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    Any issues with new iMacs?

    I have had my new 20" Imac for about two weeks now. It runs great and is very quiet. It was a little strange, the first day or two it seemed to run hot and boot up slowly. After day three it now runs cooler and books up fast. Unfortunatly, I don't use Garage Band so I can't tell you about that, but everything else seems to run great. Overall, I'm very pleased with the performance and the quality of the machine.
  2. My earlier education began with an Apple II, but then college came and the move to PC became necessary. I worked through the early stages of windows from 3.1 to 95, 98 and XP. Each step into the depths of the other OS, brought new challenges and frustrations. Finally this year with all the virus and computer problems I decided to make the switch. I stopped on my way home from work at the local Apple store and purchased a Mac Mini. It was out of the box plugged in to a KVM switch to be between my old PC and the mini. I was up and running within five minutes and surfing the net for Mac information. Witin a few weeks, I unplugged my PC and have not used it in months. I feel bad because I let my kids use it now. They will get my Mini when I upgrade to an Intel soon. My only problem now is what to get next. I really like the IMac, but the Mac Book Pro is also getting my attention. If anyone has used the new Mac Book Pro, how does it compare to the IMac? Well that's my store and I am glad to be a switcher. I only wish my school would switch to Mac.