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  1. macdave

    New Mac Mini

    Couple of questions, is it worth the extra $150.00 to get the 2.26ghz chip over the 2.00ghz chip? Would I see a difference? Does the 9400M graphics processor have it's own memory or is it robbing it from system memory? Thanks Dave
  2. macdave

    ichat Question

    Tried it, did not work, but thanks anyway! I will try your other suggestion. Dave
  3. macdave

    ichat Question

    How do I erase my account on ichat? Thanks
  4. macdave

    ichat Question

    How do I reset my password for ichat. It keeps telling me I am using the wrong password. It just started doing this. I am very frustrated and would like to just reset the whole thing. could I just reinstall the application? Any and all suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
  5. macdave

    Audiobooks question

    I see no way to check or uncheck them. When I sync my ipod only the audiobooks section is able to be checked. There is no option to drill down into the audiobooks section and check or uncheck individual books. I would rather not move them out of my audiobooks and create a playlist. I like them all to be neatly arranged in the audiobooks section. I just thought it would be nice if there was a way I could move them out and in when I want to re-listen to a particular book. Thanks for all the feedback
  6. macdave

    Audiobooks question

    Hi, I am starting to amass a large audiobook collection, my problem is that I am of limited space on harddrive and ipod. is there a way I could not have all my audiobooks sync with ipod? the only selection there seems to be is to check or not check the audiobooks section when syncing. There does not seem to be a way to selectively check individual books like i do with podcast and music. My other question is there a way I could archive my books out of itunes library, but be able to move them back into the audiobooks section if I wanted to listen to the book again? Thanks for any suggestions Dave
  7. macdave

    ichat Question

    My ichat is now asking me for a password (something it has never done). I used my apple password (which is the same as my dot mac mail account), but it continues to say that the password is incorrect. Is there a way I can just blow it away and put in a new password? Using ichat 3.1.9 if that helps Thanks Dave
  8. macdave

    Moving Podcasts

    Forgive me if this has been asked before. My question is, how can I move podcast from one computer to another, and still keep them in the podcast area of itunes. I have all my video podcasts on a PC (bigger hard-drive), but I am getting a lager external hard-drive for the mac and would like to consolidate all my itunes stuff onto one drive. Thanks Dave
  9. macdave

    New monitor for old Mac

    Thanks for your reply. I have the opportunity to get it real cheap, but are unable to get a new mac as of yet. Holding out to see if the Mini gets a major overhaul soon
  10. macdave

    New monitor for old Mac

    I have a quick question. I have a Power Mac G4 733mhz Quicksilver. If I upgrade my Graphics card to This graphics card will I be able to use the 23" HD cinema display. I have an opportunity to get one, but as you can see my Mac is a little long in the tooth. thanks Dave
  11. macdave

    Canon BJC-3000

    I have a Canon BJC-3000 sitting on a Linksys printer server. My windows machine sees it and prints fine, but alas the Mac is unable to print to it. I have googled the drivers and found something very old at version tracker and was very weary of installing it. This is no big deal, but it would be nice to print to this printer as the ink is much less expensive than my HP printer which also sits on the network, and works great with both computers. Any ideas would be cool thanks Dave PS: This may not be the proper forum for this topic, sorry about that
  12. macdave

    Quicken 2006

    My back up to dot mac has been acting squirrely within Quicken 2006 ever since the move to Mobil Me. Almost every time, but not every time, I back up to dot mac I get the following error message. I have used only a fraction of my idisk space, less than 1 gig, and I have been able to do this many times in the past so I do not know what it means about having the correct permissions to read and write files. Just curious if anyone else has seen or heard of this problem, and what was done about it. Thanks Dave
  13. macdave

    My Book Hard Drives

    Thanks for the info. I feel a little better about getting one now. Was a little concerned, never saw them advertised that often in mac publications. Thanks again Dave
  14. macdave

    My Book Hard Drives

    I am considering getting a My Book external Hard Drive. Any opinions or info that may be useful? Thanks Dave
  15. macdave

    Upgrade imac

    I am looking at getting a new imac. My question is how easy is it to upgrade ram, and HD at a later date. I am unable to afford the increased RAM and HD at this time. Could I do it, or would I be better off taking it to a tech. Thanks