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  1. Jeffsmile

    External hard drive disconnect

    I have a Mid 2001 27 inch iMac and I store my movies and music on an external USB hard drive and I have have my time machine and super duper on a 2 different firewire hard drives. When my Mac comes out of sleep mode I lose my USB drives after a couple seconds and my firewire drives after 15 seconds or so. I never had this problem before and I have to re-sync my iTunes account each time the hard drives are disconnected. Any ideas to why they disconnect? Thanks ~Jeff
  2. Jeffsmile

    Router Problems

    My wife and I have a PowerMac G4 and a iMac G5 with a Motorola Cable Modem connected with a Linksys Cable/DSL Router 4-Port Switch. We are both able to get e-mails and surf the web but we can not share our music on iTunes. We also just bought a new Epson printer with a D-Link USB Print Server to connect it with a ethernet cable into the router so both of us can use the printer. We are unable to print anything. I talked to genuises at the Apple store and they say everything we have done and nothing happens. I just changed the router so all the IP addresses are open but I still can not share music or print anything. I am lost!!! Can anybody help me with my network problems??? Thanks ~Jeff