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  1. shooter2jim

    App for const. project management?

    Thanks to Adam and everyone for the great help! I watched the videos on Circuis Ponies' site and decided to buy Notebook. It will work for this purpose plus offers enough versatility to use the app for a multitude of other things. I like the feature set and can always use Numbers if I need a spreadsheet program. I also wanted to help support the MacCast so Notebook seems a perfect fit. Best wishes to all, Jim
  2. shooter2jim

    App for const. project management?

    I meant iOS, so I could work off the iPad on-site. Mac OS compatibility would be good too, though... And im looking for something pretty simple and easy to use. At this point, I'm really just wanting the app for record keeping purposes. The guy I'm working with is using Android and Windows so the ability to view my work on those platforms is desirable. He wouldnt necessarily need to have the ability to edit my work. His wife recently got an iPad so they are starting to get a taste of Apple goodness and I think they are both planning to get iPhones when their contracts expire.
  3. shooter2jim

    App for const. project management?

    Never had any experience with Bento... Is it easy to work with for us "novice" users?
  4. shooter2jim

    App for const. project management?

    One of my jobs is building decks and I would like to find an app with which I could manage things like estimates, labor and material costs, etc. The ability to add photos of the projects as we progress would be helpfu, as well as export docs as PDF's . Is there such an app, or would I be just as well off using Circus Ponies' Notebook app? Thanks!
  5. shooter2jim

    Are you happy?

    This may ruffle a few feathers, but I'm less than enthused about the iPad. In fact, I'm pretty disappointed. Not about the device itself- oh, it's elegant and artfully stylish, typical of most Apple products, but that's about it. I've starting referring to it as my Seinfeld pad (it's a pad about nothing). It seems that every day, I find something new to complain about with it. First and most obvious, the lack of support for technologies like Flash and wmv playback. I know, I,know....I knew this going in, but it really has taken a while for the limitation to sink in. As a photographer, I cant just ignore the fact that Flash is pretty much the de-facto standard for photographers websites. And i do like the ability to listen to my favorite radio stations online every once in a while, which i cant do with the ipad. Not to mention the wmv email attachments I occasionally receive. Sorry, that's just the way it is. I sometimes get disappointed that Apple decides that they can be big enough to move the market. They got to this point by saying "yes we can do that, no problem", but now it's "we don't think consumers should do it this way or that way....and the rest of the web should bow to our wishes.". Next, apps. With the iPhone and iPod Touch, the App Store was sort of a trial balloon for developers to market free and low cost apps, and Apple would make a little money. With the iPad, I think its become a full-blown revenue stream on which Apple is focused like a laser, even to the point of discouraging freebies. I heard Adam mention on the last podcast that magazine apps generally force you to download a new app for each new issue they publish...sometimes at a rate thats higher than the print version itself. Ridiculous. This is supposed to be the be-all end-all e-reader and the business model just doesn't make sense. Throw forthcoming iAds into the mix, and I'm thinking, "gee, I've paid $900 for a device so I can buy (and sometimes repurchase) apps so companies can bombard me with ads? And let's not forget that the iPad should be a "top tier" product, but was introduced as a technologically inferior product to the iPhone in every respect. They won't even let on as to a release date for the iOS 4 upgrade which came standard with the iPhone 4g. Not a very comforting feeling to someone who has shelled out a big chunk of change for this "revolutionary" new device. Another complaint is that apps purchased for the smaller devices are not visually appealing, no matter what anyone says, and I don't think apple made it terribly easy for developers to scale for the iPad, hence the fees for iPad versions of apps I already purchased for the Touch. Another minor complaint is the size and weight of the device. I'd almost rather carry around a small MBP. I know it's not an iPhone but it really is just too large to keep by your side all the time, limiting its usefulness....unless you want to carry around a man-purse. Ehh, no thanks. This is just my .02, but I just keep trying to justify the lofty cost of this device and I just cant seem to find a way to do it. I really hate to part ways with it but I'm right there on the doorstep.
  6. shooter2jim

    New announcements

    Ok, so no camera, still or video, for the Touch. How screwed up is this strategy? I was all prepared with credit card in hand, to shell out $400 for a new Touch with camera. That dangling carrot turned into a stick in the form of the new nano which seems to be Apple's new golden child. I like the product, don't get me wrong, but it's not a Touch. After a disappointing 2 year stint with AT&T, I'm back to being a die-hard Verizon fan for cell service, and because I have to have a cell for my job, I'm preferring to stay with better phone service than grabbing an iPhone. So instead of Apple getting another $400 from me (I recently bought a new Touch after mine was stolen), they're either going to get $179.... that is if I do decide that carrying 3 devices around all the time is not a bad option. OR, because my Verizon phone already has a fine video and still camera, Apple may get nothing from me instead. HELLO.......??? APPLE??? ANYONE LISTENING??? Why not disable the cell circuitry in an iPhone 3gs and sell it as a Touch with video? Wow, how hard would that be?? No new product development costs, little or no advertising costs... and they pick up a whole bunch of photo/video nuts like me who are still (impatiently) waiting for a Verizon iPhone.
  7. Hi yall! I recently picked up a used 30" Cinema display and found a Radeon 9600 Pro Mac/PC card to upgrade my dual 2.0 G5 tower. I also have a 23" cinema display but it's unplugged for the purpose of this discussion. I'm running iLife 09 with 10.5.7 with all software updates, 4gb ram, etc. I'm basically maxxed out and stretched thin on horsepower. After initially installing the new card and monitor, I could double-click a photo in iPhoto and it would go full-screen as normal. Shortly thereafter, it started giving me a white "placeholder" full screen and won't display the image. Highlighting a photo in an iPhoto event and pressing the space bar will full-size the image within the iPhoto window as you'd normally expect it to. Anyone know a fix for not being able to full-screen an image from iPhoto? Every other app seems to be functioning normally. Thanks in advance, Jim Ok, a little correction/clarification: iPhoto won't let me do full screen editing on the 30" display. Editing within the normal iPhoto window is ok, but every once in a while, I'll get a little blocky garbage behind the image. Maybe the ATI software included with the card is clashing with Apple's instructions?
  8. I un-checked the "create closed network" box and the Express extending the 5ghz network started working. The Express joining the b/g signal also worked. Now to see if both the 5 and 2.4 signals can be extended.
  9. I just got the new Extreme and I have a newer and an older Express. I would like to extend the 5ghz network with the newer Express unit and just join the B network with the older Express so I can connect an old G4 tower. So far, I can get the older Express to extend the b/g, so merely joining the b/g network shouldn't be a problem. I can't get the newer Express to extend the 5ghz signal, even after many factory default resets. I know the 5ghz is working because I've joined it with my MBP and iMac Anyone try this? Second, can both the 2.4 and 5ghz signals be extended simultaneously using AP Express units? Thanks!
  10. shooter2jim

    Old icons on new OS?

    Not being a jerk at all! Thanks for the info! Jim
  11. shooter2jim

    Old icons on new OS?

    Is there a way to get the folder icons to stay put for the folders on the dock? I have the "Applications" folder on the dock as well as Documents, Music, and a folder with shortcuts to my photo-related apps. I want the old- "Applications" icon on the Apps folder and so on. I don't want them changing every time I add and app, doc or download, etc. Right now, the Apps folder and the photo folder have an Adobe icon, I guess because they're alphabetized. What good is that? I want my old icons back and I want them to stay put! Bad job Apple!
  12. shooter2jim

    AppleCare support in the crapper?

    I went to the AppleCare website to view my agreements today. Lo and behold, ALL of my agreements have disappeared! WHAT? So I pick up the phone and called AppleCare. Of course, there's no "Dial this number" message for "no agreements listed", so I spoke "ipod nano". Five minutes later, I get a gentleman with a thick Eastern accent who said his name was "William". Sure it is. I thought Apple wasn't outsourcing it's call centers to India??? So "William" begins to ask the standard cookie cutter questions. "What's wrong with the nano?".... "I cant view my agreements online".... "ok, what's the serial number on your nano"... "I don't have it in front of me, can you use my agreement number?" "No." After about 3 more of these questions that have nothing to do with my problem, I hung up on him. I then spent at least 15 minutes going around on circles on the Apple website trying to find a contact address for AppleCare. Does anyone have an email address for AppleCare?? If the nearest Apple retail store weren't 100 miles away, someone would be getting a piece of my mind!!! All help is greatly appreciated! Jim
  13. shooter2jim

    So how do you like the new iMac design?

    Totally agree! This looks like a Dell clone of an iMac. This is regressive design, not progressive. Did Ives resign? Why not an aluminum back-panel. Black plastic is typical of cheap PC's... black Macbooks excluded. OH, and no iMovie '08 on G4's. Nice of Steve NOT to mention that during the speech. Talk about a buzz kill!!! BAD MOVE APPLE!!! I know it's probably a power-hungry app, but let ME deicde if it's not fast enough. At least "recommend" a G5 or newer. This is the Aperture debacle all over again. Stock is down quite a bit over the last week too. Not good.
  14. shooter2jim

    ilife /o8

    If you have a G4 processor, forget about the new iMovie. Seems Uncle Steve forgot to mention that little detail!!!! It only loads on G5 and newer Macs! Am I pi$$... oh never mind. Leave the previous versions on there. iMovie '08 uses previous themes.. I think Adam said.
  15. shooter2jim

    Quick time update yields errors

    I think that did the trick.... thanks! Jim