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  1. Today my iPod touch was stolen (by one of my students, non the less!). I'm hoping I can recover it before they have a chance to sell it since I have an idea who the culprit was, but I'm concerned about my data. I use MobileMe to sync Mail, contacts, calendars, Safari bookmarks, and lots of other stuff on my iPod touch. How to I make sure my email and other data isn't pushed to the touch now that it's in the hands of someone else? Is turning off syncing in th MobileMe preference enough? Also, would syncing a "blank system" erase that data? Perhaps creating a new user on my Mac with blank contacts and bookmarks and the computer overwrites it, keeping my other user account to protect current settings? This is assuming they have wifi access. I'm hoping they aren't smart enough to figure that out. They were smart enough to take the cord, too, so I'm hoping they just sync with their computer. I'm kicking myself for leaving it out on my desk and not turning on the security/password screen. I'm also regretting syncing my 1Password data, but that's protected with a code. Keeping my fingers crossed Jonathan
  2. Thanks. And believe it or not, but I actually recovered the stolen property! Thanks to an observing student she asked to see the iPod and when they went to the photos, there was pictures of me and my kids. We still don't know which of my students actually took it, but I'm just thankful I got it back.
  3. jfjelstrom

    iPhoto Library

    Help! Something is going on with my iPhoto library. When I open iPhoto 6.0.4 my library is incomplete. Only years 2002 to 2004 are present. When I navigate to ~/Pictures/iPhoto Library, only folders for 2002-2005 show up (along with other misc. files), but drilling down in each of them give no images. Just the year, month, date, then empty. However, in the Originals folder (~/Pictures/iPhoto Library/Originals all my data is still there. The wierd thing is my back-up drive shows the same thing. I just used iPhoto the other day and everything was fine. Thankfully I have everything also backed-up to CDs, but I could really use some help on how to get my complete library back.
  4. jfjelstrom

    Software Update

    I got it working again. I downloaded from the website, too, but that didn't fix it. I did delete the com.apple.SoftwareUpdate.plist file from my Preference folder and that got it working again.
  5. jfjelstrom

    Software Update

    Is anyone else having problems with Software Update? When I run it I get an error message saying "Can not connect to the update server, check your network connection." My network connection is fine. I ran the Network Diagnostic and it checked out.
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    iPhoto Library

    Thanks for the help. I just re-imported the library. I haven't had any problems since then.
  7. jfjelstrom

    iPhoto Library

    The entire library is incomplete, but the entire library is in the Originals folder. Deleting the .plist didn't work. Any tips on rebuilding the library? Should I delete the existing photos then import from the Originals file or my backup? Thanks for the advice.