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    iPad update to 4.3.1 (TIP)

    Hoisted on my own petard!!! Yesterday I tried to update my new iPad 2 to OSx 4.3.1. Toward the end of the process I was given an error message stating that the update couldn't be completed and that I would have to restore and backup. The error message referred to code 1013. After spending a lot of time with Apple support I discovered the following: Several months ago I jail broke my iPad 1 in order to use the screen mirroring feature. In the process I was advised to "save my SHSH Blobs" This action saves a current version of the OS in case you wish to revert to a prior version. It does this by redirecting Apple's verification process to a third party website. It does this by making an entry into the "/private/etc/hosts" file to direct "gs.apple.com" to that third party's site. Evidentially, in the process the software checks the site "gs.apple.com" to confirm that you are updating from an appropriate version. My description of this process my be flawed but those of you who have jail broken your iPad will recognize it. The solution is to edit the file "/private/etc/hosts" and remove or comment out the lines that refer to "gs.apple.com" and reboot you host computer. Then restore and backup.
  2. rchaput

    Video files CoverFlow images

    Thanks, that did it. Once one knows how it works it's rather obvious.
  3. rchaput

    Video files CoverFlow images

    I have searched unsuccessfully everywhere for an explanation of how to change the the image that appears when viewing a video file in CoverFlow mode in iTunes/AppleTV. I am NOT looking for how to change it's icon. Typically, the image is the first frame in the video. I tried pre-appending a title frame and exporting the video under a different name, but the image didn't change. I rather suspect that the image might be in the '.DS_Store' file. If it is, is there an editor for that file? Is it possible to change it? I would appreciate any comments and/or suggestions.