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  1. prentissone

    Home Sharing Videos Not Loading

    @johnfoster... I agree as well. Perhaps it was the easy out from the Apple guy because it worked or something. I thought about it a lot today and one additional thing I did (other than putting everything on my 2.4ghz) was to shut everything down...even the router. Who knows...but what I know for sure is that it works again. and PS--I had my iPad on the 5.0ghz network and the home sharing worked fine. Oh well...a solution is a solution (i think) Thanks again for your follow up.
  2. prentissone

    Home Sharing Videos Not Loading

    Hi All, I spoke with Apple and they helped me walk through the issues. It looks as though the Mac Mini that was serving up the media was connected to my network over the 5.0ghz frequency and the apple TV was on the same. He suggested I swtich to the 2.4ghz and that did the trick. He explained that 2.4ghz was more reliable.
  3. prentissone

    Home Sharing Videos Not Loading

    The same issue trying to play movies that I've purchased using home sharing. AGain, everything works fine if I just play movies I've purchased, or trailers, etc.. It is every single movie that is being served up by the mac mini (the one with home sharing on).
  4. prentissone

    Home Sharing Videos Not Loading

    Could be it. I haven't tried a video that I purchased from iTunes. Let me try that and see. Also as a side note, I ripped the DVD using WonderShare using these settings for Apple TV 3: H.264 codec for video and ACC for audio. The videos play over home sharing on my iPhone and iPad so I'd be surprised if it is the format.
  5. Hi all, I have iTunes 11 on New Mac Mini 2.5ghz dual-core i5. I also have a new Apple TV 3. I have my media on the Mac Mini and have home sharing turned on both on the Mini and Apple TV. Home Sharing Experience on the Apple TV: 1. Music plays just fine - instantly 2. Videos - the thumbnails show just fine. When I go to play a particular video, it just seems to load forever. I waited 15 minutes and the video still had not started playing. Anyone experience this issue with videos? Any ideas out there for a fix? Thank you for your support.
  6. prentissone

    Updating Photos on 5th Gen iPod

    I just purchased a new Macbook Pro and having a tiny bit of trouble updating my iPod. I tried restoring, which corrected one problem (couldn't sync podcasts). I'm still having this problem: When I select the Update iPhoto option in the preferences, I try to select only certain Albums. The problem is that only some of my Albums are showing, not all. Any thoughts out there?