pages, I hope this will be ok for the printing guy, will have a talk with him on monday.
  11. Hi I have made a flyer with a couple of pics taken from my digital camera, those are in RGB. The printing guy now told me to put the pictures int CYMK. First I didn't know how to do this, (and maybe I still don't), but I selected in Preview Tools>match to Profile and seleced CYMK. And first it looked like it worked, the picture changed a bit I adjusted the colours so it would look good again. And then I saved it as a JPG as a diffrent file name. And thats where it all went wrong, after it was saved it turned black purple for some reason, and Preview crashed. I have since tried this many more times, and Preview does not crash anymore but the red, black result is always the same. I tried to save the picture in other formats tiff, PhotoShop, with Photoshop (file Format also from Preview) I got the same result. and with tiff, the picture did not keep the adjusted colours. It at least saved the pciture properly but not the adjusted colours, at least that is what it looks like, as it looks like when I first selected match Profile CYMK. I hope somebody can tell, me what I am doing wrong or if Preview, has some big programming error or what. hanks
  12. Hi I am trying to scann something on my Mac with a Canon Lide 30, but the software from Canon on the website seems to e really old, and I cannot find the CD for the Scanner. I tried VueScan and it seems really great but a bit on the pricey side from what I want to do. Isn't there a free Scanner Software that comes with the Mac? I thought Prevew might be able to Scan. Anybdoy know of any alternatives to VueScan, for just scanning in some images? Thanks Thorsten
  13. Thorsten

    How to watch Music Videos on iPhone ( iPod touch

    I found the solution. Its really stupid, the Music Videos do not show up in iTunes, if only a title is given and nothing else. I edited the Artist field and now the video file shows up on the iPod.
  14. Thorsten

    How to watch Music Videos on iPhone ( iPod touch

    With tell iTunes I mean changing the Video Kind in the Get Info Tab to Music Video or Movies. If its Movies the videos are shown in the Video tab on the Touch, but I don'tknow how to watch the Music Videos when the Kind is Music Video. So it works for the same video when its described in iTuensas Movie but not when described as Music Video. But as it works for you I am beginning to assume its a Touch Problem and not an iPhone problem.
  15. Thorsten

    How to watch Music Videos on iPhone ( iPod touch

    Yes I have Include Music Videos checked in the Music Tab. And yes those videos do play on the ipod, when I tell iTunes they are movies, as I said. Interesting that the videos show up on the iPod. Anybdoy have an iPod touch which also has a Music Video tab on the iPod or has the same problem as me? Thanks