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  1. I use and like Rapidweaver. It is easy to use, more powerful than iWeb and inexpensive at $40. You can get it here: http://www.realmacsoftware.com/rapidweaver/
  2. riverbill

    Turning Off the compatibility Mode

    Here is a link to a Microsoft page that describes what Compatibility Mode is and how to turn it on and off for a given App : http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/using/h...february18.mspx
  3. riverbill

    iPod Shuffle fix

    Regarding your Parallels question, the 'clear' key (above the '7') on the Mac keypad works like a numlock key on a pc keyboard when running a Windows emulator in Parallels.
  4. riverbill

    Remove email duplicates

    I have not tried this but found a free utility on Versiontracker that should do the trick. Here is the link: http://www.versiontracker.com/dyn/moreinfo/macosx/16217
  5. riverbill

    iChat communication error

    I think that it is more than a random bug. Sometime around mid October, all of my iChat friends could not video chat with me or with each other using iChat. I couldn't even get the appeutestxx sites to work. When you look at the iChat error log, you will see the error referred to as a -8 error. There is a large amount of discussion on the Apple discussion board about this subject and it appears that a lot of folks have had this problem recently. Many think it has to do with the 10.4.8 OSX release but I am not so sure as video iChat worked for me for several weeks after I installed 10.4.8 . There is also a note about this problem at http://www.appledefects.com/ . The problem occured for me for several days and then disappeared as quickly as it had appeared . The last thing I had tried before video iChat started working again was to release my DHCP IP address and then reset the modem and router. I made no changes to any other settings in the router or modem. iChat is still not performing as well as it had prior to this problem, but at least now I can usually video iChat again. bill
  6. riverbill

    iChat and External Video Camera

    While I don't have the same camera as you, I had a similar problem until I realized that I had accidentally left the video tape in the camera. With a tape installed, the camera would time out. With the tape removed, my camera runs as a webcam forever. Also, if your camera can operate from its power supply/charger instead of batteries, you might try that as well ... it may be some sort of battery saving "feature". bill