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  1. Hi all I'm a long time listener to Adam's great show but I don't think I've posted here before... Anyway, my problem is this - when I connect to my Apple TV (black) using the Remote app (iPhone or iPad) and start playing iTunes Match music there is no option to stream to other Airplay speakers in the house. If however I connect the Remote app to an iTunes library on one of our Macs and play a song, then I can stream it to an Airplay speaker. Is this normal behaviour? I have Airplay turned on on the Apple TV. All help gratefully received! Thanks Tim
  2. timpent

    Adding a recipient to an existing SMS

    Your right, I should have been more specific instead of just posting in the iPhone forum... Anyway, I've found a free app that seems to do the trick - "Group Text SMS" so problem solved. Thanks Tim
  3. timpent

    Adding a recipient to an existing SMS

    Thanks John, I was rather hoping to use the Message app on my iPhone! Tim
  4. Hi all I have a quick question - I've sent a single SMS to a dozen recipients - is it possible to later add another recipient to the existing 12? I can't see how to do it but I might be missing something... If not, does anyone have any recommendations for any apps that allow you to manage groups of numbers for SMSs? Thanks Tim
  5. timpent

    iPhone 3.1 software update - major problems

    Good news, it's been one week since I restored and no comas... Tim
  6. timpent

    iTunes 9

    I'd recommend Splasm's Audiobook Builder (http://www.splasm.com/audiobookbuilder/). It's only $9.95 and works a treat. ie. multiple CDs merged into one audiobook file. Tim
  7. timpent

    iPhone 3.1 software update - major problems

    Well it's been almost three days since I restored my iPhone and so far no problems... I'll post an update after the weekend. Tim
  8. timpent

    iPhone clock

    And me. O2, UK
  9. timpent

    Remote Control Mac from PC

    I use a free LogMeIn account - see www.logmein.com - works a treat! Tim
  10. timpent

    iPhone 3.1 software update - major problems

    I've been experiencing the comatose problem with my iPhone 3G. It has been happening once every 2-3 days I'd estimate [1]. I did a restore using iTunes 9.0.1 (as recommended by some people on the Apple discussion boards) on Tuesday evening and so far so good, but it's too early to really say whether that has fixed it. Fingers crossed Tim [1] At least that's when I've noticed it. Some people have said that it wakes itself up after 5 minutes or so, in which case it could have been happening more often...
  11. timpent

    Need to save space...

    Thanks, I'll go ahead and get rid of them. Tim
  12. timpent

    Need to save space...

    Happy New Year all... I need to save some space on my iBook G4 and just wanted to run this by you guys before I delete some crucial files :-) I never use GarageBand so I was thinking about deleting the following folders: /Library/Application Support/GarageBand - 1.91GB /Library/Audio/Apple Loops/Apple/Apple Loops for GarageBand - 1.91GB also /Applications/2005 World Book - 1.35GB /Applications/Installers/Xcode Tools - 545MB Any others I should consider? (I'm using WhatSize to identify large folders) Can anyone foresee any problems with the rest of the iLife suite or other apps if I do this? I'll do a complete clone backup first using SuperDuper, and I'll also keep copies of these folders on an external HD or DVD. Thanks for any input. Tim
  13. Not a complete solution I'm afraid (unless you want to spend $15), but if you type mailto: into Safari (but don't press return), then drag the url onto the desktop (or anywhere else) then onto the right hand side of the dock, you've got a new mail window in one click. You can obviously drag this url to the Safari bookmarks bar too... If you want to assign it to a keystroke then you need something like AliasKeys I thiink (I haven't tried it, but it looks like it will work. Hope this gives someone some ideas... Tim
  14. Sounds like fun, I'll investigate! Thanks Tim