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  1. applemacpunk

    Tivo for the Mac

    Thanks... I was waiting for that.
  2. applemacpunk

    DVORAK on Apple switching to Windows (Wrong Answer John C.)

    I think Adam nailed this one on the head. When I heard Adam go into his rant on the show... I felt like I was saying it. My thoughts exactly. Dvorak... you don't get it... using a Mac has never been about the hardware... it's about the software.
  3. applemacpunk

    A Mac Community

    Hello there fellow Mac Geeks. I'm a listener of the Mac Cast and I love the show. I also have my own WEBSITE dedicated to Macs and the Mac community. The site also includes FORUMS and I'm planning on adding a lot more functionality in coming months. I'd like to invite all the users on this forum to join and post like crazy. In addition, I'm looking for contributors for the main site. If you are a Mac user with a voice, send me something and I'll post it for you. Help me build this site into a little mac community. Thanks.