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  1. I checked the windows firewall preferences and itunes is one program supossedly exempt from blocking...hmmm.
  2. Hi iTunes experts - I've got a 1.8G iMac Power PC, with my iTunes library stored on an external HD. I often stream to my windows laptop. I recently picked up a Linksys wireless range expander to improve the quality of the Netflix/Roku player. But I found that since I added the range expander, my Mac can see the windows laptop's itunes library, but the laptop cant see the Mac's library unless I unplug the Range expander. If anybody knows how to get around this, I'd appreciate it! Thanks Mike
  3. Hi all- I moved my music off my imac to a 250G external drive. I've been using Superduper to back up my imac to an older 80G external drive. What I want to do is incremental backups from my 250G drive to another 250G external drive (I have a lot of music, eh) But I have yet to figure out how I can do that, at least in Superduper. I seem to be stuck in only backing up from the imac to the older 80G drive. I emailed the developer a month back, but havent gotten a response. I'd be interested to hear how others out there back up their music files that reside externally from their macs. Have a great weekend. Mike
  4. mister5

    tons of ! in itunes

    You got that right about the tricky part. I wasnt moving from windows to mac. I'm just trying to move music off my imac and on to an external drive. I made a mistake when I moved it to the external, and now I'm itunes hell with 8000+ exclamation points. I confirmed the path matches how I had it before I tried to move the music. macintosh/hd/users/mike2/music/itunes/itunes music: This is really a drag.
  5. mister5

    tons of ! in itunes

    Yes, I did exit out of iTunes and reopen and still have the !s. I even reverted to old Windows thinking and restarted the system. All of my music is still internal, but iTunes doesnt see it. Is there a better way than to search for all 8000+ files manually? Thanks Mike
  6. mister5

    tons of ! in itunes

    Hi all. I recently bought a 250 GB HD and tried to move my itunes folder to the new drive to free up space on my imac G5. I followed what I thought were the directions on the apple site preferences- advanced- general- change to the new location- OK - advanced- consolodate music. I've got !s attached to every track in itunes. I tried to reset it but I still have the !s. Any ideas on how to fix this? Thanks in advance Mike
  7. mister5

    my crazy mighty mouse

    Are you kidding??? The mouse matt could be a problem? I have a smooth matt. Some freebie from a web conference if it matters any! Guess I'll try and find a copy of the CD. Thanks
  8. mister5

    my crazy mighty mouse

    I recently received a wired mighty mouse and it's ok, except the pointer randomly takes off in any given direction from time to time. I've looked at it in system prefs, but dont see anything out of the ordinary. I dont have the mouse software on CD. thanks!
  9. mister5

    user account issues

    All- Last week I did an erase and install to try and correct an issue I had (turned out it was a power supply problem- Apple store replaced same day) I did the migration assistant, using Adam's notes from a recent maccast. In the process, I've somehow got an extra user account with all my files and apps, but have had trouble running apps like iphoto- I ended up pointing the library from the external drive, instead of the orignal library I had. I alos lost the ability to download music from emusisc. I found by re-installing the emusic download manager in the original user account it works frine. Maybe my posting is a bit disjointed, but any tips are appreciated. I just want to get everything cleaned up. Best, Mike
  10. Hi and thanks for the reponses. I tried to reset the SMU (it's an older G5), followed the directions on Apple's site and dont see any improvements. I do have applecare and was looking for the online chat on apple's support page, but it looks like the took it down. Dang! So maybe a visit to the genius bar is in order. thanks, Mike
  11. Hi all- Got a late '04 imac G5, running 10.4.8. Wanted to throw this out to the group. Got sleep issues - when I manually attempt to put the mac to sleep, it shuts down. Noticed some intermittant shut downs as well. I've looked at Apple's discussion boards and it seems there's several theories as to why this isnt all that uncommon, but I have yet to see one solution. I've also noticed the fan is NOISER than it used to be. Maybe it's from one of the recent updates? My question is if anyone in maccastland has dealt with this and if an erase and install is a good way to fix this. Thanks and Happy Holidays! Mike
  12. mister5

    Clicking Sleep turns Mac off

    Surprised- nobody has this issue except us two??? I looked in system prefs/energy saver/ Got put computer to sleep when it's inactive for 15 min and also display. But I dont think settng sleep manually from the apple menu has to do with this??? Ah well. Mike
  13. Hi All- I have an imac G5, running OSX Tiger, 10.4.8. Recently I noticed if I click on sleep from the apple menu, the mac turns off. Wasnt this way till probably 10.4.7? Anybody have a suggestion on fixing this? Thanks! Mike
  14. My wife brought home a wired mighty mouse from work for free. It didnt come with any software and I thought if I had I might be able to adjust it, as it's super touchy and moves the open windows around like hitting F10 for Expose. She asked the IT guy at her work and he says they shipped with computers, no CDs included. A search in versiontracker turns up a couple 3rd party programs that add additional customization. I'm not married to this mouse, but if I can find a source for the software, great. If not, I'll buy another mouse. thanks! Mike
  15. mister5

    how to convert .flac to mpe/aac

    Hi Jact- Since my last post, I found a program on versiontracker called Xact- it encodes and decodes. Got my flac files coverted to aiff, dropped them into itunes and works well. thanks a lot Mike