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  1. charmingbob

    Thoughts on the Mac Pro

    Normally I would agree with the argument that there will always be something better/faster/cheaper just around the corner. However, I plan to wait until the software I use everyday (Flash, Dreamweaver, Photoshop) is available in Universal Binaries. Adobe released a press release awhile back saying the CS3 won't be available until the first quarter of 2007. Since Apple is now using Intel chips I can almost guarantee there will be speed bumps from Intel as well by the time CS3 is released. It will also give Apple time to work out any hardware bugs, as well, Leopard and the latest iLife Suite should be out and included by then as well. I should also point out that I'm getting along just fine with the hardware I have right now (1.5 GHz Powerbook & and 1.8 GHz G5).
  2. charmingbob

    Cinema display & Xbox 360

    Ya the wide screen Dell's have S-Video ports, but like you said, that doesn't help if you already have an Apple display.
  3. charmingbob

    Core Duo vs. Core 2 Duo

    I wouldn't worry about your Macbook being "outdated", I would expect Apple to only update the Macbook Pros with new chip so there is more of a differential between the consumer and pro line.
  4. charmingbob

    White versus Black MacBooks

    Oh please :roll: Either that or they see you as a self righteous poser pretending to be someone they're not
  5. charmingbob

    Aperture vs iPhoto - worth it?

    I thought Aperture was suppose to be a bit of a dog. I've never used it but I remember hearing a lot people where disappointed by the performance when it first came out. I know the latest update was suppose to improve the speed so maybe it runs better now? Anyway if you're buying a new Mac, you get iPhoto for free so why not try it first to see if you like it? The latest version of iPhoto is suppose to be much, much better as far as managing a large library of photos then previous versions.
  6. charmingbob

    Is the G4 dead?

    Yes, the G4 is so dead! I would not buy the old Powerbook for $900, maybe if it was going for $500. Your PPC versions of Photoshop and Office will run on the new Macbook under Rossetta (just as fast if not faster then the G4). in fact currently there is no Intel version of Photoshop or Office available at the moment. Also, I've found virtual pc on my Powerbook G4 1.5 GHz to run pretty slow, I definitely wouldn't want to have to do any real work in it. Parallels is suppose to run at near native speed. Also, you can expect a brighter screen with the Macbook and better battery life. The Macbook will come with a year warranty as well, you'll get nothing with the old powerbook. Have you checked out the educational pricing of the Macbooks or Macbook Pros?
  7. charmingbob

    New Apple Cinema Display?

    Perhaps there will be a redesigned stand so the height can be adjusted? The 20 and 24 inch Dell monitors have picture in picture, as well the screen can be rotated from wide screen mode to portrait mode. In all honestly I would just like to see see the prices come down a bit so they are more competitive with Dell Currently here in Canada the 24 inch Dell is $1000 and the 23 inch Cinema display is $1500 (a couple of weeks ago the Dell was on sale for $850).
  8. Hi Adam First off I just want to say I really enjoy your Podcast and usually agree with most of your views. I would like to respond to your comments on why you don't think Adobe would ever drop development for OSX now that Intel Mac can run windows. I personally think the possibility of Adobe of dropping support for the Mac is a real. This may be a bad example, but remember when Adobe dropped development of Premiere a few years ago? I believe the official reason was due to the low number of sales for the Mac version. I couldn't find any numbers on what percentage of Adobe's sales are Windows vs Mac, however it wouldn't surprise me if Windows applications made up to 75% of their sales. Also, this isn’t scientific, but I do know of a few design studios here in Calgary, Alberta, Canada that switched from Mac to PC a few years ago. I even have a few designer friends who recently needed a new machine and went with Dell due to the lower cost of the hardware. Also, the last time I went to an Adobe seminar the presenters asked how many Windows and Mac users where in the audience, the majority of people who raised their hands where Windows users. Anyway, I guess the point I’m trying to make is that in my world (again, not very scientific) that the trend seems to be moving towards more designers moving to Windows. Since we live in a time where the CEO's bonuses are based on the bottom line, I don't think it's that much of a stretch to see Adobe drop Mac development for future releases of some of their less popular products. It probably won't be anything like Photoshop or InDesign, but I could see a day when programs like Dreamweaver and Flash are Windows only. Well the my $.02, keep up the great work with the Podcast!
  9. charmingbob

    OS 10.3 or 10.4 for Older Powerbook

    You might even find a performance gain if you upgrade. It was my understanding that unlike some other operating systems that become more bloated with every release, OSX has become more trim with every release. Some have said it was due to the fact that the initial release of OSX was not "optimized" as well as it could of been, and Apple has had time to streamline the code with every releases.
  10. charmingbob

    apple cinema display 20 inch vs. dell's UltraSharp 2405FPW

    Funny, I don't currently own any Dell's but I have a friend who has a couple, and he said that his experience with Dell's support has been extraordinary. I have heard the same story from a few other friends, basically if you have a problem with a part, Dell will replace it no questions asked. For example, my friend recently got a new tower and thought the fans were a bit nosier then they should be. He called Dell up and explained the "problem" and he said they apologized when the told him the soonest they could send a repair guy out was next morning. The repair guy showed up the next morning and simply replaced all the fans, again, no questions asked. Anyway, back to the monitor discussion, from what I've heard, a lot of the parts in the Dell wide screen monitors and the Apple monitors are the same, apparently the backlights are different though. I know you're not looking at the 23inch Apple display, but apparently there have been color problems do a search in Google for "apple cinema problems pink" and you'll find more info about the problem. Also, Dell does come with a 3 year warranty vs. Apple's 1 year warranty.
  11. charmingbob

    Performance of new iMac vs. old?

    Thanks for the recommendations. My question was never really about whether I should upgrade to an Intel iMac or not. Rather, it was about whether to upgrade now or later, once applications like Office have had a chance to release universal binaries. Given that my wife uses almost exclusively MS office for her day-to-day work, it didn't make sense to upgrade right away if performance was going to be really bad as compared to her existing G4. Based on feedback here and other reviews I read, I think I am fairly safe in doing the upgrade now without seeing a drop in performance from a G4. Unless you exclusively use Apple's Pro Software products, I would wait until the software you use is released in Universal Binaries. It could be 6 months to a year wait for the software upgrades, chances are there will be faster hardware by then.