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    External firewire freezes iMac

    Also have either a terminal running top open (open terminal and type top) or the Activity Monitor open sorted by CPU usage. This will show any runaway process that may be causing the trouble. Once we know more we can help you more easily. -Tom
  2. almighty_spork

    Broken iBook G4 Screen

    I've removed and reattached the screen on my iBook G4 with total success. All you need to do is get the base apart and expose the screws for the screen hinge, after that there are only a few wire connections to the screen. What I'd suggest is either visiting McDonalds and getting those ketchup cups or using an ice cube tray to separate out all of the screws and keep them sorted. I usually put a little note in the section telling what the screws were used for. I actually have a screen for a 14.1" iBook G4 sitting around (I think) if that's what you need I could sell it to you at a low price since I have no use for it since my logic board died on my iBook. Let me know. -Tom
  3. almighty_spork

    Bye Bye NBS Shows on iTunes

    Here's my thoughts. Apple should have gone along with it. Most retail stores stick somewhat close to MSRP, NBC could be seen as the manufacturer in this case and their suggested price was 4.99. They would then begin to realize that they've priced themselves right out of the market. No amount of DRM on Apple's part can keep people from recording and distributing broadcast TV. I understand that Apple doesn't want to have a whole "Shows cost 1.99, except for NBC's shows which cost 4.99" type slogan, but I think it would be the easiest way for NBC to see that their sales would drop sharply and that 1.99 was a much more sensible option. As for the iPod owners being thieves thing, I'd say most computer owners around my age and younger are thieves, and most of them don't know it. I've seen countless people just swap songs over college networks or IM as well as the whole, I just got a new CD do you want to copy it to your iTunes/Windows Media/Music Match etc. It has nothing to do with being an iPod owner or a bad person. Music copying has been going on since tape decks came out. People used to make mix tapes all the time from tons of original tapes or radio-recorded bootlegs. I'm not condoning breaking the law, I'm just saying that this is here to stay. No amount of DRM or legal action will stop this. Sorry to rant, but I feel that once again this point needs making. -Tom
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    Windows Vista Home Premium

    I've actually heard about this recently at work. It says right in the EULA to either call a number or return to the place of purchase for a refund. I work at a store that sells Windows machines and nobody there has heard of how to give the refund or how much it may be. Anyone know more about that? If you get the full retail price of Windows Vista Home Premium you could get a computer for almost nothing. I doubt this to be the case since the OEM versions of Windows cost even small time joints less that 100 bucks, but it still interests me as a person who's in the market for a new HTPC and was thinking about a Myth box. -Tom
  5. almighty_spork

    Windows Vista Home Premium

    Most recent computers that come shipped with Vista don't have XP drivers available for key components, networking for example. And unless the EXACT system is offered as an XP computer chances are you're stuck with either a crippled XP or a fully functional (insert comment about vista's lack of functionality here) Vista. Desktops are much more likely to succeed with the Downgrade than laptops, but there can still be some issues. Also, even Windows XP home costs $199 MSRP so tack on an extra 200 bucks just to downgrade to an older version. Sad, but true. I enjoy how people want to take their new Windows computers and make them run an old version of Windows, and Mac people want to take their old unsupported Macs and make them run the new version of the OS (X Post Facto for example). -Tom
  6. When the rest of the industry adopts Bluetooth more ubiquitously we'll see more bluetooth devices and it'll do away with USB dongles. Has anyone seen the new Logitech VX Nano? The USB dongle on that is literally only 4 or 5 millimeters longer than the USB plug. It's insanely tiny. You should check out the link. It really looks like a sweet mouse. -Tom
  7. almighty_spork

    iPhone Hardware Unlocked

    The dude goes to RIT and I met him in the local best buy. Pretty sweet. -Tom
  8. I also like the Microsoft mice for all of the reasons that Roogie mentioned. The only issue I have with them is that the scroll wheels don't ratchet but are smooth. This feels great, but if you play any games that use the scroll wheel to, for example, change weapons one per click, the lack of a ratchet feel can be greatly missed. Other than M$ I'd have to recommend Logitech, their Mac software is usually somewhat lacing, but their products tend to last me for a very long time. I have a collection of old Logitech mice that still work fine, but I wanted something more, cordless for example. Personally I think you'd be happy with either a M$ mouse or a Logitech, often times large electronics stores such as Best Buy have a wall of mice on display for you to check out and play with, even if you don't buy from them, it's nice to feel before you buy. -Tom
  9. almighty_spork

    Weird Terminal issue

    Nice to hear you fixed it. I wanted to help, but that totally had me stumped. -Tom
  10. almighty_spork

    Spell check in Apple OS

    Word does have a very nice spell check. I don't hate Apple's as much as you do, but do find it to be lacking sometimes. Unfortunately you have to use the spellcheck that's presented to you. Hopefully Apple will improve their spellcheck, but until then you could just work on learning to spell things correctly. If you're talking about Word's auto correction feature I'm glad Apple's doesn't do that. I find it absolutely maddening, sometimes I just want to type what I want to type. The same goes for my selections. If I start highlighting in the middle of a word, most of the time that's what I intended to do, don't assume I wanted the whole word and "fix" it for me. -Tom
  11. almighty_spork

    selling powermac g5

    That machine is more powerful than most 500-600 dollar PCs so that range wouldn't be unreasonable. Apple did kinda kill off some of the value of that machine by switching to the new architecture, but there's still a good deal of value in it. The average user keeps a desktop computer for about 6 years, which is only one year more than your computer will be supported, and that 6 years is for new computers. Granted that number is probably talking about Windows PC users since they're the vast majority of the market. With selling anything always ask for a little more than you think it's worth and settle for less if offered. You never know if you'll get your asking price. -Tom
  12. almighty_spork

    My iMac is doing morse code

    Is your cell phone anywhere near the computer? Sometimes the signal form cell phones can make electronics make a sound that is reminiscent of morse code. Just a thought that could save you a trip to your Apple Store. -Tom
  13. almighty_spork

    Adam's software recommenation for cleaning up hard drive

    I'm not sure but I believe that Adam uses Cocktail for his OS X cleanup. My iPod is down for the count so I haven't listened in a while, but I'm pretty sure I remember him talking about that all the time. There are many other tools out there that do most of what cocktail does, such as OnyX, but you asked what Adam used and I think it was Cocktail. -Tom
  14. almighty_spork

    windows keyboard

    Externals is about the only way to go if it's not recognizing the internals. I've never seen a computer that needs drivers for the keyboard, though. You may want to see about getting a restore type CD. If you have the XP code sticker still on the machine, then just get a copy from Bit Torrent somewhere and use your legit key. I'm thinking something got all screwed up with your Windows install and now it's not recognizing they keyboard and mouse. -Tom
  15. almighty_spork

    What Happened?

    A video card can show symptoms of impending failure before it actually dies. Usually not like the symptoms you described, but anything's possible I suppose. -Tom
  16. almighty_spork

    How do I change the background when switching users?

    Someone else recently asked this same question and I couldn't find it to see if it was ever solved and how they may have solved it. I do remember suggesting that they delete one of the preference files that controls the desktop background, that way your Mac would have no record of that picture ever being requested to be displayed and perhaps fix the issue. The preference file was com.apple.desktop.plist which can be found by doing a spotlight search for desktop and plist. Then select show all and then delete the com.apple.desktop.plist entry by dragging it to the trash. I opened this file in the plist editor just to make sure it didn't have any info that might screw anything up, and it looks like all it does is keep track of your desktop backgrounds. Try this and let me konw if it works. -Tom
  17. almighty_spork

    Pages '08 Proofreading

    If you're joking that's hilarious. If you're not joking, I'd recommend Grammar Girl's Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing. -Tom
  18. almighty_spork

    DVD ripper

    Be careful with these things if you live in the US as the DMCA makes this illegal. But give Handbrake a try. As Dave and John at TMO's MGG say, "Don't get caught." -Tom
  19. almighty_spork

    New Hard Drive for MBP

    The only real limit to switching out hard drives is if you have an older Mac with an ATA/66 bus then you can only go up to 128 GB (I think) other than that, though there is some kind of limit that I can't remember, that limit is so astronomical that's it's not even worth considering. Get as big of a drive as you can find or afford. -Tom
  20. almighty_spork

    dvorak keyboard support

    I just did a fair amount of google-type research, and found A LOT of people asking for dvorak layout, but nobody actually saying it's possible. As someone did point out during my reading, since the iPhone has no physical keys, technically speaking, anything's possible with a simple software update. Here's to hoping for alternate keyboard layouts. -Tom
  21. almighty_spork

    Better File Copying...

    Looks like some sort of script, either UNIX or Apple, would be your best solution. Something that can recover from errors and try again. I've gotta go to work today, but if I find time I'll write something rather messy that'll get the job done. If anyone else wants to step in and write that I'd be very happy since I have no idea when or if I'll be able to find the time to brush up on my BASH scripting and write this. -Tom
  22. almighty_spork

    Opposite of a Switcher

    The mouse randomly jumping issue may be your mouse rather than Windows. I had the same issue with an optical mouse on my mac just because the surface I was using to mouse on bordered on reflective and it would mess up the mouse here and there. Try using a different mousing surface, if that doesn't fix it, then it's probably windows. As far as the speed issue, XP runs well (not great, but reasonably well) with only 256 MB of RAM, whereas the Mac needs at least 512 to run. What I'm getting at is the Mac requires more RAM than XP to run at smilar speeds when it comes to app launches etc. However, if anyone's ever tried to run Vista on 512 MB of RAM you'll never think of OS X as a memory hog again. -Tom
  23. almighty_spork

    Apple Stock Falling Like Crazy

    Definitely sounds like it's a good time to sell, depending on what price you bought the stock anyway. If you bought in in 95-96 then you're still making a sizable prophet. If you bought last month, it may be time to get out while you still can. -Tom
  24. almighty_spork

    Better File Copying...

    You could always just use the mv or cp terminal commands. Other than that you could use the copy functions of something like Path Finder or Quicksilver but I believe they all hook into the file copy feature of the Finder, which I believe hooks into the mv and cp commands. I've never had any of my large file copies fail like you seem to be having. Always worth trying alternates, they might just bypass any issue you're having. -Tom
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    I eat Brainz!!!

    I do my best to address everything on this forum that I feel that I have something to add to. I love this community and do my best to keep it what it is, if not better it. I often send people here who have no intention of ever listening to the MacCast just to get Mac help. No, NSAddImage() isn't the library it's the function (a function is basically a routine performed by a program in the course of its execution, for more information learn to program) used to load libraries into memory. The library it's apparently trying to load is the libConverter.dylib library and should be in the /System/Library/Printers/Libraries/ folder as indicated in the error message. I'm not even sure that it is a corrupted library that's the issue, that does seem to be the consensus on other forums though. As for the reference to "This project" yeah I was talking about iEatBrainz. It is open source and I have the source code downloaded on my machine (I know I said I didn't have time, but a bout of insomnia tonight has taken care of my not having time) and I tried to compile it and I got some errors that are totally unrelated to the fact that I am trying to make it universal. It could be a long time for me to sort those out. Perhaps emailing the developer would encourage someone familiar with the code on this app to recompile it for intel. Good luck with all of this technical stuff. It's starting to sound like archive and install might be the easiest way to go, but if you don't want to go through that, you can always try this. -Tom