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    Thanx! StEvE. P.S i've now even got my own Apple Cast!
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    I have always been a mac fan! I love Apple's design and simplicty. I tried out some macs in stores and loved them and I also had owned an iPod. But and this is a big but. My dads hates them! :cry: I know I can't get my head around it either. Anyways my PC had finally packed it in and I had enough. I told my Dad I wanted to chose my next computer so he let me! I had a look around on ebay to see what I could find and I fell in love with a mac mini with a buy it now price of £350! I couldn't believe it! it was the high end mac with AP and BT all for only £350. When we got home after we had collected it I loved it. It was so much easier to mac movies, Burn DVD's, Organise photos, make Websites and much much more. Il love my mac StEvE.