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  1. lensboard


    I agree with all the old folks (I am 38 ), but just to give you some hints: 1. Install very loud fan 2. Make noise with music etc. 3. Make a mess 4. Get in the way when people pass by. That is my best suggestion Now go to bed !!
  2. lensboard

    You are all invited

    I have recently posted episode 7, and plan many more segments covering Mac stuff. I currently have about 3000 downloads per week, and I would love to make it 3001 !! Thanks!!!
  3. lensboard

    Bandwith for Podcasting

    I am a podcaster, and I use libsyn.com. They offer unlimited bandwidth. I started using my own webhost, and quickly crashed my webhost server. You can quickly eat up your bandwidth. I realize you are suggesting just audio but just to give you an idea of my weekly bandwidth: 5000 +/- downloads per week x 180mb quicktime file (mpeg4 video) = 900 gigs per week !! Not to mention getting all the requests within a short time of releasing. Your bandwidth may not be that crazy, but you never know, you might get hit with a huge bandwidth bill one month !! Have fun !!
  4. Check episode 5 at gidut.tv I discuss this at length. You can create a max of 557 x 413, and it will play on your ipod. The pixel count just cannot exceed 480x480 or 230,400 Assuming you are using mpeg4 simple :wink:
  5. lensboard

    iTunes Backwards - Come Senuti

    I use it, and it works great!!
  6. lensboard

    can't export podcast file from Garageband

    I assume that you tried searching for the file....correct?