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  1. almighty_spork

    G5 Tower

    A friend of mine is looking to unload his G5 tower to help offset the cost of a new iMac. I'm not sure of all the specifics but it's a dual 2GHz G5 with 1.5 Gigs of RAM whatever the stock hard drive was (around 160 I think he said) and an additional 500 GB hard drive. He's asking around 800, if anyone's interested let me know. -Tom
  2. almighty_spork

    Router Jams UP on a regular basis

    See if there's updated firmware for that router. I have used a Netgear router with my MacBook and had no problems. Granted it was the baseline G, not the super G, but I don't need the range in my tiny apartment. -Tom
  3. almighty_spork

    Networking for Macs - PLEASE HELP

    What's this about getting an extra 6 Mbps with a 3rd party modem? I'm also on Road Runner and if I could get extra speed by picking up a third party router I'd do it in a second. Did you tweak your modem or does is it simply a better modem than Time Warner's? Any info you could give me about that would be awesome. -Tom
  4. almighty_spork

    Does your school/work support Apple?

    It's funny, I work in the computer sales and repair business and the company chooses PCs for everything. The POS system, our computers to use to look up stuff, we even were given a Vista box for compatibility with any Vista PCs that come in for repair. However, almost all of us that work there use Macs. Most of us do have PCs for gaming, but day to day, it's all about the Mac. As a side note my school used Macs until my junior year of high school, and my college supored both and had a fair number of Macs in the computer lab that were always kept current, that's where I used my first intel iMac. Though to be totally accurate my elementary school used Apple ][e machines, not Macs. -Tom
  5. almighty_spork


    I love this app and have been using it for a long while now. I only hope that its development doesn't loose momentum now that OpenOffice.org can be run without X11. This will always be the office suite of my choosing, because of how good it is, how much better it gets every revision, and the price is right. -Tom
  6. almighty_spork

    Things don't work

    Sometimes corruption in a preference file can select or deselect items. Often those just use a one bit switch for on or off of a certain variable. It's pretty easy for one bit to get flipped, they are just little magnets spinning at at least 4200 RPM, usually faster. -Tom
  7. Most retail businesses don't pricematch on Black Friday. For better or worse this is just what they do. I'm very happy for you since of all the retail computer stores (Best Buy, Circuit City, Comp USA, etc.) Apple is about the only one who was honoring their pricematch policy today. Just goes to show one more way that Apple treats their customers just a little better than most everyone else. -Tom
  8. almighty_spork

    The First Mac I Got

    Welcome over to our side. I know that I still have to use PCs (plus I get some for free now and again) and my Macs have always been more reliable than the PCs. I'm glad you're liking your Mac and I'm glad you've found this forum. There's a great community here of knowledgeable people and usually quick responses to any problem you may be having. I look forward to hearing from you here. -Tom
  9. almighty_spork

    Firefox or Safari

    Camino! It's got the power of Firefox, and its mac native interface is pretty.
  10. almighty_spork

    Mozilla Thunderbird

    Unless Microsoft has changed the way Hotmail works since I stopped using it (Viva la Gmail!) it uses an M$ proprietary connection method called HTTPmail. There is a plugin for Mail that enables HTTPmail access for your hotmail accounts, there are plugins for Thunderbird that claim to do the same thing. But in the end Joshr is correct; you need to tell us what the errors are for us to be able to most effectively help you. -Tom
  11. almighty_spork

    Leopard finder

    First make sure that the twisty disclosure triangle is twisted to show all of the places, just make sure that it is pointed downward. If the triangle is already pointed downward all you need to do to get stuff back in the places menu is drag them over there to add them. -Tom
  12. almighty_spork

    Searching the Menus

    I was using a new program the other day doing some page layout. I knew that there would be a group option, but I didn't know where. "Never fear," I thought to my self, "you have leopard, try searching in the help menu." I typed "group" and then the correct menu appeared with a blue arrow indicating where the menu item was. I was so excited I smiled and let out a little laugh. I even forgot where the menu item was I was so elated and had to search again. I used that feature so many times in that endeavor and I know it would have taken much longer without that feature. This is just my little love story and how I thought leopard was a minor upgrade that I had to wait a long time for and ended up being one of the best feature upgrades in OS X history. Now if I could just have a little of that stability I had with Tiger I'd be all set (but hey, it's still more stable than Vista). -Tom
  13. I think that we all too easily get worked up by platform wars. We, as Mac fans, become very defensive of our computers; a devotion to computers only rivaled (and probably surpassed) by the Linux guys. I agree that this type of [expletive deleted]ish behavior is unacceptable and juvenile. We need to be the bigger people on this, if we retaliate in kind then we look no better than them and do not further our cause. Another quick point, if these 1337 haxorz really want to make a point, putting something like that on an Apple fan site is not exactly the audience who will give your point any credence whatsoever. Perhaps they should have picked a bitter venue for their evil hate crap. -Tom
  14. almighty_spork

    Get File Off of iPhone

    It might be terminal time. Open a new terminal from an admin account and type: sudo chmod 777 and then a space, now drag your file from the Finder to the terminal window, this will automatically type in the path to the file, and then hit return. Now type in your admin password, don't worry that it's not echoing your password characters with stars or bullets, that unix's way. This will force read and write permissions on the file. Even if this doesn't solve the problem you'll at least know that it's not a permissions issue. -Tom
  15. almighty_spork

    Leopard with G4 chips?

    Try resetting the PRAM; I've seen that cause strange fan behavior. Start your machine while holding command-option-p-r and let it chime a few times before you let go and let it finish booting. -Tom