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  1. Adam, Your honest delivery and solid, if low-key production keeps me subscribed in the thin times. The past few podcasts (before boot camp) were really press release rehashes, which were, well, tiring. I was fast-forwarding quite a bit. Then Boot Camp came out. Now I'm riveted by your show, comments, listener contributions (the boot camp installation experience was excellent) the show is now back on fire. (But, not in a phony way, either. It is entirely consistent with your style.) Do not let those with a narrow, limited and one-dimensional focus fool you, the expanding Mac universe is far more exciting than it was as an outcast sect. Stop apologizing for excellent and passionate content.
  2. figgles

    Dvorak Speculation about Apple Using Microsoft OS

    Yes, Darwin on PowerPC only runs a few apps. Wine, the source for the port, under Linux distros, is fantastic. Machine transation held back much of Wine's potential. With Mac now on Intel, it's a whole new ballgame. I use it under Fedora Core 4 for when I must use Internet Explorer for the few troglydite sites that require it. That's merely anecdotal; check out the Codeweavers web site for what Wine can run under the Linux distros. Games are another matter, regardless whether you virtualize your machine or redirect APIs. Game developers write as close to the metal as they can to optimize performance.
  3. figgles

    Dvorak Speculation about Apple Using Microsoft OS

    Well, my druthers is for Darwine rather than a sandboxed OS, although that has it's advantages. Even better, but probably impossible: sandbox Darwine's API's so that Windows viral and spyware nastyness can't bleed into the hosting OS. Darwine will render better performance than the "box in a box" approach of VPC or VMWare. It's an interesting counter-point to Dvorak, isn't it? Us Mac user's would rather emulate or redirect (still with the Windows substandard UI poking through) for the necessary evil we must commit (computationally speaking) rather than put pretty pictures on top of that legacy-totting monstrosity. Not that I'm a Mac zealot.
  4. figgles

    Dvorak Speculation about Apple Using Microsoft OS

    Dvorak takes his knocks from the Mac cult regularly. Most of the times I suspect unfairly as he fails to effusively gush about the obvious superiority of the Mac platform. As a result, the Mac cult loves to hate Dvorak, and Dvorak loves to tweak the Mac cult in the same way a cat plays with a mouse. I agree it’s a cheap shot from Dvorak and despite that I still enjoy his work. Based on Adam's comments, I agree with Adam's sentiments. Where Adam says "the soul" of the platform, I'd go further and say that the soul is really the tight integration of UI in the OS as well as across applications. Apple got that way, way back and continues to bring it forward. Dvorak's wrong view is that this is the same as eye candy. To best demonstrate the fallacy and grotesque simplicity of this viewpoint run KDE. I like KDE / Linux. Don't get me wrong. But you can almost see the KDE gang looking at Mac and drawing the same conclusion; "it's the eye-candy that makes a great user experience. Just make the icons dance around and throw in the odd transparency and dimming effects and the rubes will love it." Flat. Out. Wrong. You have to assume an arrogant and malicious view of the end user to reach this conclusion. While the "average" end user is not an engineering whiz, comfortable on the command line, this doesn't mean putting up pretty undulating pictures is what he or she wants to see. We Mac users have tight intra-application integration both UI and core system services. Learning one app and you're 80% of the way towards a new app, that is, if they follow Apple's UI guidelines. We've had it for so long we take it for granted. Our zealous user base clamors for it and hell rains down on the poor developer who misses a beat. Chances are you won't hear "Strict UI guideline conformance!" rather, "I can't figure this out!" So, Dvorak doesn’t get it nor would I expect him to have the capacity, given his bias, to get it. I’d rather leave his comment for the albatross that it is and move on.