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  1. vally77

    Lost Desktop in OSX

    i was working in adobe bridge looking at some raw files that where saved on a folder on the desktop. bridge started to give me some errors that it can't fine the files. I had to force quit the bridge, and than i restarted the MacBook. When i logged in to my user all of my icons desapeared, i have only the icons that i had when i both the mac. I lokked in the /users/valentin, the user folder is empty, but i kept on looking and in /users/shared/valentin it looks like all the files are there. Is there any way to restore my desktop to previous configuration. Thanks, Valentin www.avaphotography.com
  2. vally77

    MacBook and Boothcamp

    i did install the driver cd that bootchamp did, but the collors and in XP look bad and when i look at display prop. the monitor is generic and video card driver does not seem to be installed. Thanks
  3. vally77

    MacBook and Boothcamp

    I just purchased a Black MacBook and installed Bootcamp, But it looks like i do not have the drivers for the Video and monitor drivers so my xp does not look to good. Just wanted to know if there is any where i can get the drivers for that. Thanks
  4. vally77

    password manager

    does aybody know a software for MAC like Roboform for PC, to keep all the paswords and links.