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  1. I thought I would have seen something here on this most auspicious Mac blog, but I haven't. Maybe I'm looking in the wrong area. There has been a huge response to a crashing iTunes and DRM syncing issue on the Apple Support Forum at http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?threadID=1885983 Has anyone here noticed a problem? The common denominators appear to be iPhone 2.2.1, Apple DRM, iLife Digital Media Browser update 2.0. Symptoms include, iPhone apps do not work, podcasts do not play, DRM content may not be playable, and iTunes crashes when syncing the phone. If you have been affected by this problem, has anyone had any luck fixing it? Thanks, Jason
  2. Just a note. I'm an Exchange 2007 system admin at a big University. We have a bunch of folks buying iPhones (myself included) and many have reported to me that ActiveSync over 3g just works. They didn't buy the $15 corporate plan, they just configured it and it works. I would be interested to know if this is the same experience at other places. I would be interested in knowing your experience with not being able to get Active Sync to work unless you purchased the corporate option. Thanks J
  3. RunNGunVideo

    THQ sucks

    Just sending a flaim out to THQ games. I've been going round with them since the release of Wall E for Mac on two issues. It wont run in anything less than Admin account, and it will only work with the Apple keyboard. If you are like me, you probably have a suave wireless keyboard that is not made by Apple, AND you aren't playing this game, your kids are. If you are also like me, you don't dish out admin accounts to your kids. I work in tech support, and I recognize the lame replies they pass off as customer service. 'There hasn't been a patch for this, but we'll let you know when there is.' Yea right. Why even bother buying games for the Mac. Unreal Tournament is excellent, even though I suck at it. Halo for Mac is cool too, so I know gaming can be good. By the way THQ doesn't even make Wall E, they just resell it from some other developers. How lame. So when something is broken, they actually blamed it on the developers and have no intention of pursuing a simple fix. I know what your gonna say, the game is not that popular so why bother. Ok, then just tell me that or give me my money back. I'm done. Thanks for listening. J
  4. RunNGunVideo

    New iPhone rates, beware

    I would imagine that some people are going to upgrade their phones and sell their old ones on eBay. I would. I'm just not willing to shell out the extra dough for the service at the moment. I personally have had several offers for my phone already, though I'm declining at this time. I disagree, I think you will be able to find phones, but maybe not a lot. Eyes = keep peeled ~J
  5. RunNGunVideo

    New iPhone rates, beware

    If you buy the old iPhone and add it to your plan, you will have to add the $20 data to your existing minutes. This is an added service. I'm not sure though if they will make you renew your contract, though they might. I'm not sure if I agree with the pirate on considering the plan price in the TCO, I think it does matter, though ATT is competing in this market with other smart phone plans. But he's right, I wouldn't consider the price of gas and trips to the Apple store in the TCO. I was just trying to point out that $175 in the grand scheme of things is not that much of a deal breaker. Consider how much you would pay to fulfill the rest of your contract, and then consider if $175 to get out of it is really a big deal. Consider the $1200 (Enterprise plan) a year vs. the $840 (ish) and year for the 2G phone (you still get ActiveSync too). Consider, consider, consider.... then go buy the doggone phone. You know you want it ~j
  6. RunNGunVideo

    New iPhone rates, beware

    Ooo, ouch! Keep an eye on your account. If you see that you rates have changed from your original contracted rates, you should be able to drop them without having to pay a service charge. But, if you want to justify it, the $175 may not be that big of a deal compared to the $1200 a year for service. You might also look into getting a 2G phone if you want to get into the iPhone experience. I'm personally not planning on biting the bullet just yet. I like my iPhone, and edge is not that bad. I use the wifi at work and at home and a few choice restaurants around town and it works just great. There are a few cool things about the 3G that I like, but by the time I'm upgrade eligible, the 3G phone will be obsolete. I say, if you want it get it, its a great phone you wont be disappointed. If you are worried about the $175, there are bigger things to worry about like the $100 a month plan I laid out earlier. Think about it, over the course of two years you will have paid enough to buy a MacPro. Good luck! J
  7. RunNGunVideo

    New iPhone rates, beware

    Me = Exchange Administrator at large Texas University and iPhone owner. We have seen a lot of new iPhone and Mac purchases this past year, and with the announcement of iPhone2.0 software, everyone is buzzing to get on board. Today ATT released its new rates (http://www.wireless.att.com/cell-phone-service/specials/iphone-info.jsp) and I noticed a few things that caused me to call ATT for clarification. If you are a current customer and want to upgrade, you will pay $399/$499 respectively. New customers and those who have ATT phones eligible for upgrade will be able to upgrade at the $199/$299 price point. We know the plan for the 3G phone starts out at $30, BUT if you want ActiveSync to work, you will have to pay $45/month for the Business Plan (http://www.wireless.att.com/businesscenter/iPhone3G/index.jsp) Text messaging is now $5 for 200 and $15 for 1000, for new plan purchases (3G phone users). If you have a 2G phone (Edge), your plan stays the same. In conclusion, you can expect to pay $39.99 for a base plan + $45 for Enterprise data plan + $5/$15 for text, for a total of $90/$100 (not including applicable taxes) a month for the new 3G phone. If you are a continuing 2G (edge) customer, you can expect to pay your current rate plan ($39.99 + $20). After being on the phone for over an hour with ATT and Apple, a gentleman from Apple confirmed through unpublished training materials that ActiveSync for 2G phone owners will cost $0. If you are considering an upgrade to the 3G phone, you might consider this as well. Thank you Jason G
  8. RunNGunVideo

    THQ, Wall-e game, pissed off!

    So here is their answer: Hello, Thank you for contacting THQ Customer Service. Logitech keyboards are not supported due to driver issues. Currently there are no plans for a patch to address this. You would need to continue using your Apple keyboard (or try other USB keyboards). You can also use Logitech gamepads for this game. Regards, THQ Customer Service What I forgot to mention in m y previous post is that the game only works if you are logged in as an administrator. I rather like to take advantage of Apples less privileged accounts and parental controls for my kids. Silly me. Still frustrated. I would get a Wii, if I could find one. Also, when you get into a game console, you spend tons on games, and accessories, adding up to what it costs for a machine -- that I already have. Thanks for letting me vent. ~J
  9. RunNGunVideo

    THQ, Wall-e game, pissed off!

    So our family is buying into the whole Wall-e marketing thing. We saw the movie, my son got the Wall-e robot for his birthday, and today I picked up a copy of the Wall-e video game for Mac (and pc). We get home, run the installer and load the game. 30 minutes later, after installing it on all my machines in the house (trying to figure out why the controls dont work) did I figure out that this game ONLY WORKS IF YOU ARE USING AN ORIGINAL APPLE BRANDED KEYBOARD!!! I mean really, whats up with that? Don't know about you, but I'm a huge fan of Logitech keyboards and always buy one with every new machine I get. My kids are getting to the age where they want to play computer games, and I would rather just buy games for my Mac(s) rather than go out and buy an XBox or Wii. Someone tell me this kind of shabby attention to detail in Mac game programming is the exception and not the norm. If it is, then tell me which console you prefer. Thanks Jason Frustrated Dad
  10. RunNGunVideo

    FW Drive not coming up?

    This happened to me and the fix was simple. I had a situation where I had a FW camera and a FW drive plugged into the same machine, though they were in two different ports. I could only get one or the other of them to be recognized at a time. The solution was to turn off the firewire networking. In short, it is possible to share networked resources via firewire, as opposed to CAT5. Open the Network preference pane, select the firewire connection, and set it to off. Try mounting your FW device again. Cheers, Jason Gutierrez
  11. RunNGunVideo

    Locking the Screen

    Adam mentioned that in the Keychain access you can activate the "Show Status" feature in the preferences, and then lock the desktop from the lock icon that appears in the system menu bar. This is cool I didn't know that. What I have done is to set my Exposé top left corner to trigger the screen saver, and then make sure that I've configured the screen saver to require a password to wake from sleep under the security menu. Now, rather than have to select a menu item, I just jam my mouse pointer into the upper left part of the screen and it is locked. Love the show. Jason
  12. RunNGunVideo

    Things I wish the iPhone would do...

    Jailbreaking is too dangerous for my blood.... never the less, copy and paste would be a welcome addition. Since we are basically carrying around a computer in our pockets, why not have it behave more like a computer. Perhaps someday in the future there will be cups for the phone the would work over wireless. Fantasy wish... It would be nice if the iPhone (when docked) would leverage the microphone and speakers of my laptop/desktop and allow me to take calls while I'm working on my Mac. Side-note: By day I'm an MS-Exchange administrator and if you haven't seen Unified Messaging for Exchange 2007, you might be surprised. As far as integrating the desktop messaging (eMail and IM) and mobile communications, you would think they stole a page out of the Apple handbook.
  13. RunNGunVideo

    Things I wish the iPhone would do...

    Update.... #2 Still waiting... my PC friend with his "smart phone" can do it. He laughs at me, and rightfully slow. #7 (from my list not from SteveJobs--IN) Coming soon, thanks Apple!! #9 Thank you... See this post (http://www.macosxhints.com/article.php?story=20071116100217615&query=iPhone%2Bringtones) on how to do it. #13 Thank you 1.1.1 updater (See my UPDATE update on that posting above) MacWorld out to be exciting!!
  14. I was at Wallyworld this morning checking out the new DVD releases. I noticed that there were two versions of Live Free or Die Hard, one plain DVD (movie only) and one slightly higher priced DVD with bonus features. Looking a little closer the bonus features include a digital version to copy and run from your computer. I don't see this on the ITMS just yet, but it will probably be up there soon for the standard fare. The enhanced DVD runs $8 more. One thing though, the digital version that runs from your computer is not compatible with iPod, PSP, or Zune. I like where they are heading with this, if the movie houses do decide to include versions for portable media devices. Until then, I'll have to stick with HandBrake. Nice thought for the movie publisher/producers/etc, just a little short sighted on the actual delivery. Why would I want to watch a low res movie on my computer when I can watch the hi-rez version on my actual TV? The whole idea of making the movie (like music) portable is that I can take it with me. Now there is a concept. Cheers, J
  15. RunNGunVideo

    Things I wish the iPhone would do...

    Let's make this one number 19, looks like 20 snuck in there. J