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  1. ShawnRisk

    Mac Mini G4 Blowout Sale

    I don't see any Mac G4's there, or they are too expensive.. I know that for what I want in a computer, the one I have here is really nice.. Macs have come along way but to put them in the hands of everyone they need to move the price down..
  2. ShawnRisk

    new mac site and podcast

    I like the site this is really amazing, and the picture next to the tech support call where Apple is outsourcing to India.. As for the Podcast, I like the idea, but you are going to have to not go and, uh, like.. Just try to understand the information more, and maybe go over some of the articles outloud to yourself..
  3. ShawnRisk

    White pages widget

    For the whitepages site that the widget is using isn't very good... I also would like to be able to search anywhere in the world if I could with one site, but I don't think there is one.. As for the Widget itself I really like the whole idea of having a widget like that.. The more widgets that are useful the better, some are not just useful at all I have seen..
  4. ShawnRisk

    Thank you Maccast!

    The maccast is a great way to find information that would be so hard to find on the apple site.. I have come here before and seen questions that I thought would never be answered, answered in no time.. The maccast is the most amazing show out there for macs, and will continue to be for many years to come..
  5. ShawnRisk

    Email responses

    I think that fans of the maccast should put more time into solving and responding to the messages on this forum... That way Adam can put more time into the emails and the shows, which should be the way...
  6. ShawnRisk


    Always nice to see new Apple stores open up all over the place.. I just feel that the whole thing is that Apple wants to open more and more in the US but not around the world.. Here where I live they have one store, and going to open another one in Canada, but I still feel that they should build up in other parts of the world besides the US.. If they did apple could gets lots more people using the mac, and the ipod...
  7. ShawnRisk

    Steve Jobs & Noah Wyle at Macworld 1999

    This video clip of Steve Jobs & Noah Wyle is so funny.. Noah is a much better Jobs than Steve myself.... On a side note the shows in the late 90's are so different to the shows of today, they look and feel different..
  8. ShawnRisk

    It is True!!! Upgrade to Studio for cheap!!!

    The prices on these, are really low, and that would interest a lot of people to change to Universal Code.. If they do this with tons of software than more people will switch to Universal code faster..
  9. ShawnRisk


    Amazing program, and that is great as I would not have to switch to the widget dashboard now and just can use the dashboards inside of my desktop... Wish that I could switch them back and forth between the two, then that would be the best thing.. Also being able to view widgets from within Sarafi would be a plus.. Or just turn around a window and they are lying on the back of the window..
  10. ShawnRisk

    Music Used in New Intel Ad

    I think that is insane, Moby is the music for the new ad.. I have always liked his music, and a lot of his stuff are not mainstream...
  11. ShawnRisk

    Dial-Up Internet

    Nice to see that you have switched to DSL, that will make you a lot happier, and improve your internet viewing.. I still know tons of people who use dial-up, and they are not switching besides all they use the internet for is email... They check their email once a week, and then go about their lives..
  12. ShawnRisk

    Digital Rights Management

    If Apple has DRM in the new Intel Apple's than that would really be bad for them.. Everything that has DRM inside of them is super bad, and will get huge feedback saying to not putting them inside of the products..
  13. ShawnRisk


    Which software are you using? Are you using Linux on the iPod or Linux to download songs onto the iPod? If you could give us some more information then we could figure out somehow on fixing this problem..
  14. ShawnRisk

    Web Design

    I really like the page you did with gaaonly, is there a website you have to see more information that you mention.. I really like looking into all of these, and they are interesting too..
  15. ShawnRisk

    iTunes mini store

    Yep tons of people feel the same, the iTunes mini store is really annoying.. I have taken that off of my iTunes, and was going crazy with the whole thing.