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    Macbook HD Upgrade

    You should get an SATA hard drive for the MacBooks, make sure it's not PATA or ATA.
  2. mypancakeplaces

    160GB 2.5" ATA Hard Drive

    I am selling a hard drive for a notebooks. Have a look if you want. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...E:IT&ih=019
  3. mypancakeplaces

    MacBook hard drive

    Well, it's for sale on ebay if any one is interested: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...E%3AIT&rd=1
  4. mypancakeplaces

    MacBook hard drive

    You may have seen that I posted a topic about how I am going to upgrade my MacBooks Hard Drive. Unfortunatly the drive doesn't fit, the connectors on the end are obviously different, when I startup the MacBook it cant even see the drive at all. Do you need a secific type of drive for the MacBooks? I am astuck with the 60GB that came with it you see. Thanks
  5. mypancakeplaces

    MacBook hard drive

    This is the drive I got. http://www.ebuyer.com/UK/product/108779
  6. mypancakeplaces

    Upgrading MacBook Hard Drive

    I will be getting a new MacBook on Saturday. The 1.83Ghz model. I also have a 160GB 2.5" SATA Hard Drive I wanted to upgrade to. I was wondering if the MacBooks came with all the software on CD? I would need to install onto the new hard drive being as it will be completely blank. I would use my Tiger disc but it's PPC only. Thanks.
  7. mypancakeplaces

    Help Help Help

    If you copied applications from your G5 then they would be Power PC based and run slowly on your MacBook Pro.
  8. mypancakeplaces

    Upgrading MacBook Hard Drive

    Thanks, this has been really useful!
  9. mypancakeplaces

    Upgrading MacBook Hard Drive

    I was thinking of selling it on ebay actually. But thanks.
  10. mypancakeplaces

    How can I tell how many subscribers I have to my Podcast?

    Almost a year ago on the video podcast "Comand N" there was a mentioning of a web site which could tell you how many times a file had been downloaded, but I don't know how to see how many people are subscribed.
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    I think its faster than last time.
  12. mypancakeplaces


    Sorry about that, it's gone now.
  13. mypancakeplaces

    Is Apple's innovation starting to slip?

    Don't forget we havent seen everything yet. Steve said he didn't want Redmond to start their photocopiers any sooner than they had to.
  14. mypancakeplaces

    Software Update

    I had this exact problem as well. I downloaded the updates from the website. EDIT: It looks ok now.
  15. mypancakeplaces


    I think its great. A much "nicer refined look" in the world of Steve Jobs.
  16. mypancakeplaces

    E MacCast problems since iPod firmware upgrade

    Try restoring your iPod with the latest update.
  17. mypancakeplaces

    I'm wondering about Steve Jobs' health

    Where did you hear that there would be annother event in September?
  18. mypancakeplaces

    I'm wondering about Steve Jobs' health

    Yes, he is very thin as well. WWDC is a developer oriantated show. There is nothing there aimed at consumers. We should wait until his next keynote and then we can make judgement. Take a look at the comments section of the WWDC06 episode. You can look at my argument there.
  19. mypancakeplaces

    Downloading Apple Keynotes

    Does anyone know where I can download all those Apple keynotes that have happened over the past few years? I have found a 10GB torrent file but at the moment I only have 1 peer and no seeds. I am rarely getting good speeds. A maximum of only 13Kbs. Thanks
  20. mypancakeplaces

    Downloading Apple Keynotes

    Well I have much better download speeds now. Not very fast but better. 4 seeds and 7 peers.
  21. mypancakeplaces

    Downloading Apple Keynotes

    There is. I have found a torrent file. Although now I have no seeds and no peers. So im not downloading anything at the moment. Here is the link: http://www.digg.com/apple/Download_the_com...ive_1996_-_2006.
  22. mypancakeplaces

    Secure Certificates in KeyChain Messed Up

    I have this problem on one of my iMac G4s. It's annoying because you have to verify the security of a website manually all the time. The same thing with mail and .Mac
  23. mypancakeplaces

    OS X Killed My Power Book!

    Hi there, I have a younger brother who owns a very old Power Book G4. It may have been the first model with the titanium case. So it's very slow and doesn't have allot of Hard-Drive space. I have been able to run OS X.4 on the system for years, but as soon as I installed the latest 10.4.5 the computer has never made it to the desktop. It just shows a blue screen for hours! I re-installed OS X and it worked fine. It only stopped working when I installed 10.4.5. Does anybody understand whats going on here? Thanks
  24. mypancakeplaces

    OS X Killed My Power Book!

    The Power Book in question has the following specs: G4 400MHz 10BG HardDrive 256MB RAM Original OS: 10.1 16MB Video Memory. I think it was purchased in 2001 if that helps. Perhaps it's just too old to survive, It's not often used nowadays so it's not a disaster. I reformatted the Hard Drive then it worked fine. Only when I downloaded OS 10.4.5 it didn't work. It just showed a blue screen for hours. Thanks
  25. mypancakeplaces

    iSight and Apple Displays

    You may have noticed from the mac minis that were released early this week that they didn't feature a built in iSight camera. It's obvious why they would want to do this of course because your mac mini is very rarely at head hight. At this time the only way to get iSight on these machines is to get an external one, but what about those patents that we heard about a few weeks ago. The ability to have a camera inside the display. I think that Apple will release some new displays once they have fully transitioned over to Intel with that iSight camera built into the screen. If they don't however they could always just build it into the top frame work of the display similar to the new iMac and MacBook Pro.