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    Keyboard stuff from a switcher

    I am running a PowerPC G5 2.3 Dual, which doesn't have the Fn key found on the iBook.
  2. Coming from a PC, I am still having trouble finding a few keyboard shortcuts. Three quick questions: 1. Is there a key command that will open the File, Edit, View, etc. menus of a given program. Apple's Tech support suggested ^F2, and then the right arrow to the appropriate menu--rather long... 2. When filling in a form in my browser, the tab key won't move to the next box if it is a drop-down box. Is mousing the only solution? 3. The key command to send an app to the dock is cmd-M. Is there no key command to retrieve it from the dock? Thanks! wmeeds
  3. wmeeds

    Keyboard stuff from a switcher

    Tiger...10.4.5. In the last post I should have noted that only get the 'bonk' when I am in some apps and not others. Mail, iCal, Stickies, and Software update give the 'bonk.' Firefox, iTunes, and Finder are all silent---nothing happens. Got any ideas?
  4. wmeeds

    Keyboard stuff from a switcher

    If you mean hold down the Control key while pressing the F2 key, that's what I'm doing.
  5. wmeeds

    Keyboard stuff from a switcher

    Thanks for the ^F7 tip. Works like a charm! Also, thanks for the humor. Got any idea what is happening when ^F2 only 'bonks' at me, and doesn't select the Apple menu?
  6. wmeeds

    Keyboard stuff from a switcher

    The arrow keys do help. Is there a keyboard technique for navigating from one box to another in a browser form? Also, does anyone know of a key combination that will cause the menu of a given app to open? (similar to the ALT-F command on a Windows machine for opening the File menu).