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  1. I have an email account that allows for very little server space. I'd like to benefit from gmail's 2.5GB and check my mail there. I have a gmail account and I setup that other email account in Gmai's Accounts settings. Do I have to forward my mail to my gmail address or should Gmail be able to automatically get that e-mail? I set Gmail to get mail from me@mysite.com at me@gmail.com but I am still getting the e-mail that goes to me@mysite.com in Mail.app where I POP me@mysite.com and it's not showing up in GMail. I'm missing a step for getting this to work obviously. Can someone help?
  2. It's single 2.5" drive is a concern for me. I'd like to have another internal drive rather than having firewire and USB2 drives everywhere.
  3. Think I'm going to wait for a Intel tower. I'd be buying a mini and waiting for more Universal binaries so if i'd wait then i might as well really wait. 30th anniversary is soon isn't it?
  4. I play Age of Mythology anyway. Doubt it puts graphics cards to the test
  5. I might have to wait until the universal binary for Macromedia Studio. I rely on Fireworks a lot. Photoshop is something I can live without. Oh man, my games and other apps would all be running using Rosetta too. People need to start releasing Universal binaries for current apps instead of using it as a guarantee that their next release will be purchased (CS3 is an example of this greed).
  6. That's kinda what I have been thinking about doing. I am afraid that i might be waiting months and months for this Intel version of the PowerPC. Then who knows what it might cost. Since it would be the first Intel PowerPC there might be flaws that would be quickly fixed in a new version of the computer... I'm basically stuck. My current computer is slowly showing its age at a time where the newly released computers will surely have some sort of little bug that will be fixed by another release a couple months later, making a purchase of the first release a bad idea. My thinking is that I'd be smartest to wait until the SECOND release of an Intel PowerPC but that could be a really long time. I hate buying the first versions of computers. The minis don't seem to really have problems though. Maybe i'm being paranoid.
  7. I rest my case. Get the PPC. So you think that the processor upgrade would allow me to achieve my goals more than an Intel Mini? Is this just your opinion or do you have some further justification for your opinion?
  8. I also wonder about the dual processor capabilities of the PowerPC being superior to a single Intel chip BUT I have read about how the Intel chip architecture is like a dual processor because there are two chips on one processor or something? I don't want the computer to lag when I have my iSight on, PhotoShop open, iTunes playing, and whatever else. If there was an Intel G5 tower out that would help me make the decision. I fear that a mini won't be able to handle the workload... plus I can't stick two drives inside a mini like I can the PowerPC tower. Dilemmas dilemmas.
  9. I have a DUAL 867MHz PowerPC G4 with 1.6GB RAM right now and I was thinking about ordering that service from OWC where I could upgrade to DUAL 1.6GHZ for $500. I think they use Sonnet processors. I was wondering if that upgrade would be better for me than buying an Intel Mini with upgraded RAM. I guess one other I'm thinking about is whether software will work well with the Sonnet processor? Should I embrace the Intel? Is a DUAL PowerPC going to be faster than the Intel Mini? Cost is a concern for me also so I don't want to buy a DUAL G5 or anything. Looking for some opinions. Thanks.
  10. shamrog12

    Free iTunes Songs

    I totally planned to do that myself but in reality, they should have inserted a brain into their heads and realized that offering free iTunes is how you get a lot of traffic. For goodness sake, companies everywhere do it with that exact goal in mind so what were they expecting to have happen? Maybe they give out 100 songs? If that were the case then Pepsi would have only sold 100 additional Pepsis than normal. They're just plain dumb for expecting anything less if you ask me. That means their pens are dumb and since I don't like dumb pens I'll just use Bic. I held up to my end of the bargain by getting myself put on their mailing list. They need to hold up to their end too. They're getting an e-mail from me.
  11. shamrog12

    Free iTunes Songs

    Maybe this is a good reason to BOYCOT PAPERMATE. They can't even make good on their offer!
  12. shamrog12

    Safe passwords

    my disk images are 40+ GB. It stores tons of original photos and art designs from clients :cry:
  13. shamrog12

    Safe passwords

    interesting. never thought of it that way. if only i could change the password of my disk images
  14. shamrog12

    Free iTunes Songs

    I did this and got this when entering my iTunes code: This code has already been used. Each code may only be used once. Jerks!
  15. shamrog12

    Saving Serial Numbers

    Pastor 1.7. And run a backup utility in case your computer dies a quick death. :idea: