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  1. cassiope

    I need a Backup App with these features...

    I seem to be the lone ranger advocating retrospect, but that program is doing just what you want it to do.it isn't free, but it darn well is very reliable. I do agree with others, hard disks are a better medium to backup to. And retrospect is able to create a bootable backup. I have been using and still am using retrospect backup (and server) and have so far only experienced minor inconveniences and the incidental glitch, but nothing bad. Hth Rob
  2. cassiope


    it seems part of the basic unix system is not available due possibly to a disk error. You might try running a program as diskwarrior from alsoft.com and see if the disk structure can be recovered. The first however is to restart from the system DVD and run diskrepair in the disk utility. HTH Rob
  3. cassiope

    OSX asks me for my password ALL THE TIME

    it happened to me when I changed my admin password. It's annoying but if you changed your password of your admin account and root account it is likely to happen. Hth Rob
  4. cassiope

    Lost your SPACES?

    One rather strange phenomenon I observed was that spaces irregularly dropped the preferences. Losing all info about the associated programs with all the defined spaces. Rather awkward if you have 9 or more spaces. My three tiem observeation is the following. Copy from your ~/Library/Preferences/ directory the files with dock.db and dock.plist to the root of your hard disk. Don't just drag them, option-drag them onto the icon of your hard disk. That will do the copying for you. When you notice your spaces is disabled again all you need to do is delete the preference files (both) from the aforementioned preferences folder in your home directory. Select both files and press command-backspace. Then option-drag the preference files you copied onto the root of your harddisk and restart your computer. Both your dock AND your spaces are restored again. Enjoy Rob ADDENDUM Whenever you change either the Dock or SPaces. Repeat saving the preferences mentioned earlier. The two preference files can be used by every user on your computer. Protect who has access to them if you want to restrict that.
  5. cassiope

    Dock Spaces

    Since your original dock files are overwritten, you can't get them back. Here is a way to restore your dock (and spaces for that matter) once the preferences are dropped or currupted. In your folder ~/Library/Preferences/ there are 2 files: dock.db and dock.plist. Option drag them to your hard disk (copy). When needed you can get back to the /library/prefs folder, remove the 2 dock preferences and put the old ones back (use option-drag to copy so you will keep that copy on your hard disk root). Then restart your machine. Your dock AND spaces are restored. HTH Rob
  6. cassiope

    weird behavior spaces

    hi, Some strange observation: while using my computer with spaces (12 spaces) I noticed it stopped being active and it dropped all the defined spaces. Meaning: restore all the spaces again then add the apps to the appropriate spaces. Rather ardious. This has happened to me before. Has anybody got a clue how to stop this annoying behavior? It even seems hard to find the plist for spaces so restoring the spaces would be nothing more than copying a plist back in the right directory. Oh well, you can't expect perfect behavior but this is odd. While being active the prefpane shows spaces being inactive. Lame behavior actually. Any help is appreciated. TIA Rob
  7. cassiope

    Adding internal hard drive

    I agree. G5 RAM can be obtained from kingston 2 GB sets will come in way under $100. I am not aware of 4 GB sets but that may be due to the age of the RAM. Any SATA-II interna drive can be added — albeit not as easy as the MAC PRO. You do need a philips screwdriver and patience. But 1 TB will come for about $100. You might even be inclined to exchange the 160 GB for a 1 TB and adding another 1 TB. Pump up the RAM to its max however. that will really give you a great speed boost. Remember one thing however. The G5 will not be supported with Snow Leopard. So I wonder what is wisdom. 6 years for a powermac is about at the end of its lifecycle. If you are lucky you can enjoy the machine for another year or 2, much longer is not to be expected. Hth Rob
  8. cassiope

    Quad core vs. 2 Quad core

    Hi, Coming Snow Leopard the speed bump will be somewhat larger for an octo-core. However, and that's the big bummer for most of the software out in the wild, many commercial software programs are not written with multiple cores in their basics. This means multi-threading isn't installed properly and multiple cores (parallel processing) isn't supported at all — for the most. (The big problem for instance is photoshop) Only all native apple software will be multiple core and 64 bit aware — and if that is what you are using for the most the speed bump will be noticeable. For the most only on the MAC PRo's since all Core 2 Duo's are effectively 32 bits cpu's with a 64 bit databus. The hype about 64 bit software on all macs is somewhat — umm well a hype, and not based on the technical details of the cpu's in all macs besides the Mac Pro's. People screaming but Intel says it is a 64 bit processor are right, but not the core 2's Intel disabled the 64 bit of the processing unit and left the 64 bit side open on the databus. The only hardware out of the Apple factories capable from design up of 64 bit processing are the towers: the MAC PRO. Either with the XEON cpu or the Menehem processor. These two are in the same family of the core 2 duo processors, they only are called server processors because they are 64 bit enabled both in processing and the databus. Will 64 bit software run on a 32 bit core 2 duo: YES. Apple is the only company that allows for 32 bit and 64 bit software to run side by side. So in summary: will you see a difference between a 4 core and 8 core machine? Yes. Will it be significant enough to justify a $700 difference: NOT BY FAR. The difference will be visible with the Apple software. Anything else needs being designed from the ground up again. Believe me when I say: ADOBE WON'T DO IT. So for you: stick to a 4 core MAC PRO, and add some more RAM that will enhance the speed as well. HTH Rob
  9. cassiope

    New User Wishes 2nd Internal SATA HD Drive

    Of more importance is the internal drive being 1. 3.5 inch and 2. SATA-II datatransfer rate 3 GBps at least 16 MB cache. The mac pro is very easy in accepting HD's it will take only the time to screw a new drive in its bayholder and re-insert the drive. For the most the time you will waste is shutting down, disconnecting everything and restarting. Checking the partition scheme to be GUID is compulsory, if you want the drive to be a start-up disk — but most are out of the box. Hth Rob
  10. cassiope

    USB 2 drives

    the three drives tI ried so far, no way josé they allowed GUID schemes Hth rob
  11. cassiope

    USB 2 drives

    Actually I am talking about USB 2 only external HD's, ranging from 500 GB to 1 TB. All had one thing in common: only 1 USB 2 port. So no daisy chaining. Maybe thats the crux and is indicative it might be the controller (most have the interface incorporated), but I am not definite in that. HTH Rob
  12. cassiope

    USB 2 drives

    As was mentioned in the show of april 9 USB 2 drives sometimes cannot be formatted or reformatted using the GUID partitioning scheme. The reason why remains obscure but it could be a hardware issue. Though I have tried it with many USB 2 drives made by different producers and they all failed. They had one thing in common. All were preformatted for windoze. Reformatting them using HFS+ was easy, but creating the needed GUID partition scheme remained impossible. I hope apple will address this issue. BTW the same happened using tiger or Leopard. HTH Rob
  13. cassiope

    Retrospect 8

    I agree there, hence my large backups are all to disk, smaller ones to tape. Anyone some handson experiences With 8? TIA Rob
  14. cassiope

    Retrospect 8

    It looked pretty cool, though it doesnt support PPC-systems. But how effective it is. I am still very satisfied using version 6.1. But thats not even a universal app. It works both on Leopard and Tiger and does so even making bootable backups. So to me it is sufficient, and I make several multi GB-backups daily. So just curious about the advantages. TIA, Rob