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  1. rohitincmc

    Which MacBook Pro?

    Could anyone help me with a decision to buy a MacBook Pro. Am debating between a MBP 2.2 or 2.4 GHz - am not sure about a major difference between the two in daily working.... but what about the difference in the video RAM - 128 MB vs 256 MB. Does that make a major impact on daily things (iWork, iLife, Racing games, etc). I also plan to do some basic home video transfer, editing and burning to DVDs or an external Hard Disk... that is about all the video work which will be done. Other point being the difference between the hard disk - 160 GB (5400 rpm) vs 200 GB (4200 rpm) vs 160 GB (7200 rpm) The price difference between the features is fairly significant. I hope to make the purchase as soon as Leopard is released. Thank you for your time and help.
  2. rohitincmc

    Clean App is there something better

    I agree that AppZapper is really good. Occasionally I do a Spotlight search to check for any files hanging around the system and there is not too much left behind. Cheerio
  3. rohitincmc

    FileMaker Pro and EndNote won't launch: Help!

    AppZapper - for deleting apps is really simple WhatSize - for figuring out the size of files You would probably need to reinstall OS X and then EndNote9. If you cannot get access to EndNote 9 - try BookEnds
  4. rohitincmc

    Mail - Screen defect

    Format > Style > Styles = "Document Style" - Helvetica 12.0, Left aligned, Spacing 1.0x. Also switched to "Default mode" and tried. When I scroll the email document down - the text leaves yellowish brown trail marks (linear). Checked the Apple Discussion Forum - no mention about this complaint either. What do you mean by the text gives out yellowish brown lines? A screenshot might help. If you go to Format > Style > Styles, what does it say?
  5. rohitincmc

    Mail - Screen defect

    Not certain what to delete in "Mail Preferences". There are no rules to delete. Am using three accounts on my Mail - 2 gmail and one .mac. Try deleting the Mail preferences. Your copy of Mail should be the same as everyone else's so if it's not something in the mail preferences it's something else you've done to your computer that's only affecting mail. If that doesn't work you can always try reinstalling Mail from your Restore DVD that might replace some file that mail uses that I don't know about. Warning: I've never deleted Mail preferences before, so make sure you have a good backup of ALL of your mail, just incase something bad happens. -Tom
  6. rohitincmc

    Mail - Screen defect

    My Macbook Pro works well except for Apple Mail. When I scroll down my email, the text in the emails gives out yellowish brown lines. No other application in the laptop has a similar problem. So it is unlikely to be a hardware problem. I took it to the Apple reseller (www.nextbyte.com.au) and they had never seen anything like this. Any clues anyone? Thank you. Sincerely, Rohit
  7. rohitincmc

    Mail Refuses to Work

    I load Mail on OS X, but it just refuses to show any mails. All I get is the mail background and the spinning wheel. Have to Force Quit mail to get out. Please help. Thank you.
  8. rohitincmc

    Macbook Pro RAM

    Is there a difference between PC-5300 DDR2 200-pin SO-DIMM Memory and PC2-5300 DDR2 200-pin SO-DIMM Memory? I am trying to upgrade the RAM of my Macbook Pro from 512 + 512 MB to 1 GB + 512 MB. Thank you. Rohit
  9. rohitincmc

    what app to use to convert to ipod video files?

    Handbrake is brilliant (free)... as is iSquint . Also Quicktime Pro can do the same Cheerio, Rohit
  10. rohitincmc

    Outlook, iCal and Palm

    Am forced to use Windows XP with Outlook at work, have a Mac at home and use a Palm Tungsten T5. Sync my Palm at work using the Palm Sync software (Windows version) and sync at home (Palm Mac version) with Microsoft Entourage (or iCal if you prefer that) on my Mac. Works great. No problems... no other software needed. Cheerio, Rohit
  11. rohitincmc

    Parallels Public Beta 2 (build 3094)

    Fusion is now available in the Beta version from VMWare and seems quite good. I would hope that Parallels would be bundled into Leopard
  12. rohitincmc

    cross platform video chat

    Skype is good.
  13. Try Google Calendar (calendar.google.com) and allow "Sharing" with the people you need to fix appointments with... the dates and times can be seen Online and you can also Sync it with your Outlook/Entourage on your PC/Mac. Cheerio, Rohit
  14. rohitincmc

    Syncing Two Folders

    Try out FolderShare. Works quite well.
  15. rohitincmc


    Am quite happy to send you an invite for Gmail.... but if you go to www.gmail.com.... you should be able to sign up on your own. Cheerio