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  1. mobilexile

    iPhone 4

    One other note on this, Graham. Google scans all your data with the intention of serving up ads. To my knowledge Blackberry only pushes your mail through the or servers, they don't scan it. If I'm mistaken please correct me.
  2. mobilexile

    iPhone 4

    Windows Mobile actually has some nice features and GUI touches. Beyond that it's slow, buggy and a crash-fest. Further, if you're on a Mac, you need a third party application to sync with your computer machine.
  3. mobilexile

    iPhone 4

    You're right, Graham, Blackberry is no better. I'm not well versed in their practices and privacy policies. Google, on the other hand, is in the business of sharing / selling our private data. It should also be noted that Apple is going the way of privacy exploitation. This little diddy from the new iTiunes privacy policy should make one take note: To provide location-based services on Apple products, Apple and our partners and licensees may collect, use, and share precise location data, including the real-time geographic location of your Apple computer or device... For example, we may share geographic location with application providers when you opt in to their location services. I'm not entirely comfortable with that agreement.
  4. mobilexile

    iPhone 4

    I was really excited about the iPhone 4 but the botched launch (perhaps the worst in Apple history) combined with AT&T's spotty network has me reviewing my options. Unfortunately the alternatives aren't very good. I won't go Android because of the Googler privacy implications, Blackberry form factors and feature sets make me yawn, and Windows Mobile hasn't improved in the four years since I stopped using it. Dare I ... gasp ... just get a phone? Woe is me.
  5. mobilexile

    Are you upgrading to iPhone 4?

    I'll be going with the pre-order option. Looking forward to it!
  6. mobilexile

    Who is sick of their iPhone?

    Like Huskermn, I live in Minnesota but my iPhone experience has been very different. When my phone actually rings with an incoming call I'm elated. More often than not it goes straight through to VM and I get an alert telling my a call was missed and I have new message -- no ring. This has been consistent with all three iPhone models. A couple weeks back I dropped and basically killed my iPhone 3GS (tears) and am currently using a 3G as I await the arrival of the next Jesus Phone. I've also tested reception with another non-iPhone handset and have had the exact same network issues. AT&T has been receptive and even helpful about my reception woes -- definitely better than they've been in the past. That said, I have a darn expensive plan that works intermittently at best. And while cheerful, helpful customer service agents are a plus, they don't allow me to make or receive calls. If and when the iPhone 4G is released on another network I'll be taking a close look at my options. I have no qualms about buying my way out of my contract if another provider appears to be a better option. That said, I'll keep an eye on AT&T as well. My only fear is that the iPhone herd will move to Carrier X and take the network overload with them. Then I'd just be where I started -- with a semi-functioning iPhone experience.
  7. mobilexile

    Folding laptop stand recommendations

    I used to use a Podium CoolPad. Eventually I tired of carrying it with me all the time and started to use books and such to do the same job. They don't have fans but they do allow air to circulate thus cooling the machine to a degree. Guess the simplicity appeals to me.
  8. mobilexile

    Time For A New Mac

    Given the apps you list and the fact that you're doing design work (not motion design) a Mac Pro is, in all honesty, overkill. That said it's darn nice and, as a freelancer, you'll appreciate the speed, expandability and accouterments. If I were in your shoes, and you really want the Mac Pro, I'd buy a refurb after the June release. Then you get the power + speed without lightening your wallet by too much.
  9. mobilexile

    Best External Hard Drive

    Not to mention the allure of Seagate's 5-year warranty on many drives. Makes buying them a no brainer.
  10. mobilexile

    Home Media Server

    Drobos are a steal right now. At B & H you can get them for $329. Don't know if that helps in Canada but I suspect you can find similar deals north of the border. SEE: http://snipurl.com/w05ba [www_bhphotovideo_com]
  11. mobilexile

    Best External Hard Drive

    G-Tech drives are very reliable but more economical options exist. Despite my love of the G-Tech drives I own I would urge you to take Graham's advice and look at Seagate options.
  12. mobilexile

    Purchase Advice

    I recently had an iPod die on me just outside the 1-year warranty. It was the second time I skipped Apple Care and I regretted it. Then I realized I had bought it with my Amex card that has a free 1-year warranty extension for electronics purchases. I filed a claim over the phone and was credited 100% of the purchase price within a few days. With this experience fresh in my mind I ordered an iPad without Apple Care and paid with the same Amex card. I figure why buy a protection plan when my card issuer does a fine job in that department. Membership does have its privileges when buying electronics.
  13. mobilexile

    iPad Movies - Streaming and Heat

    I've streamed movies and TV shows from Netflix. Thus far there have been no issues with heat. In fact, nothing I term as 'heat.'
  14. mobilexile

    Ipad 3g Release Date???

    Take heart -- Apple doesn't charge your credit card until it ships. I can honestly tell you the iPad is well worth the wait. You're going to be one happy person.
  15. mobilexile

    iPad Warranty

    American Express just covered my iPod Classic that died after thirteen months of use (didn't have Apple Care). I wonder if they'd cover this.