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  1. themole

    Video hardware problem?

    Update: after 5 days the problem is back. I'll be using my Applecare now.
  2. themole

    Video hardware problem?

    1 - Zapped the PRAM - no difference 2 - Re-installed 10.6.3 combo update. Has been fine for 5 days now. Thanks everyone for your help.
  3. themole

    Recommend some headphones please

    I have had two different makes of headphones for my iphone. The Apple ones, which I've now had two of have both died. I had to put foam covers on them so that they stayed in my ears. The mic worked fine as did the button for pausing etc. However, they eventually break as they're not too sturdy. Then I had some Sennheiser ones. I guess they cost around 30 dollars so not too expensive. People complained about an echo when I used it, (the echo disappeared when I spoke without the headphones), and the mic was so heavy that it was constantly pulling the earbud down on my ear and making it uncomfortable and eventually falling out. I'd like a pair of headphones with: - a quality mic - in-ear buds that are comfortable - comfortable to wear with just one ear-bud in and don't drag down on my ear - sound quality with regards to music isn't too important as I listen to podcasts 95% of the time Recommendations warmly and gratefully appreciated!
  4. It's definitely not the first time I've seen this, but it's the first time I've bothered to scan it. Do companies do this because they feel Apple won't be bothered? Are they bothered? I wonder if I should send it to them. The advert was in a Swedish magazine and it's for a company selling floors.
  5. themole


    Being Scottish I have a distinct accent. However, some Swedish people, (I live in Sweden), say that I don't have a Scottish accent. That's because if I speak English I have slowed down my speech and pronounce my words a bit more clearly so they can understand. Give me a few days back in Scotland and I'll be back on track. Not really accents but one of the reasons I like the maccast so much is because Adam doesn't shout and doesn't play American rock every five minutes as an "interlude". Why do so many American podcasters shout?
  6. themole

    Video hardware problem?

    How do you figure that? Surely a screenshot just captures what the user can see? Or am I wrong? Also, it has been gradually getting worse... but I will try the update just to see. It doesn't happen all the time either, for example, I haven't seen it since my last post. Thank you both for your help!
  7. themole

    Video hardware problem?

    My macbook has been doing this sort of error for a while now and it seems to be getting worse. I usually have it connected to an external display and thought that was the problem but it also shows up on the macbook screen. It isn't confined to one application but it becomes mangled or messed up anywhere, in the menu bar, at the side of windows, or in the case of this screenshot, the whole application window. Is this a video card problem or software. I still have Applecare thankfully. PS Now while trying to use my dashboard widget to upload the picture file, the dashboard also appeared in a mangled state. When I put the macbook to sleep and then awake again, the dashboard appeared normal, as did all other windows. Specs: Model Name: MacBook Model Identifier: MacBook4,1 Processor Name: Intel Core 2 Duo Processor Speed: 2.1 GHz Number Of Processors: 1 Total Number Of Cores: 2 L2 Cache: 3 MB Memory: 4 GB Running Snow Leopard 10.6.3
  8. themole

    From powerbook to macbook

    Great, thanks!
  9. themole

    From powerbook to macbook

    Just seen that my computer still has the name of "myusername's Powerbook G4 15"" I guess this happened sue to my time machine migration. Any way I can change this?
  10. Well, if the defaults were the views I wanted then I'd be happy with that. But the defaults aren't I guess - the next solution would be how to change the defaults.... I've seen cocktail delete the .DS files, I don't like terminal commands that can delete my hard drive Thanks for your help.
  11. Thanks for your answer anyway. I wonder then what alternatives to the finder could be recommended by the members here.
  12. themole

    From powerbook to macbook

    Hi and thanks for the reply. No, not running snow leopard yet.... Thought I might wait until the next update. I'm getting used to the keyboard now, I'm not a big typist so it doesn't bother me too much. I'm just loving the power! I can now use iMovie the way it's meant to be used. I'm a design student and I was actually struggling along with CS# on my powerbook. CS4 on the macbook feels great.
  13. Can none of the gurus answer this question? Wow! I bet it annoys 23.7% of all mac users.
  14. I would like to have the exact same size, view options for every single Finder window. Even though I click on: ctrl click - Show View Options - and mark "Calculate all sizes" and then click "Use as Defaults" it just doesn't stay the same. I always want it to calculate the sizes and I want the columns set up to be the same too. Any help appreciated greatly. This has always puzzled me and never found a solution.
  15. themole

    From powerbook to macbook

    Just purchased a refurb white macbook (early 2008) for an incredible price with 2 years applecare left on it. Have now retired my 6 year old powerbook G4. I can now play youtube clips without the CPU going to 100% - hurray! What else can I do that I couldn't before? I'm very excited. ps - the keyboard feels strange, will this ease with time? pps - just bought 4gig ram from crucial - so cheap!