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  1. MacSoftReview


    I find it o much smoother to go to the dock when its on my left side.
  2. MacSoftReview

    Change the Screencapture file type

    I stopped using grab a while back, i got this great FREE widget i got through apple's widget directory called ScreenShot Plus http://www.apple.com/downloads/dashboard/b...enshotplus.html Has preview, auto load to photoshop, save to different formats etc. Really slick app. Phil http://www.macsoftreview.com
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    Hey, I love the maccast! woo hoo... Just a note to chime in on my site - http://www.macsoftreview.com Thanks, Phil
  4. MacSoftReview

    Project Management Software

    Hey There! Well, in your list of project management software you left out the best one (in my opinion). I have been using Jumsoft's Process for a while now, and they just released Process 2 Beta 2. - Process 2 is amazing! - not only does it look and feel like an X app, but it interacts with X nicely too. It easily integrates with iCal and ToDo's - which dump onto your ipod. Plus, using bonjour (with no setup necassary) you can share your projects over your network with other mac users running Process 2. Now, it's not free, but its worth every penny - especially if you need some collab effort. Anyway, I'll try and send you an audio review before your next podcast if i can. Thanks, Phil Palmieri http://www.macsoftreview.com