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  1. Well guys, I got the machine and loaded Leopard and CS4 on it, and I've found it to be unbelievably fast for its age! I did some photo enhancement on it last night (nothing particularly taxing, but still) I was blown away at the responsiveness of the thing. I also was curious about video performance after seeing Ron in KY's post. As I figured, YouTube was no problem, but I was amazed when I was able to go to ABC.com and watch an episode of Grey's Anatomy in what looked dangerously close to full HD! Also, I'm swapping out the video card with an NVIDIA GeForce 6800GT for Core Image, so video is bound to get even better! The one pesky problem I've had with it so far is that I've had it lock up with the little pinwheel spinning several times and not been able to fix it without a hard shutdown. This morning I replaced the original Western Digital boot drive with a Seagate one, I'm hoping this fixes the issue. Failure is to be expected of a 6 year old drive, not to mention that Western Digital products tend to suck. In general I'm loving the machine so far, I'll love it even more when I swap out the PSU fans so it doesn't sound like a little jet engine. Thanks for your input guys!
  2. I did a clean install of SL myself on my MacBook Pro and I chose to delete my old Time Machine backups and start a fresh one. You're correct that through some hacking you can get it to pick up where you left off, but it's likely to get confused and make mistakes. If you also have a Super Duper backup, you can safely avoid a lot of trouble (not to mention saving many gigs on your Time Machine disk) by starting over.
  3. madmac

    Sent messages disappeared in Apple Mail

    Hi tootsweet, I use Apple Mail with a couple Google accounts myself, it's sometimes a destructive combo it seems. My suggestion is fairly drastic but almost always works; wipe out your Mail accounts and prefs altogether and start over. This, of course, assumes that all of your accounts keep your messages on the server, because they will all be wiped out from your local machine when you do this. If this isn't the case you will need to first make appropriate backups of mailboxes. Now, onto the fun part: To wipe out your Mail accounts and prefs you must delete the following items (obviously you'll want to quit Mail first): (homefolder)/Library/Mail <--- You may choose to move this to the Desktop instead, just in case you forgot to back something up, just make sure it's gone from your Library folder (homefolder)/Library/Preferences/com.apple.mail.plist Once you've done that, log out and back in to be safe and then launch Mail and add all your accounts back in. Give it a good half hour or hour to download all your messages from the server (this can take even longer if you have a lot of messages) and you should be good to go. Hope this helps.
  4. Hey Everyone, Just wondering what peoples' opinions are on this; I just picked up a PowerMac G4 Dual 1.25GHz with 2 gigs of memory as a secondary machine to serve some web sites, do a little web browsing and maybe some Photoshop. Do you guys think this machine can handle Leopard and CS4 (I know technically CS4 needs a G5 but people have had no problems using it on G4s) or would I be better off with older software? If anyone has experience running CS4 on a G4 system I would love some input. Thanks
  5. madmac

    Networking for Macs - PLEASE HELP

    Almighty_spork, I did not do anything special, I just installed the new modem and boom! I ran the same speed test that used to consistently run at 3Mbps on my Time Warner modem, and it came out at 9Mbps. That is just download, upload speed also trippled. I can't say I've had the best luck with it, but the Linksys Wireless-G Cable Gateway is nothing if not fast.
  6. madmac

    Networking for Macs - PLEASE HELP

    Thanks to everyone who responded. Webguy, great points, I may look into a separate cable modem/router configuration. Joshr, also a very valid point, the problem is I really enjoy the extra 6 Mbps that the third party modem gets me (I forgot to mention that part) so I'm really not inclined to lease again. However, since Belkin to my knowledge doesn't make modems, I may use a D-Link router with a Belkin router. Thanks one again to both of you for weighing in on the issue, your suggestions have helped.
  7. Hello Everyone, I have a bit of a problem on my hands; I have been trying to successfully set up a dependable network for at least 3 years now. I use Time Warner's Road Runner high-speed cable for my connection. I started out using one of their modems with a Linksys router. After a while the router started cutting out frequently. Then the modem also began having problems. Time Warner came and replaced their modem and we got a new Belkin router. The router still works like a charm, although I sold it to a friend when I bought a Linksys Wireless-G Cable Gateway after the second Time Warner modem failed. Now this thing is starting to cut out. Honestly, this isn't all in my mind, I have stumped everyone from Road Runner techies, both on site and on the phone, to Linksys support, to pretty much anywhere else I've gone. This is the deal; I've got three Macs, one is a server that is always on and is always connected via Ethernet, the others are a laptop and a Mac mini that are used on and off, sometimes quite heavily. All I want is a network that will work with these three plus the occasional PC. I don't want fancy features, I just want high-speed and dependable. If anyone has any suggestions for a good manufacturer of networking equipment, please let me know. Thanks.
  8. madmac

    New Leopard Voice (Alex) 600MB!?

    I have heard that this is a very large file because of the complexity of the new voice. I would imagine you could back it up to an external drive, although it may freak out when you try to use it and it isn't there. I would say it's worth a try (at your own risk).
  9. madmac


    If an item is deleted from your iTunes library, it will also be deleted from your iPod. However, my personal recommendation is to do as 'car1son' said and delete the source file from the finder while leaving it in your library, only after backing it up on either an external drive or a CD or DVD. That way if you ever accidentally lose it in your iTunes library, you can always restore it back.
  10. madmac

    CCC vs SuperDuper?

    I prefer neither, instead I always recommend LaCie's SilverKeeper. I have always found CCC to be less then dependable on any of my machines, and since the group of developers is relatively small, updates are few and far between. As far as SuperDuper, I have never personally used it but have heard several mediocre reviews of it. Overall the features that SilverKeeper offers and its unbeatable dependability make it, in my opinion at least, the stand-out winner in this area.
  11. madmac

    Illustrator CS3

    Illustrator CS3 is by far the most stable release I have used to date. Being a professional designer, I have to use it quite often, and I have never run across any issues with stability. Also, my mother does a lot of illustration work and uses Illustrator on her (aging) Mac mini 1.25 GHz. The upgrade to CS3 has seemed to gain her some performance just like it did for me on the Intel side (now that it is a Universal Binary). Having the unique opportunity to personally review the CS3 suite, I've found Illustrator CS3 to be one of the most pleasing upgrades, second only to Photoshop. If asked to make a consensus on the value of the upgrade, I would have to say that it is clearly worth the time, money and effort it takes.
  12. madmac

    DVDs Won't Read - Keep Ejecting

    Well I tried compressed air, you wouldn't believe all the stuff that came out (I think the previous owner stuffed a cat in there ), but the DVDs still wouldn't read. Then I got a $5 lens cleaner kit from Target, worked like a charm. Now I'm ripping DVDs like a mad man. Thanks for all your help!
  13. OK, so a couple months ago I bought a PowerMac G4 QuickSilver to add to my collection, and it has worked great. Now I'm starting to have a problem with the optical drive, and specifically with playing DVDs. It may have been like this when I got it, but luckily I don't play DVDs in it that often anyway. I posted on the Apple discussion boards about a week ago, this is what I said: "I'm having trouble with my PowerMac G4 Quicksilver, specifically its DVD drive. Whenever I try to play a DVD movie it just ejects the disc. After persistently reinserting it a few times it will finally mount, but then DVD Player freezes. The Mac OS X DVD works fine as do others, it seems to be exclusively movies that throw it off. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this problem?" I got one person who suggested cleaning the lens, but that's it. If anyone has any suggestions on how to do this or about what else might be causing this, please let me know. Thanks.
  14. madmac

    Mac Games

    I actually already have Frozen Bubble but thanks for your reply. Any other suggestions would be appreciated.
  15. madmac

    Mac Games

    It boredom season again and I have no games to play. I'm looking for great mac games, preferably free. If you have any suggestions please let me know. Thanks.