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    iMac Core Duo (20 Inch) Review

    Hi MacCastians! I ordered the 20" 2.1GHz G5 a couple of months back and found i t to be really fast and stable, however I had a huge problem with the fan (horrific noise!) and had to return it for a refund. The main reason I ordered the G5 was because there was no chance that it would be the iMac that was the first machine to go intel, right? Well it turns out I'm pretty lucky because I received my refund on the morning of the keynote, so I was stunned when i heard that a new dual core iMac was released. I ordered the following config 20'' iMac 2GHz Core duo 1GB RAM + 1GB Crucial RAM 250GB HDD 256MB VRAM X1600 Wireless Keyboard + Mouse Why is a dream set-up for me as I will be hooking it up to a 24 inch Dell display and really didn't want the 500GB HD as I use external drives. When i received it I was dreading getting the dead pixel of death but the screen is perfect. So after checking for dead pixels and general OKness of the system I shut the system down and installed the extra 1GB RAM, The first difference i noticed was the levers on the RAM slots are different, much more stable (the G5 has flexible plastic cable with a hoop on the end) as they are now made out of durable hard plastic and are thick levers. After restarting I noticed that the fans were nearly silent, this machine is very quiet, impressively so. One of my main peeves about desktop computers are the noise, I hate it. Only my powerbook was quieter than this. Next step was to connect to my Wireless home network. Clicked, entered password, connected. I love Macintosh - Efficient and simple. The next impression i got is ''sh*t this thing is fast''. It really is, the UI is blazingly fast, Its snappier than anything I've used in the past, Safari, Mail. iPhoto all sharp and quick to respond, It makes you feel in command of the OS, instead of asking it politely. However, this is native apps only. So I shifted all the data across from my external HD (which is a revelation btw) and installed a few apps that would have to run under rosetta (Macromedia studio 8 and Adobe CS2) Photoshop runs well but not great (cant wait until CS3) although actions I've made and tried seem to be FASTER than my 2.1G5 although the app itself is nowhere near as snappy. This is true for all rosetta apps. I then thought i would really try to push this thing to the limit and played (seamlessly) two 1080p HD trailers. I was impressed, to say the least. Other than that its a Mac, Intel or not - its fast, stable and crap free. Anyhthing else anyone wants to know just shout This is actually my iMac G5 - but the set-up looks exactly the same as before