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    left handed mac user

    I just got a two buttons mice today and I'm a left handed mice user. I got no problem with the mighty mice, since I just use one button. While I plugged into the two buttons mice, just realized I couldn't swap the left/right button. Can anyone help to swap the buttons? Thanks, Michael
  2. miky

    Firefox 2.0 is a Nightmare

    I installed it and used it all the time, there is no quit problem or what I can say... just feww... maybe I caught it once or twice for the long time using... but I did suffer w/ the performance, it's just slow, slow on windows, slow on mac....
  3. Just ordered a MBP 17" today... Tried to google out how to install the vista 64 bit onto the new MBP? didn't get any clue.... does anyone here know how to install the 64-bit vista onto the new MBP? Thanks, m.j
  4. miky

    I'm very happy with my Microsoft mouse

    ditto... I got a wireless notebook 6000 (laser)
  5. miky

    Things We Don't Hate In Windows

    Microsoft Mice is much better than Mighty Mice.... MM vs. MM.....
  6. miky

    left handed mac user

    which is only worked for mighty mice, not 3rd-party mice. I wanna have a real 2 buttons mice, it seems ms supports mac well...
  7. miky

    left handed mac user

    I just bought myself a Microsoft wireless notebook Mice, which is nice... and I can switch the left/right button.
  8. miky

    MB or MBP?

    Didn't do a good homework before sending this. Just read some posts to say MacBook is fast enough. So the MBP 15" 2GHZ should meet all my needs.
  9. miky

    MB or MBP?

    I'm thinking about to buy a MBP (after thinking and thinking, I think MBP 15" is ok for me). For the MBP 15", it is really USD $500 difference between the two configurations. Is that worth? Did anyone here compared the performance differences? I suppose to have the laptop for three to four years, mainly email, internet surfing, writing articles by Pages. Will do a little photo editing and video editing, not too much, like 20%. Another concern is I hope I can run parrallel smoothly, since I am a .net developer, I need windows 2003 server + sql server 2005 + visual studio 2005. Thanks, Michael
  10. miky

    left handed mac user

    Thanks for the answers. Unfortunately, I got a 3rd party mice, the company called PureOrange.ca, I checked their website, they only have windows driver... sigh maybe I wanna keep using the mighty mice.
  11. miky

    Vulnerability statistics for Mac and Windows

    I guess it depends. To measure the two systems, we should get same thing #1) enable firewall on mac os x & enable firewall on windows xp sp2 #2) strong password #3) not run in admin mode for your day to day work #4) wont install uncleared applications #5) never open unused port #6) turn on auto-update and make it daily Most of things are done by default on mac os x. Most of things are goofy undone by default on windows, and users have no idea about security, that's why msft released xpsp2 with firewall, and less vulnerabilities on windows 2003, they turn off lots of things and make strong password policy. So I would appreciate if someone can give a longer security checklist for all users to have it on hand.