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  1. powerpc

    MacTheRipper question

    Yep mactheripper 3 beta's rip it. (I ripped backed-up the bbc release which is comprised of 3 disks, then some how they accidentally fell into handbrake and made little .avi babies - woops!)
  2. powerpc

    MacTheRipper question

    If its not too late to chime in: Mactheripper beta's really are complete programs but adapted every 2 month-ish to overcome the latest copy-write protections. One thing mactheripper cann do that no other ripper i have used can is copy disk which have been purposely damaged slighly so that when playing they work, however when ripping the program errors. This is becoming more and more common, latest example ratatouille and stranger than fiction. I have it, though i still get i off piratebay cos the registration steps are ludicrous. I know illeagal and things is not meant to be spoken about this is what i have done: 1) Donate to Geezerbuttz 2) then download it off the pirate bay (currently using this one) http://thepiratebay.org/tor/3891309/Geezer...pper_v3.0.R14i_[App] I'm mean you could <cough>not<cough> donate and still get it off piratebay. But if you look at the steps required to get a registration (for 1 computer) Have fun
  3. powerpc

    1080p Quicktime

    I've looked at the "recommended specs" which state that the mac mini is the only computer which can't play it... supposedly Can it? And just to add more speculation but apple could upgrade the mini and state that ALL of their computers can play full HD, i mean i think its agreed by everyone that the graphics in the mini are datttteeeddd! (dated) and an update would hurt. toodles!
  4. powerpc

    My mac... It lives

    Woah! A success story. My little powerbook's harddrive died, i took it apart using a guide on ifixit (http://www.ifixit.com/Guide/) and it works (though it doesn't have an 80gb hd anymore... it now a 120gb!) So i heartily recommend do-it-yourself approach. Toodles Nerds
  5. Right i like to order my stuff off amazon as they are trust worthy and i aready have an account: Will this harddrive work as a replacement: http://www.amazon.co.uk/5400rpm-Western-Dr...5966&sr=1-2 i'm gonna get back on fri, get to the hard drive (eep!), then try connecting in a caddie i have about and seeing if anything will read it. Cos i wouldn't mind some files off it. Problem though i'm a bit short of another mac at the moment (bros gone away for a bit), so i'll have to do it the long way and install the new one, install mac then see what happens. Wish me luck (and answer the above question please!)
  6. Wow i didn't realise i'd written so much! Now i'm unsure whether to get it, as i can't get it tommorow and work is for monday + it seems to cost more than a new drive which i may have to get anyway (i'm not sure i could trust that drive again) And i'm not able to do anything til friday... but i will let ya know thank you! (Do you rekon i should trust the one thats in there if i can recover it, or if its worth recovering?)
  7. Well boys and girls turns out one can be left with two options when rushing to do some pharmacology assignments: 1)Do it progressively, backing up and the usual back-up interval (every sat) 2)cram it all into one week, meaning when your powerbooks hard drive breaks you are left with a really bad/old back-up... Right so before you chip in i will inform you of how i have come to the conclution that my hard drive is broke (physically) First take a look here: http://picasaweb.google.com/pseudo7/DeadMac At which point i shout s**t! when it stays on that screen (a screen that i have never scene before) So calmly try and start it again, nope! Then Get a mac disk, load up the installer thinking (its fine just do an archive and install), go through the step til os x doesn't find a hard drive... oh dear.. so.. hop on over to disk utility - jams up, then system profiler - fine,til i click on ata, then it jams up. Eep! Getting deprate now only have 2 days to do my assignments, do i waste time taking my laptop apart or do work... work (on vista - don't ask me about my day, vista just rubs it in) So naturally i'm supecting hard drive failure - of the worst kind. So to confirm this i run the througher hard ware test from dvd... the hard drive passed, huh? i wandered off when it was doing its ram test (which i sat through most of) i came back to a blank blue screen hmm? So guys any ideas? I might as well give them ago, though i think you will all agree that its screwed. I'm mean mac don't last ages, this was my first one (a 12" powerbook g4 1.5ghz). I've had it three years and accently dropped it 5 times - mostly when on, it accidently slipped out of my hand mid stride so hit a nearby door then the floor, and i spilt some liquid on it. And resently (last three months) been unloading and loading 30gbs worth of dvd files off an on it each week. Pfft! No built well at all(!) (<-- p.s. for all the slow ones the last paragraph was sarcastic) Seriously though i know its my fault over the years but it was the wrong day to happen and it has stood up to alot of crap. So a few requests guys: Any ideas to try? Does it take a standard 2.5" ide drive (i'm replacing it myself, £35 or prob about £300... hmm?) Oh and no-one stress the fact i should have time machine, time capsule or that powerbooks are crap or "we can learn from this" i will hunt you down and lecture you on the cell processor or first-order kinetics - whatever takes my fancy Now excuse me whilst i go and cry
  8. powerpc

    New PPC chips

    All the next gen consoles use a form of powerpc chip, even the rediulously powerful cell (of which the processor before the satilite processors is basically a modded g5, linux peeps have been having sort of fun (problems) with it)
  9. Thankkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu (everyone)!
  10. Ah what! so front row won't navigate outside of iphoto and itunes libraries, the apple trailer site and the actual movie folder on the harddrive it is installed on... bum!
  11. Howdee doo dee, Anywho i'm gonna get a new mac (shock horror an intel, makes the username a bit redundant), i'm going ta get ta new macmini, when they come out (yes i know that could be a while, but i'm not in a hurry) then hook it up to a tv. And whadda ya get - a little media centre. I just have some really simple questions that i don't know the answer to due to lack of leopard front row. So i have crud load, yes crud load (imperial units), of films and tv shows on my external harddrive (see the title wasn't lying) and i wanna watch them from the external drive (connected by usb) using front row so i can use the little funky remote that comes with the macmini and just lie in bed. So to do this i need to: Install perian (no problem) Plug in my harddrive... then how do i navigate to it from within front row, do i have to create an alias in the movies folder to it? I'm Confuzzeled please help, thanks Toodles!
  12. Hi-de-ho Anywho, i'm gonna take the plunge and finaly get a new mac my first intel. I'm gonna be getting a macmini for a little media set-up thing, but importantly it's gonna do all of my encoding of the dvd's i get. So i was wondering does anybody use smcfancontrol and does it have any adverse effects, i mean i was always skeptical that it would damage fans but i just wondered Oh and does increased fan usage have any gains to it e.g. increased performance or something Cheers!
  13. powerpc

    Al Gore

    I agree with making the policy of "making the earth greener" but not because of "polution". More because of the wastefulness of our societies. Here in britain supermarkets throw away tons of bread away a month and people driving down the shops quick to get an peach or something they could just have waited for. However just to pick issue with your little statement (cos i'm a prick like that) <me-being-a-big-prick> The thing that we were debating was that carbon dioxide produced by humans was indeed harmful/poisonous effect on the planet (pollution). And in turn is mr gore correct in his documentary. </me-being-a-big-prick> However i have to say it's a good documentary of the earths status as the world heats up, but news shows do that pretty well too. It's just that he was really preaching why this was happening and there are still a significant amount of uncertainties in research in this field (as i suppose it isn't a simple issue to measure and test) But yes we do need to change like al says but not to reduce carbon dioxide. Reduce consumption of nearly everything: Water (toilet and baths and showers etc), food (i.e. obesity, throwing food away), electricity, gas etc. Dammit it i just can't resist this thread!
  14. powerpc

    Higher Def tv's

    hmm... i have alot of videos files that are 608x204 pixels but i would be playing them from a computer (macmini) via dvi-->hdmi-->tv so i guess the scaling up would be quite good (quality doesn't bother me cos i would be watching it from a far bit away). That said the tv's im interested have freeview in the and so i suppose that would be dependent on the inbuild decoder box and tv's processor Guess i'll have to get off my back-side and actually go and see them... sigh. Thanks, Love and Jelly tots
  15. powerpc

    Higher Def tv's

    So before i spend my precious pennies on a fat assed hd tv I have to run it by the maccast forum "crew". So i'm going to test my tv's before buying but i'm curious about 1 thing: What standard def (say 720x560 pixels) look like on a hd tv (1920x1080 pixels not 1333x768 pixels)? Does it scale up nicely? Some guy somewhere on the net said that the tv he had bought (and i'm interested in) didn't so standard def well at all... which poses a problem. Is this true and is it dependent on the brand of tv