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  1. bandit803

    Having the iTunes Library on a iPod

    no... i want to keep adding video's onto my iPod but then have my iTunes library, ON my iPod... perhaps i could add the video's, update my iPod, tell it not to auto update then move the library onto the iPOD!
  2. Hey, i was wondering that since I have a lot of movies on my iPod it means i have to have them on my MacBook which only has a 60GB hard drive, i was wondering, my iPod has enabled disk use so is it possible to relocate my iTunes library over to my iPod??? I tried copying it then deleting the iTunes folder in my Music folder then change the iTunes Music folder to the one on the iPod but none of the music appeared in iTunes, i checked and it was linked to the iTunes music folder and not the iTunes folder, but it won't show the music...
  3. bandit803

    Video Out, MacBook

    ok well thanks for your help!
  4. bandit803

    Video Out, MacBook

    thanks! though my tele has both sockets so i might go with this; http://store.apple.com/Apple/WebObjects/uk...&nplm=M9320
  5. bandit803

    Video Out, MacBook

    hey, in my house we've got two televisions which due to there size have a PC imput and DVI, which cable(s) would i use so that i can plug my MacBook into it so i can use the TV as a screen? whats the video out socket between the Ethernet cable and the Firewire cable called?
  6. bandit803

    Half my hard drive gone to the OP?

    ok well thanks for the advice, i'll do what i can do!
  7. bandit803


    yer but mainly those places only do folder images, home folder, finder icon, dashboard. but they don't do Apps originally by Apple like Mail or Address Book Edit: Doens't matter now, LoL! found one!!!
  8. bandit803

    Apple.com download section now sucks

    i have to admit i am very disapointed at the moment with apple, the new iMac's have a lot of problems and the site is a lot worse than before
  9. bandit803

    Windows RG!

    lol, wat does that mean, i never got it!
  10. bandit803

    Cursor hesitation on MacBook Pro

    its quite likely that you have a lot of applications open, and i mean a lot. My dad does that, he closes the windows but leaves the apps open. And i've heard that its possibly a very crowded desktop...
  11. bandit803

    USB Flash drives

    this is a quick message, ANY MEMORY PEN WORKS WITH A MAC!!! unless its been programmed not to if it was made by Microsoft though it probably would then as well... lol
  12. bandit803


    Anybody know any places where i can download custom icons for apps like Mail, Address Book etc.
  13. Hey, i resently reinstalled Mac Os X but like when i first got it i found that i only had around 33GB of memory left on my hard drive from a 60GB hard drive, ??? Shouldn't there be a lot more room?
  14. bandit803

    Update Problems

    Hey, i just reinstalled Mac OS X to clear up some space etc. I just downloaded all the updates but since i got my MacBook at christmas i need 10.4.10. The only problem is that after everything had downloaded in software update it stopped at Optimizing System Performance. I don't want ot restart incase i need to re-install everything again so i thought i'd ask here. At the same time i am copying all my other stuff across from a external hard drive. (music), can that be affecting it cause it froze as well. LoL