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  1. Sad times
  2. thanks for the tip mb
  3. Sherlock wow haven't uttered that word in awhile.
  4. cool just wanted to hear that it is possible and someone has done it thanks mb
  5. Hello Everyone, Has anyone here used a timemachine backup to do a full restore. Over the network. I have a shared 500gig drive that has the time machine backups. Can I restore over the network useing the install DVD or do I have to plug the backup drive to the machines themselves. thanks I hope this make sense. Wanting to know what the steps are for a full restore from timemachine.
  6. there dropbox
  7. Thank you sir, Have a great weekend
  8. Anyone try this: Thoughts, concerns. thanks for the time mb
  9. Thanks for all the help. Have a great weekend mb
  10. Hello everyone, What kind of backup do I need to make to use the setup asst when you do a clean install of OS X. I liked how it brought over everything from my old laptop. I know(I think) I can do this from a time machine backup but can I do this from a superduper/carboncopycloner backup. Right now I only have a backup of my home directory which is fine but I have to go thru and reinstall my my apps and other things that I use. Sorry if this makes no sense, I seem to be having trouble explaining myself. Thoughts or suggestions welcome. Thanks for the time mb
  11. drag the disk to the trash. The trash Icon will change to a eject icon. hope this helps
  12. With something like the drobo I would call them. There might be something that can be done, but tread very carefully,
  13. Evernote works every well. I wish it would cache the notes for offline browsing on the ipod touch. I have have been trying out instapaper. Offline webpages on the touch very cool. Search in the appstore.
  14. Congrates
  15. Lets here the good ones. would love to hear which apps are great. Reason being Timewarner is taking forever to install my tubes.