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  1. I'm new to the mac and UNIX. I have been trying to navigate the directory structure in terminal and have been stymied by directory names with two words. I try to use the cd command to get into the 'iPhoto Library' directory and an error is returned saying there is no 'iPhoto' directory. It is as if once I type the spacebar the rest of the directory name is ignored. Every example for the cd command I have seen uses a one word directory name. What is the proper syntax to get into my 'iPhoto Library' directory?
  2. sbradley

    Audible verifies each time itunes starts

    I think Ginamos hit the nail on the head. I recently left the PC world due to the ipod halo effect. When I switched I just used me back up DVDs to import the Audible content onto my ibook. I will try to download it from audible again. Thanks.
  3. If I close itunes 6.0.4 then reopen it, whenever I click on any of my Audible content, it wants me to reconnect to audible.com to verify my password before the file will play again. One solution is to never close itunes but when I switch users itunes closes automatically. How can I make itunes remember that I have previously authorized my Audible content? :?:
  4. I put off upgrades just for this reason. I don't have a dvd player except in my ibook. I watch movies with it all the time. With 10.4.5 the dvd spins up but never mounts. Disk utility sees it but says making an image is "Forbidden". When I boot from my firewire drive (10.4.2) the dvd mounts as before. Is this a bug or a new "security feature"? :?:
  5. I just switched to mac from pc (yes, due to the ipod halo) and I want to get track names for my 1206 cds. I tried iEatBrainz and it worked for the majority of my collection. Is there a program out there similar to iEatBrainz but with a larger database? I could go back into my library and add the album name manually then use the built in cd track feature but if I can avoid this I want to. Thanks.