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  1. s7e7e7n

    Advice needed for iMac RAM upgrade

    for a 20" imac core duo early 2006, max 2gb, i have a 1gb stick in now imac ram which would everyone recommend as safe and very good ram. i dont want to have some of the problems people here experiance. thanks everyone
  2. s7e7e7n

    Repeating to-do's?

    Is there a way to create repeating to do's in iCal? either by apple script or other means. Would like this option for paying bills! thanks to anyone who can help. michael
  3. s7e7e7n

    Boot Camp 1.1!

    Unless im behind looks like there was a new version of boot camp released today. I had a few problems with my imac, so maybe this will run smoother.
  4. s7e7e7n

    record text 2 speech?

    i found a few sites that would export the text to a wav or mp3 file. so this should work for me. thanks everyone
  5. s7e7e7n


    does the file name have copy or how is the duplicate file name written?
  6. s7e7e7n

    record text 2 speech?

    i was going to make some ringtones in garage band. and use text to speech to say, who the call is from with music in the background
  7. s7e7e7n

    record text 2 speech?

    If the question has been asked, please forgive me. also, i may just answer this question my self while writing this. but if you do have a better idea please share it. what is the best way to record text to speech. what i thought about doing was open garage band hit record, play the text to speech and have it record itself basically but if there is a better option please respond. i havent tried this yet, as i am at work. thanks
  8. s7e7e7n

    razor v3i mac software

    i did get it to connect through blue tooth. there were some conflicts between my address book and what went on to the phone. so i was just wandering if there was anything else out there.
  9. s7e7e7n

    razor v3i mac software

    i have searched the forum with no luck. unless im mistaken i thought there was a mention of software for the mac, for bluetooth to mac for phones and pda's. hopefully i havent confuesed anyone with this. i have a razor V3i. thanks
  10. s7e7e7n

    Top Podcast Choices?

    Ok so my question is. Besides the few podcast i am currently subscribed to(macccast, mac attack, roundtable) what are some of you favorite podcast? mainly im looking for technology related, feel free to give a few. some specific mac related and otheres. i do know about TWIT and DLTV. any others worth getting. by the way i just got my new imac. had it for about a 2 weeks and love it...
  11. s7e7e7n

    Intel iMac 2.0 GHz, should I buy now?

    i have the same question. my pc is on its last leg. i have an apple laptop, so im kinda a switcher. but with the new processors coming out, should i wait til these processors make there way into an imac? or would i be safe to go ahead and get and imac now? how big of a difference with the (i think) 2.33 processors make. thanks to anyone who replies.
  12. whats the best way or is there a tut on how to get a movie i made over to my pc for burning to dvd. thanks
  13. s7e7e7n

    mac mini or imac

    mainly all i would want to use the mac for is, video editing and dvd authoring, i do like to make some music as well. i would be backing up some dvd's so something that doesnt take forever and a day to back them up. i dont play games on my computer that often so its something i could live without. i just want something that would not be to slow for those kinds of task. i do like my current lcd and keyboard and mouse, and i already have a switch so i could still use my windows/linux machine. but if the mini is to slow i would get an imac. i have a 12 inch ibook.. any comparisons to that would help. i could relate those two. thanks,...
  14. s7e7e7n

    mac mini or imac

    well may be kinda of a stupid question. but i currently have a windows machine in which the hardware is getting ready to take a dump. my questions are; how well will the mac mini hold up over time. would it be ok for a fulltime desktop? i guess what i am asking which would be best for a desktop replacement. mac mini or imac. i dont do a whole lot of media production but i do like to mess around with it and make things from time to time. thanks a head of time. this kinda doesnt make any sense but i hope some one can make sense of this.. i do have a ibook, so im not a new newbie so to say..