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  1. designboy

    Time For A New Mac

    Hello Folks, When I bought the Time Capsule I wasn't thinking and forgot it was also a full fledged router. I was just going to connect it locally to my iMac. Now I'm wondering how I'll use it and where. I was going to send it back but decided to keep it and opened it. The way my wireless is setup is it's in one of our bedrooms in the corner of the house. My room is on the other side of the house two rooms away. I know the TC will backup wirelessly but doesn't that chew up bandwidth for other devices on the network? Especially when it's every hour. I'm also wondering if I should use the Drobo as my working files (graphic design, photography, etc.) or strictly backup. But then I've also got the TC. Also I'm totally losing the whole clone setup I had on the G5. My internal HD had a clone and so did my other internals and externals. Just having a tough time deciding how to set this thing up when it gets here tomorrow. I'll probably have my iPhoto and iTunes libs on the iMac boot drive just for ease and consistent connectivity. I thought about getting a KVM switch for the two machines but the switches are not able to go up to the large resolution of the iMac as of yet and they're quite pricey. I'm still going to keep the G5 in my room for a little while until I get what I need from it via firewire 800 direct to the iMac. Then I'll move it to where the Router is and make it a server for all the movies and photos. Another question: Since I have started a new iPhoto library because it's getting very large and sluggish, I found that when I am using the new library I lose my default library that I use to sync to my iPhone and Apple TV. How does one do that and still be able to keep the other photos on the two devices? Sorry for another long message folks. I am getting the iMac tomorrow then I'll probably be installing Adobe CS5 and any other Apps I need. Then I'll need to decide how everything will work together. Thanks again, Jim
  2. designboy

    Time For A New Mac

    Well, I totally changed my mind on my purchase. I ordered a refurb 27 inch iMac Quad Core i7 from the Apple Refurb store. It went for $1932.21 including tax. Price was $1849. I couldn't pass that up. I bought 8 gb RAM from Crucial (8GB Kit (4GBx2)) $439. The following from Amazon.com: Drobo regular, 3 Western Digital Caviar Black 1 TB for the Drobo, a Time Capsule 1TB, Adobe CS5 upgrade. All should be here tomorrow. Now I've been thinking of this setup and wish I would have thought a little harder before I actually finalized my purchase. I'm not quite sure how I'm going to use the Drobo and I wish I would have either purchase a larger HD for my Time Machine instead of the Time Capsule. I like having a larger HD for my Time Machine than the source it's backing up. As for the Drobo I can't decide if I want to only use it as a backup or use it as my working files. I do mostly photography but also have movies that I sync to my Apple TV. If you'll look at my original post you'll see my current setup with my G5. Lot's of HDs and clones of everything. I don't have any clones like I do with the G5. What I have as far as content on my G5 is my iTunes on my boot drive which is like 5,000 plus songs, podcasts, movies, etc. Some of those movies are synced from a separate internal drive. (alt + drag to iTunes), then the rest is photography and graphic design that is personal and freelance work. I'm thinking I need to get another external drive or something. I feel like I'm missing something. Also I want to connect my G5 via Firewire 800 to my iMac so I can gradually move things over as I need to rather than using the wireless network. Would be faster. But the iMac only has one Firewire 800 port. I want to use that for the Drobo. Maybe need to get a Firewire 800 hub? Then eventually I want to put the G5 in another room and just have it be a server for the movies that are on it. Then connect a second monitor to the iMac. Or I could just leave the G5 where it's at but that would be a lot of power coming from just 2 outlets in my bedroom. Lots to read, you got this far, thanks for reading. I would love to hear your feedback. If you are going to say, "you should have ..." well don't because that would make things worse. "you should have..." means nothing so please don't give me that feedback. Just offer what I CAN do at this point to make this even better. Jim Felder
  3. designboy

    Time For A New Mac

    I do use iMovie to create a home movie and the G5 works really hard and takes forever to render video and also iDVD takes forever also. I still like the thought of the Mac Pro simply because it has the expansion options and it's easier to switch things out. HD, RAM, Video Card, etc. if I ever need to. Also my current setup will not allow me to have the iMac and a second monitor on the current desk. Here's my setup with a 21" Samsung on left and a 19" Samsung on the right. Don't want to give up my 21" Want to you that as a second if I get the iMac. I have my Xbox on my desk hooked to that. I know that's not a reason not to buy an iMac but with the big picture I still may want to get the Mac Pro. My desk isn't wide enough for both. I guess I could just get a new desk. So John Foster. Based on the link you shared. . . depending on what you're going to use the iMac for it's faster, right? But the Mac Pro is also faster in other ways, right?
  4. designboy

    Time For A New Mac

    this MacPro is back in the refurbed store. It was unavailable for a while. I have my tax refund now. Now I'm wondering if I should wait until June when the rumored updated MacPros will release after WWDC. I guess it just depends on what my needs are and what I'm willing to sacrifice. Anything I purchase new or refurbed is going to be better than what I'm using. But my G5 still works. I use it daily. http://store.apple.com/us/product/FB871LL/A?mco=MTQwMzA1Mjk#overview thoughts?
  5. designboy

    Time For A New Mac

    Why would I need my original install discs for the G5? I DO have them but I've got several OS X discs from all the upgrading over the years. Are you thinking I should go back to an earlier OS and why? I would like to do a clean install and get it running smooth enough to use as a media server or with my TV but I don't want to have to copy all the movies and such back to it. It's going to take some thinking to figure out how to arrange my internals and externals between the machines.
  6. designboy

    Time For A New Mac

    Thanks for the reply. Are you saying wait for the new machines or wait for the old ones to get reduced pricing?
  7. designboy

    Time For A New Mac

    I am wanting to get some feedback from my "bestest" of geek friends hoping at least one of you will offer some feedback. If you don't mind. If you don't have time to respond I will understand. My current G5 is showing it's age. Everything is getting sluggish. The machine is just slowing down. I feel like I have kept it maintained pretty well. I do repair permissions when I think it needs it. I may zap pram on occasion. I keep it on so it gets the system updates at night. I am at OSX 10.5.8. I keep everything updated which in turn requires more processor. As I upgrade the software my machine isn't getting the upgrade. I am probably going to get one of the MacPro machines. Not sure which model or from where yet. That's one of the reasons for this email. Just wanting to know what you would do if you were in my shoes. I've got a budget of about $3200. Definitely want AppleCare. I have never done a fresh install of all of my apps. I've always done a migration from old mac to new or old drive to new drive. I would like to just reinstall everything from scratch and have a fresh machine with no extra junk. I thought about using this G5 for a server in the living room next to the tv and apple tv or just use it as a media center. you think? A bit large. I have shopped around several places. Amazon, Apple Refurb, Apple Store, etc. I do like the Apple Store's option to customize the mac but it gets pricey. Will my SATA 640gb drives work in the MacPro? How will I do that? Put one in, wipe it. Migrate the info from the backup? I have a G5 2- 640gb internals (boot/clone) 750gb external Time Machine drive 3 internal 250 gb on an add-on Sonnet Tempo SATA rack (one is a clone of the other) 1 external 250gb drive (clone of one of the extra inernals) 1 external that died on me I have 100s of Apps 7 gb RAM Plan on getting a 2 TB external at some point to upgrade Time Machine drive. Tons of photos in iPhoto and photos and libraries in Lightroom Lots of movies that I've transferred from either home DVDs, VHS, video camera, etc. Graphics files from freelance projects. I use my G5 for everything. Video recordings and editing. mostly home movies Graphic Design using Adobe CS2 - Freelance Graphic Design, Photo edits, etc. Lightroom 2 - Freelance and personal photography Email, Internet, Audio Recording, Bookkeeping, Word processsing, DVD Ripping for Apple TV (lots fo things synced to my apple tv from G5. I'm sure I've missed something
  8. designboy

    Using iPhoto and Lightroom

    I appreciate your response pwbeninate. I am sticking with Lightroom because that is what I know. I don't want to spend another $300 on that just to gain the mobileme sharing. I too use iPhoto for family snapshots. But often I'll shoot photos that I want to share that are from Lightroom. I guess there's no other magic alternative. I was hoping something would come up that I haven't thought of yet. I just bought two 640gb Western Digital HDs from OWC. I'll use one as a boot and one as a clone of it. The current drives will become something. Haven't decided yet. I may get a SATA PCI card and put them inside and clone one of those as they sit right now. I use to back things up on DVD but there's just to much for that little disc these days. Thanks for your response.
  9. designboy

    Using iPhoto and Lightroom

    I use Lightroom and iPhoto. I mainly use Lightroom for everything. If it's personal photos I use iPhoto but mostly Lightroom. If I want to share these and/or sync with other devices like AppleTV, iPhone, MobileMe then I have to export from Lightroom to iPhoto. That doubles up on files and hard drive space. What do others do that use Lightroom and iPhoto? I love being able to share and sync with iPhoto but it's just to much to ask of my Hard Drives.
  10. Oh thanks for the responses. I am only using a G router now anyway. That may not even matter. Thanks
  11. I have a powermac G5 dual 1.8ghz, 2gb ram, Leopard. I have my eye on the AirPort Extreme Card and Airport Express Base Station. How hard is it to install the Extreme Card and is it compatible with my G5? Will it work with the Express Base Station? thanks in advance for any help.
  12. designboy

    Ram for My Black MacBook

    I am wanting to upgrade the RAM on my MacBook to 2 gb. Has anyone ever bought OWC Brand RAM from Other World Computing? They have some for $59. Here
  13. designboy

    transfer music from iPod to Mac

    There is a Free App that I used. iPod Viewer for Mac. http://homepage.mac.com/initgraf/iPodViewer/frameset.html I hope that helps.
  14. designboy

    iPhoto Albums in iPhoto from iLife 06

    Very cool! Thank you RailRider! That worked. I forgot that I use to have it that way originally. I thought I remembered being able to see certain albums rather than all of them at once. Take Care Jim
  15. How can I get the albums to show up when they're on the iPod 5g? Is this possible? I hate having to scroll through hundreds of photos to get to the new ones. Can I view albums instead of the entire library? Thanks