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    Apple releases all new 24-inch iMac and more

    i concur
  2. BlueDevilBball


    i was just wondering how often i should open up my imac and possibly ibook to give them a good air-dusting...
  3. BlueDevilBball

    Best Wireless Mouse

    I can't decide whether to stick with my generic apple wireless mouse and save my money or shell out 80 bucks for this logitech laser mouse so i don't have to Ctrl+Click anymore... any suggestions? Logitech MX1000 Cordless Mouse the obvious answer is yes the logitech is much better... but i'm looking for constructive pro/con feedback please
  4. BlueDevilBball

    do apple still make the best protable music players

    lol if apple didn't make the best portable music player then all the other companies wouldn't be biting off all of apple's innovations... *cough CREATIVE *cough
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    well powermacs u have to remember are almost entirely perforated on the front and back giving dust the run of the place... those are also alot easier than an imac to open up and dust so you guys are lucky
  6. BlueDevilBball

    MacBook Glossy Screen

    very good point!
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    oh ok... that makes sense now that i look where the intakes are on my imac... they're pretty strategically placed so dust can't get in, so i guess i'll just leave it alone so i don't do something stupid! (compressed air is fun though!)
  8. BlueDevilBball

    Best Wireless Mouse

    i should have been more clear... i have the OLDER apple wireless mouse... the single button bluetooth mouse... do u think i should: A: stick with it B: get a mighty mouse (bluetooth) C: get the logitech mouse
  9. hey anybody with scratch issues on they're iPod should check out this stuff on RadTech.com called IceCreme... heres a link: IceCreme
  10. BlueDevilBball

    Question about Photo Booth

    thats strange.... did you try all the normal trouble shooting stuff like restarting your computer or rebooting photobooth etc.? p.s. i'll go tinker with mine to see what i can find out WHOA crap i just looked at mine and the same thing is happening to me... thats bizzare
  11. BlueDevilBball

    Which version of Mac OS???

    yeah there was some os 9 program that everybody needed that wouldn't work in osx for a long time after the beta came out... it got mentioned in the mac roundtable but i cant remember it my money is on 10.8 house cat
  12. BlueDevilBball


    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA thats all i have to say
  13. i don't really know the technical terms for this kind of program but i've been using it on my home network for months and i love it!!! DropCopy and heres a review in Macworld Magazine about it: Macworld Magazine Article
  14. BlueDevilBball

    Notebook Batteries

    the one thing i forgot to mention was the batteries on recall are for models between October 2003 to August 2006 heres the actual apple article: Apple Battery Recall
  15. BlueDevilBball

    Best Wireless Mouse

    i'd use the logitech exclusively on the desktop... i have a second apple wireless mouse for the laptop already
  16. BlueDevilBball

    Screen Resolution question?

    yeah best thing to do is just get a bigger monitor with higher supported resolution, the ibook can only mirror (meaning the resolution level 1024x768 wont be any higher) but the powerbooks can have the expanded desktop space (more pixels to do your bidding)
  17. BlueDevilBball

    Notebook Batteries

    on apples site it has the 12" ibook 12" powerbook and 15" powerbook batteries listed as being on recall... thats good for me i guess cause i've got a 14" ibook.... im keeping on watch though
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    there aren't 4 in this kit but these bose speakers are sweet for the money and very small so they don't take up too much space!! heres the link to them on the apple store site: Bose Companion 3
  19. BlueDevilBball

    cord management

    hey man u should check out this link and see if this cheap and clean solution helps the with the clutter! http://www.radtech.us/Products/cableyoyo.aspx
  20. BlueDevilBball

    USB 2.0 hard drive over airport

    i was just wondering if it was possible to plug a usb 2 hard drive into you airport extreme... obviously there would be a significant speed loss over wireless, but with computers wired through ethernet to the airport may not lose that speed...
  21. BlueDevilBball

    Emulating OS X on windows

    dude that looks really good.... to bad its windows though
  22. dude ure store is called "ultra mega mart"... thats awesome!!!
  23. BlueDevilBball

    USB 2.0 hard drive over airport

    SWEET!!! thanks a bunch
  24. BlueDevilBball

    Upgrade to DUAL 1.6GHz Sonnet Processor or buy Intel Mini?

    no question go with the mini because ure getting another COMPUTER rather than an upgrade... and its a tini computer so u can put it almost anywhere... DO IT!!!
  25. BlueDevilBball

    x or 10?

    i say osx cause its shorter and takes less effort to type...