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  1. I have extensive experiance with opening ports on routers, however, I've never used that particular router. It sounds like you're doing everything correctly. I would disable (for now) the OS X firewall, just to take it out of the equation. Once that's done, check again and see if the problem is solved. If not, verify and make sure that there are no type-o problems in the ports you've entered in your router. I'd also suggest using portforward.com as a resource; they have almost every make and model of router and instructions on forwarding ports (which is what you're doing with the whole virtual server thing). Good luck. -Tom
  2. almighty_spork

    Is it possible to run IE 6 on a PPC

    There might just be a way. I no longer have a PPC mac setup, but if you download Darwine for PPC and using IEs4Linux's installer script it might be able to be done. I've seen it done on an intel Mac, but Darwine is almost as compatible on PPC as Intel. You also need to pick up cabextract, which can bet installed via DarwinPorts or Fink. I don't know how technical you are, and I know I'm only giving you the tools and no instructions on how to use them, but I don't actually know myself. If I had a PPC mac in working order I could try something, but since I don't I think you're on your own. -Tom
  3. almighty_spork

    iTunes not writing valid XML file

    If I have time in the next couple of days I'll examine the XML file and see what may be wrong with it. Do see if that tool works, though, since it could take a while for a person to check all of the XML standards put forth for the W3C and see if that file is valid. -Tom
  4. almighty_spork

    any way to lock the keyboard?

    I should have said to access the menu bar use control F2 and then either use arrow keys or simply start typing the name of the menu or menu item you wish to access to select it. -Tom
  5. almighty_spork

    any way to lock the keyboard?

    What that type of keyboard access is referring to is the ability to tab between certain GUI elements; when keyboard access is turned off it forces the use of the muse for most controls. The one holdout from my windows days is the need for me to able to tab between fields and select menus with the keyboard. -Tom
  6. almighty_spork

    Problems after MacBook harddrive replacement

    Also check to make sure you didn't accidently slightly unseat some of the RAM. They are right there next to the HD and you may have bumped one of their little levers just enough to cause it to disconnect and cause a kernel panic. Just a thought. -Tom
  7. almighty_spork

    IRC Chat with Macs?

    Anyone remember Ircle back in the day? And remember when it was free? -Tom
  8. almighty_spork

    log into work pc

    If it's at all possible I'd use the Microsoft remote login thing for Windows. It's a pretty great solution and they even have a mac client available. The only downfall is that the host machine must be XP pro or 2K pro. (Or perhaps some of the versions of Vista, but I don't know which). Look here for the setup info. Look here for the Mac client. -Tom
  9. almighty_spork

    iTunes Alternatives

    Songbird looks very interesting. What I ended up doing is creating another account on my computer and moving that account's itunes library to a separate volume, this way all my podcasts automatically sync. I had to get the Xiph for Quicktime Plugin to enable iTunes to play the Ogg files that my new player supports, since there is no way that I'm using mp3 since it's a pretty terrible format. This also means that I will have to transcode all of my songs from AAC to Ogg since my player doesn't support AAC. Here's hoping that songbird is a total solution for me. -Tom
  10. almighty_spork

    iTunes Alternatives

    After years of happy service my iPod died. I did listen to the thing for the full 40+ hours I worked at a job for around 3 years plus commutes plus just using it in my spare time, believe me, it was overworked and underpaid and it was its time. However, this left me without the ability to listen to my podcasts without either burning them to CD (some of the ones I listen to are too long for CDs so there was editing that needed to be done) or bringing my MacBook in the car with me. The MacBook solution only being viable in the car since it's a bit big for a portable media device. In response to my podcast withdrawal I recently bought a nice little flash based MP3 player. The device works fine with Macs I just have to manually drag and drop files to it, making it somewhat of a pain for podcasts. Sure I could set up folder actions or do other crazy things, but I'd really rather just leave iTunes and find something that will work with my new player. If anyone has any suggestions I'm open to hearing them. -Tom
  11. almighty_spork

    iTunes Alternatives

    Thanks guys, I haven't followed any links yet, but it all looks promising. -Tom
  12. almighty_spork

    dvd region code

    I have seen how-tos out there on how to do this, but it was a long time ago and probably not for newer Macs. I did some google work and came up with nothing. At this point I think I'm just one more person who knows that it's possible but is otherwise totally not helpful. I'll keep digging around here and there and see if I can come up with anything. -Tom
  13. almighty_spork

    New iPod Nano Podcast Syncing Issue

    Glad to hear it. -Tom
  14. almighty_spork

    24 Inch IMac for heavy data processing?

    That machine will be a beast at data processing. Even the 2.4 GHz model will do wonderfully as it's one of the fastest processors available. Sure the Xeon and the Core 2 Quads are faster (the quad being only faster if the app supports multi-threading, but that's a different story) but the Core 2 Duos are very fast. If you opt for the lower end model I'd get it custom ordered with 2 GB of RAM in it, but the Machine is more than powerful enough. -Tom
  15. almighty_spork

    New iPod Nano Podcast Syncing Issue

    Sounds like classic early adopter woes. You could try to return the Nano to the place of purchase and see if you have the issue with the new one, but likely you'll need to wait for some sort of update. -Tom
  16. almighty_spork

    Video out cables don't work on new iPods

    While Apple does make a lot of money on accessory sales, they also make a lot of money on 3rd party sales as well as long as they have the dock connector since Apple has a patent on it. I'm a bit annoyed since you used to be able to use ANY video out cable that fit into the headphone jack as long as you knew the correct way to plug the cable into the TV, it was something like red to yellow, white to red and red to white, or something like that. The unfortunate part of all of this is the average consumer isn't going to notice anything and it going to just go on buying this stuff. Even some of us who notice will continue to buy it, so why should Apple change? They, just like every company, are going to just keep nailing us for more $$. Too bad. -Tom
  17. almighty_spork

    Upgrading a 500MHz iMac G3

    Yes, get more RAM first and probably only. CPU upgrades are expensive and probably not worth it for such an old machine. If it doesn't have a DVD drive and you have no alternate way of installing Tiger, Panther is still a fine system. -Tom
  18. almighty_spork

    No ip address for wireless

    Make sure the DHCP server on the router is properly configured. What I'd do is just do a complete reset of the router, usually by holding down the reset button on the back of the router while you unplug and plug back in the router. Resetting the router back to factory conditions should hopefully get things running again. If not, maybe you've got a bum router. -Tom
  19. almighty_spork

    Broken iBook G4 Screen

    Let me find the screen, it may be a week or so as I'm really busy right now, if I can locate it and it's in good condition still we'll talk prices then. $150 sounds good. -Tom
  20. almighty_spork

    Dead fan

    I forgot to put the heat-sink on my dual G4 once and it smoked in about 15-30 seconds. Luckily no damage, but it gives you an idea about how fast a modern computer can overheat. If your computer is really critical to you you'll leave it off, or run it in a walk-in freezer on a block of ice with a box fan pointed at it. Whichever works best for you. OK so that's a stupid suggestion. But seriously, if you REALLY need to use it I'd freeze some slab of metal or a cold pack or something and set your computer on that ice cold surface and only use it as little as possible and stay away from anything processor intensive. Also if you take the battery out then you won't have the added heat of the battery charging. But in the end I have to agree with Graham (been doing that a lot recently) "Turn it off. Right the hell now." is probably the only way to be sure that there will be no damage from overheating. -Tom
  21. almighty_spork

    iPod Touch Questions

    I want apps for the iPod touch. Real apps not like the crap webapps for the iPhone. Make it a true PDA and I'll buy one. -Tom
  22. almighty_spork

    Weird observation

    The GUID thing is a load of bunk. I have an image of my computer and wanted to be able to boot off of an internal HD, so I restored that image to the HD with the old partition scheme. My Mac booted just fine and runs just fine without GUID partitioning. I have no idea why they force you to do it in the installer, but it is totally unnecessary. Perhaps later versions of Intel Macs won't support the old partitioning, but current ones do. -Tom
  23. almighty_spork

    Windows Vista Home Premium

    My biggest issue with Vista is the lack of compatibility with older stuff. I know we as Mac users went through a time of compatibility issues, but Apple did a much better job easing us through. Where as Windows users are forced into Vista or XP for their computers Apple gave us the option to use OS X or OS 9 in a dual boot situation. Sure you can dual boot XP and Vista if you chose, but they only give you one OS with your computer and then make you buy the other if you want to use it. We also had Classic, which though faulty let us run OS 9 apps in a shell type environment. I know classic had its issues, I used it so I know, but we then still had the dual boot option if all else failed. This is my biggest issue with Vista, not usability or looks or anything else. I know that it gives the ability to run software in a compatibility mode to be compatible with older versions of the OS, but that works worse than classic did, and since you need to select it specifically and most people don't know it's there, most people won't use it. -Tom
  24. almighty_spork

    Working as a Mac Genius?

    Yes, I'd like that. This would be better than my current job, though the commute would be kinda bad. -Tom
  25. almighty_spork

    Working as a Mac Genius?

    I was in a similar situation as Graham with even more years Mac experience, try about 8. It seems that they want someone with expertise with a specific mac-type field. For example, there was a music guy and a movie guy and even someone who had almost no Mac experience but several years experience with page layout and publishing. It's not so much having the ability to fix Macs, which I know I have, but an ability to show that you bring something to them other than fixing. I agree with Graham about the need to correct them. There is one guy at my local Apple store who knows more about Macs than I do. I love hanging around the toys in the Apple stores, it does frustrate me that I know that I could do better. Good luck in applying for the job. You never know. -Tom