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  1. inspectorgadget112

    Windows on Macs

    Perhaps, but it is no different from having your Mac at home / office in a Windows-based open home network with file sharing on, as many people do! And for now, windows applications / viruses won't run under a Mac OS partition, A. 'cos they can't write to that partition and B. 'cos they can't run under OS X. So sure, instead of the vunerable PC being upstairs in the teens bedroom with BearShare and other crap running on it, it's on your 'local' MacIntel but in this case you have, in theory, better control over it, and you're probably only going to be running Windows when you need it for specific tasks, so much less chance of getting crapped up (unlike the teen's WinBox running 24/7).
  2. inspectorgadget112


    Shipping to Canada? I once shipped an older laptop from Ireland to Canada and it was no problem. Since it's not new there *should* be no customs problems. I just used regular Irish parcel airmail service, took about 1.5 weeks! ( Ok that was in March 2004 and it cost me about $76 at the time). There really shouldn't be a problem, it;s just like sending a 5Kg package up there.
  3. inspectorgadget112

    ichat/skype wireless headset

    I have a bog-standard BlueTooth headset that came free with my phone. I'm still on my old iBook so had to get the little Belkin BT USB adapter....but with a little help from Belkin (sending me a link to a new Mac driver for their BT - not available on the website, only when you contact them - btw... Support was really good)... paired the two and voila. Works fine with Skype anyway. But the quality isn't great... but that's because it's a cheapo BT earpiece.
  4. inspectorgadget112

    FTP person to person...or a better way

    Personally I use Hamachi VPN. It creates a secure virtual private network between the Macs or PC or both. Then, once all set up, it's <nearly> as if you were both on the same home LAN, albeit a bit slower! itunes sharing works, and if you activate File Sharing that works too. To access a shared folder on a PC you need to goto the Finder>GO> 'Connect to Server' menu and select the Hamachi IP. Also GREAT for secure VNCing! Setting up Hamachi on a PC is EASY = Zero Config, but on a Mac it's a bit tricker. But it works and there is an Intel version as of this week. But read you way around the OS X Forums first, and for now I wouldn't advise 'HamachiX' (a 3rd party GUI front-end for it) www.hamachi.cc http://forums.hamachi.cc P.S. But again, major files or videos ARE best burned to CD or DVD and sent in the mail. More secure, and sometimes even faster for larger files!
  5. inspectorgadget112

    Speed up Spotlight - and the whole system

    Eh.... what about adding Library e.g. the root library rather than the user library? Is is a bad idea to add the root library too?
  6. inspectorgadget112

    MacBook online store lead time?

    Hey Folks, I think the MacBooks are shipping in good time. I ordered mine by calling the UK toll-free number at 9pm GMT on Wed 17th, but since it was 'after hours' here I spoke to a nice guy in Sacremento, CA. My completed order was dated 17th May at 9.20pm GMT - but remebering that I WAS speaking to a guy in the States and it was only lunch-time there. Anyway got the shipment email today SATURDAY 20th. I'm thinking the MacBooks are on a 24h/day build with weekend shipping. My original estimated Ship-By date was Wed 24th, with estimated arrival between 3-9 Business days later..so arrival by June 2-6th. New Arrival date: 29 May. I ordered a white MB 2.0Ghz with 80GB HD and 1GB RAM. From China the usual route is: China flight (with Kuhne & Nagel) to TNT HQ, Amsterdam, The Netherlands OR Luxembourg, from there to TNT HQ in The Midlands, UK (flight) and from there via TNT or a local provider to Edinburgh, and from there to me in Aberdeen, then out-for-del the next day to my door!!!! It CAN take a few days... I've had problems in the past with delays in Amsterdam...and up here in Aberdeen. Can wait for it!!!
  7. inspectorgadget112


    Question folks... I just want to Double check this... Apart from the obvious colour...the ONLY difference between the 2.0Ghz White & Back MacBook is that the Black has the 80GB HD as standard..right? So... the White MB + the 80GB HD upgrade = UK£939 V's the Black £1029....so you're paying £90 just to have a Black MacBook? I am right??????? For our US friends: So... the White MB + the 80GB HD upgrade = US$1732 V's the Black $1898....so you're paying $166 just to have a Black MacBook? I am right??????? (Note: These prices are the MacBook's UK prices, inc. 17.5% Sales Tax, converted to US$ using Apple Dashboard Converter) Just wanted to make Double Sure, I'd be wasting money on a black one! Cheers, Inspector Gadget
  8. inspectorgadget112

    So, my 17" MacBook Pro arrived...

    Apple Retail store... I wish...nearest convienent one: London - 12h bus journey or £100 / $200 1h flight away. John Lewis's in House Apple section just doesn't work for me. Ok, so far it seems that the 17" is considerably larger and bulkier but one poster didn't seem to notice *that* much difference. But, yes, I do travel alot and bring my baby (iBook) with me everywhere. But I'm really concerned at the huge price differential between the baseline 15" MBP and the 'souped up' 15" Vs the 17". So I suppose the best options would be the baseline 15" OR the 17" and get the extra RAM and stuff at Crucial.com/uk (Made in Scotland). 8) At the end of the day, I suppose I just have to go into a store that has both (even if it's just Powerbooks) and compare the two. But I do think you're getting better 'value for money' in the 17" V's the 15" fancy one. Any more personal Powerbook / MBP experiences would be apprecited. Thanks, InspectorGadget.
  9. inspectorgadget112

    Intel iMac 17 inch sound issue

    Hey, I kinda noticed a similar issure with the older iMacG5 20" iSight, when plugging in a set of Harmon Karadon speakers - they just didn't seem very powerful. But in my case, the speakers are designed for a PC audio card with 2 separate outputs (green & black jack). Now it says on the speakers that you can just use the green jack if you want, but the sound simply wasn't good - e.g. the built-in iMac speakers were better. Normally, these speakers connected to the PC can really rock the house. Any yes, the red light is a SPDIF optical digital out for connecting to higher-end home stereo / cinema equipment. [Or even to record onto good old-fashioned MiniDisk if you wanted to!] It shouldn't make a difference if it's on or off. (E.g. DVD player then gives you the usual Dolby Digital 5.1 audio)
  10. inspectorgadget112

    So, my 17" MacBook Pro arrived...

    The biggest question I have, is is there mich difference in real size between the 15" and 17". You see, as has been noticed before, the suped-up 15" is not much cheaper than the 17"er so you're infact better off buying the 17" and just paying a few £ more. But for me portability is a REAL Issue. I currently have a 14" iBook, and I love it, but the screen size / res is simply too small for me. I want to be able to fit lots of stuff on my desptop. I can't even have a MS Word or PowerPoint or Keynote or iWeb page open with the formatting tools open at the same time, without covering half my page! Adn I don't think the new 13" widescreen MacBook is really going to make this any better? So i'm asking, can anybody give a real-life feedback on the *practical* differences on using a 14" iBook V's 15" MacBook Pro V's 17" MBP. Like dragging it into Uni every day, or on a plane, or using it in a lecture, or on the bus/train. Oh..and I go everywhere on foot, bus or plane, 'cos I'm a student and aint got a car. Does the larger size make it that more akward? Is the weight an issue? I'm especially wondering about the difference between the 15" and 17" MBP's. Thanks, InspectorGadget
  11. inspectorgadget112

    Terminal Authentication

    I'm afraid you've got me here. I could have a look in Apple Support or Developer but I'm too lazy.
  12. inspectorgadget112

    Apple to Announce "Fun New Products" on 28th

    TO: mfkne-backup We've argued over the US / Euro Apple price differences already. Let me remind you all the the US prices are NETT of VAT / Sales Tax. European prices tend to be VAT-inclusive which is 15-21% depending on the country. So please only compare the US prices with the Euro VATless prices. MacMini 1.66Ghz Dual Core Intel Ireland without VAT is: €734.71 MacMini 1.66Ghz Dual Core Intel USA without Sales Tax is: US$799 AppleDashboard Converter 1 March 2006 US$799 = €671.49 Difference: Irish site is €63.22 / $75.23 or 9.4% more. But then... don't forget to add 21% Irish VAT on top.....
  13. inspectorgadget112

    NOOOOOOOOO Where did my photos albums & pictures go?

    No idea what a nib file is, but I think that's a part of the Crash Reporter... but I could be wrong. So your iPhoto is having serious issues then??? Did you say you already re-installed it? Want to try again? I take it that all your photos are safely stored else-where and you'd be happy to manually re-import them into a Freah iPhoto install? If so... clean iPhoto off your Mac. Delete the entire iPhoto folder from the Photos directory. Delete the iPhoto.app from Applications and run a Find / spotlint for anything with iphoto in the name (eg com.Apple.iPhoto.plist) and trash that too... Then just run the usual Mac-maintenance tests Permissions / cron scripts [after quitting all applications) In Terminal: sudo periodic daily weekly monthly Re-start and reintall iPhoto '06 from the DVD, open it... it will create a new blank Library. Close it, run S/w update, get 6.0.1.. open it again, and begin Importing your photos manually from your backup... You may very well loose any Keywords, comments and Roll Names / Dates you may have set... but at lest it should work. This all sounds rather excessive, but I think you're just having some bad luck with iPhoto. It happens.
  14. inspectorgadget112

    Keeping your Mac secure

    Also, Like Adam did, if you're planning to do some serious Spring Cleaning and re-install Tiger, aftermaking a complete image / backup of your drive, just configure two accounts when installing using wipe & install Tiger. Clean and simple. That's my plan, I think I'll do it next April / May when I've had Tiger on for the year. NOT that it needs to be done..my Mac still works perfectly (unlike most WinXP / Win2k boxes I maintain) but I'm a neat freak and it is the only sure way of getting any left-over hidden files that some apps may have left behind... without having to go thru evey hidden folder on the computer and doing something 'bad'.
  15. inspectorgadget112

    Terminal Authentication

    Hum, I don't know exactly what you mean, but moving the Terminal out of it's default directory ApplicationsUtilities will stop any programs from calling it. But make sure you put it back before running Software Update or installing any new Apps as they may need access to it as part of the install procedure. Marc.