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  1. When I create an iMix from a playlist of the songs on my podcast, some of the songs don't appear in the iMix even though they are listed in the iTunes Music Store. These are songs I downloaded from sources other than iTunes. Before iTunes 9, I could drag the songs from the Store to the playlist and replace the original tune with this new version. The song will then appear in the iMix. In iTunes 9, you can't drag the individual tunes. Does anyone know a work around that doesn't require that I buy the song from iTunes?
  2. rmarcus

    Ghost image in Safari

    This problem has persisted even in latest Safari version 3.2: I have an Amazon Product Link rollover script on my site, jogtunes.com that allows users to rollover links to tunes on Amazon and opens a small "buy" window for the product. After leaving the link, there's a persistent image on the page: . This does not happen in IE, FF or Camino. It does occur in Chromium for CrossOver (same engine). Note the "Stop This World" persistent image in the middle of the page after I removed cursor from the link on the right. Does this happen on anyone else's browser? Any suggestions?
  3. Has anyone had this problem on the MacBook Pro? On occasion, when I first start to move the arrow cursor using the trackpad, it hesitates for about 0.5 seconds. It seems to happen in any application although it may be more common when I'm in Firefox. (I have 2 GB of memory and a 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor running OS X Version 10.4.10.)
  4. I listed a new podcast in iTunes about 4 days ago but the album art image has yet to appear. I know there may be a delay but I'm not sure how long the average delay is. I'm quite confident I have all the tags filled out appropriately including the iTunes:image tag and url. I've seen posts in the iTunes Forum complaining about the same problem. Does anyone know more about this problem or have any answers? Here's my podcast website: jogtunesindie.com Here's the feed address in feedburner: http://feeds.feedburner.com/jogtunesindie Here's the feed address on my hosting company's server: http://jogtunes.com/jogTunesPodcasts/rss3.xml Here's the album art image address: http://jogtunes.com/jti/jtiimages/jtialbumart300.jpg
  5. I just completed all the requisite items for publishing my first podcast, The JogTunesIndie Podcast. I call this a "run-to" podcast as opposed to a runcast because it's solely meant for people to run to the songs on the podcast. The commentary is minimal. The runcasts I've heard are mostly podcasts that are created while the host is runnng. I believe that this is the only run-to podcast featuring indie songs. DJ Steveboy's Podrunner is another run-to podcast, but, unlike my podcast, he offers mostly electronic music. If anyone knows of another indie music run-to podcast, please let me know at comments@jogtunes.com. Like many new podcasters, I was accepted by iTunes, but the album art image doesn't appear in the listing. I understand it takes awhile. I believe the xml code is correct. If anyone has any suggestions, please send them to comments@jogtunes.com. Here's the xml link: http://jogtunes.com/jogTunesPodcasts/rss3.xml. The concept is similar to the one I publish on my label artists running music website, jogTunes.com. The songs are BPM rated and sequenced for a 30 minute run with warm-up, easy run, peak run, and cool-down tempos (BPMs). I call this music-paced running because it involves running exactly to the beat, kind of like dancing. It's really fun and highly motivating. Thank you Adam and the Maccast for this opportunity to post new offerings.
  6. rmarcus

    The Ultimate Mac Keyboard Shortcut List

    I haven't been able to find a shortcut for loading images in Mail when the preferences setting for loading images is turned off. Does anyone know a shortcut or can anyone tell me how to set one up?
  7. I haven't been able to find a shortcut for loading images in Mail when the preferences setting for loading images is turned off. Does anyone know a shortcut or can anyone tell me how to set one up?
  8. I just bought a MacMice MicFlex USB mike for my PB G4. I tried recording voice into GarageBand but got an annoying background noise that sounds like the hard drive. It's definitely not the fan kicking in and the computer is very quiet otherwise. The mike is a gooseneck type that plugs directly into the USB port. The other configuration is to plug in the base and then insert the gooseneck mike into the base. Same noise problem, even when recording several feet from the computer. I reduced the recording volume level with minimal success. I'm not famiiar with other adjustments that might be needed or should I ditch the mike. I'd like to start a 1 minute "podskit" on a low budget if possible and heard Adam and others have used USB mikes successfully. Any suggestions? Bob jogtunes.com
  9. I think it's a great idea to solicit listeners' comments regarding changes since the last OS-X upgrade. My observation is that, since the update, there is much less of a delay when you increase or decrease speaker volume using fn F4 and F5. It used to be particularly slow when the Dashboard was on screen. It's much better under this condition as well. Bob