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  1. Hey, has anybody noticed that when you have something like a disk image or an iPod (basically any mounted disk) mounted onyour desktop, you can only clean the desktop up using 'Clean Up Selection'? The 'Clean All' option seems to disappear from the Finder View menu, even if nothing is selected. This really irks me sometimes; does anybody know a workaround, or am I just missing something obvious?
  2. Never mind, I re-installed 10.4.5 and both problems are gone.
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    Can I have one please? perryge@gmail.com
  4. Yo! Check out my blog at http://ithinkthereforeipod.blogspot.com, where I discuss the world of Apple in articles every few days. Constructive criticism would be welcome! Cheers, and hoorah for the MacCast!
  5. There's an odd little quirk I've noticed lately on my iBook; when I create a smart folder, after I add one extra criteria, the + sign for adding additional criteria disappears, so I can never have more than 3. This happened after I tried that front row hack Adam mentioned (though i don't know if it's directly related, as I haven't created a smart folder in ages). Since then, I've deleted the front row hack by deleting the program and its preference file, but front row's preferences are still in my system preferences pane, even after logging out! What's up with that? Does anyone have any idea what's causing these two issues, or how they can be fixed?[/b]