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    Backup Question

    There are two options that i will recommend, one is carbon copy cloner and the other is superduper, both can be found at versiontracker.com. I have used both of these to backup my laptop and desktop for sometime now. I started using Superduper then kinda switched to CCC just because it felt better but it really does not make a difference.
  2. Crazycat


    I have not listen to the 8th of nov eppisode yet (got lots of things to do) but i will get to it. I personally back everything on my lacie 500gb hard drive, its been working great so far. I am thinking of having an my mac mini (dont use it now much since i got my mac pro) hooked up with a large external drive as an additional backup.
  3. Crazycat

    Word Processing

    Well i would recommend that you get Office, yes its by Microsoft and yes its slow on an intel mac but if you want the best the office it is. I tryed using many different products but i ended up with office.
  4. Crazycat

    Bounce in Mail

    I get a few spams a day and i dont mind, it takes me 10 secs a day to delete them. I however am guilty of using the bounce feature when i wanted to get rid of some girl who keeps emailing me .